Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gang Disturbance @ Belmont/Ridgeway, Parker On Davlin

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 2:04pm. It's a hot afternoon. It's currently around 90 degress, and will get into the mid 90s before the day is over. Not really usual for early September. Speaking of which, September has begun, which means a lot of things, at least for this blog and myself. One, I will not be doing the all day, everyday blogging I did (or at least tried to) over the summer, until next summer, provided we're still here. The reasons why I cut down are because I will be heading back to school for my last year in less than a week, therefore I'll be busy, and there's not as much crime and disorder in the fall months as there is during the summer. I realize gang activity really does pick up in certain spots of the neighborhood while the seasons are changing, and will monitor those areas, but most days aren't as bad as the summers are usually. This also means I'll be cutting down on monitoring 14. That's reduced to once a month, again. This also means I'll be going back to my weird weekend schedule, where I monitor on Saturdays after my dinner (for the most part) and before my dinner on Sundays. Oh, and one more note for everyone, but I'll be taking Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off from blogging. I want to enjoy the remainder of my last weekend off from school, and on Tuesday, I'm going to a Cubs game with my dad after school :). So with that, here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

2:36pm - Gang disturbance. Belmont and Ridgeway.

3:07pm - Parker. 31XX N Davlin.

4:03pm - Landlord/tenant dispute. 31XX N Harding.

5:44pm - 1) They're calling back on the 4:03pm job. 2) Burglar report. 38XX W George.

6:00pm - I have to go for a bit. I'll be back a litle later. See you all then.

8:12pm - I'm back. Good evening, folks.

8:25pm - Drinker disturbances at 3600 Fullerton and Dickens/Lawndale.

8:37pm - Gang disturbance. 2900 block of N Lawndale. They're running around, causing trouble.

8:38pm - 1) Sex offense/Person down. 30XX N Hamlin. Drunk dude playing with himself, then he passed out. 2) Disturbance. 30XX N Monticello. Drinkers in front.

10:08pm - Loud music disturbance. Somewhere in the area.

10:09pm - Child left alone. Pulaski and Dickens. 4 year old male Black, no shirt, no socks and blue jogging pants, is by himself.

10:28pm - Suspicious vehicle. 41XX W Fletcher. Unknown car blocking the alley.

10:47pm - EMS run. Mozart Park.


verap said...

Timmy, have fun at the game! Summer is short, so you have to enjoy yourself whenever the opportunity arises.

bobbo said...

Perhaps the neighborhood should hire the gangbangers to protect the neighborhood? The cops can't seem to do it.