Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gang Disturbance @ Belmont/Ridgeway, People Fighting On Springfield

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 6:20pm. Sorry for not returning yesterday like I promised yesterday, but I had a bunch of homework I had to complete for class. Senior year of high school can really be busy. I'll try my very hardest to stay involved with this blog and the community as I go on this journey to graduating high school, .

6:21pm - Gang disturbance. Belmont and Ridgeway.

6:52pm - Battery in progress. 28XX N Springfield. Two people fighting in front.

7:43pm - Municipal ordinance violation. Somewhere on Avers.

7:48pm - I have to do some homework, so I'm logging off for the night. I'll be back at some point tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone.


bobbo said...

Does CAPS really solve anything? Or should those CAPS guys be put on the street where they really can do some good? Flag waving and cheering up old ladies don't stop crime, letting the cops loose to do their job does.......

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

CAPS Officers not only cheer up old ladies, but they also cheer up children, young women and men. LOL. But to answer your question, there are only two officers and one Sergeant who work CAPS in each District now. Three people. Big deal. There used to be a staff of about eight officers and two Sgts. They've been put back on the streets.

bobbo said...

Most of these CAPS officers along with their desk crews are just cowards who hide and do nothing but collect a check. You should be able to go on-line to make a police report, not go in the station to listen to these house-mouse cops belittle you.