Saturday, September 3, 2011

Crime Blotter For September 3, 2011

Good morning, everyone, it's 7:30am. It's a mostly cloudy morning outside, with some peaks of sun. Its supposed to storm today, though, with some being severe. Hopefully they aren't too bad. Anyway, I'll be monitoring 25 today for most of the day, if not all. Also, from tomorrow until Wednesday, I will not be blogging. I'm going on a blog vacation for a couple of days, to take some time off for myself. I would like to enjoy my last two days off doing different things. The only post that will be up here during the time I'm gone is a reminder post for Beat 2535's meeting, on either Monday evening or Tuesday morning. So, with that, here's crime for today.

7:45am - Some call on Central Park.

8:28am - EMS run. 3019 N Milwaukee. Male down.

9:06am - DUI driver. 2900 block of N Kilbourn. Apparent drunk driver hit several parked cars.

9:10 through 9:25am - Police/Dispatch chatter regarding the 9:06am job. Apparently, this guy's been going down Kilbourn since Waveland, hitting cars. Looks like he stopped at Fullerton. The car's abandoned in the east alley of the 2500 block of N Kilbourn.

9:27am - Hold-up alarm. 3094 N Milwaukee.

10:15am - Battery in progress. 24XX N Avers. Male and female shoving each other in the alley. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call for me.

12:02pm - Backlog in 25 at 12:02 hours.

12:05pm - 1) Disturbance. Belmont and Milwaukee. 2) Disturbance. Milwaukee and Hamlin. Fly dumping in the alley.

12:42pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. 37XX W Fullerton. Violent 93 year old woman.

1:40pm - Criminal damage. 38XX W Fullerton.

2:09pm - 1) Some call in the area. Had it written down, but now I forgot where it was and the details. 2) Theft. 36XX W Wrightwood.

2:43pm - Parkers. On 2523's Beat.

3:59pm - Traffic accident. George and Avers. One person injured.

4:27pm - 1) Missing person report. On 2524's Beat. 2) Disturbance. On 2524's Beat.

5:23pm - EMS run. Milwaukee and Ridgeway. Sick man by the garage. Possibly a drunk.

5:55pm - Narcotics. On 2524's Beat.

5:56pm - Loud music disturbance. 1800 block of N Harding. Gangbangers blasting very loud music.

6:13pm - Residential alarm. 28XX N Avers.

6:36pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

6:50pm - I'm back.

7:09pm - Traffic accident. Diversey and Pulaski. One car might not be drivable.

8:36pm - 1) Check the well being. 37XX W Belden. 2) Loud music disturbance. 24XX N Kostner. 3) Parker. 22XX N Springfield.

9:34pm - Loud music disturbance. 22XX N Kedvale.

9:43pm - Parker. 29XX N Avers.

10:10pm - Beat car 2523Robert is getting a couple of things on the PDT.

10:14pm - Suspicious person. 4014 W Fullerton. At the Healy METRA station. Three males standing on the platform and haven't gotten on any trains.

10:45pm - Gang disturbance. 31XX N Monticello. They're having a dispute.

10:46pm - I'm going to go. I'll be probably back briefly in the morning. Good night, everyone. If I'm not back, I hope all of you have a marvelous Labor Day weekend and I'll see ya on Wednesday.


americanlt said...

Who the heck is driving drunk at 9AM? Knocking into 3 parked cars as well.

bobbo said...

Probably a guy who works nights. I worked midnites years ago. I'd have a beer or two after work sometimes. It might be 8am to you but its just about bedtime for me...