Saturday, March 26, 2011

Unknown Man Walking Through Far N. Humboldt Park

Good evening, everyone, it's 7:40pm. Today's been decent, I guess. But cold, in the 30s. It'll get warmer again though. Anyway, I'll be monitoring 25 from now until the first call comes out after midnight, and then tomorrow from 9am to 3:17pm. I don't have much to say. Here's crime for tonight.

8:08pm - Suspicious person. 1643 N Lawndale. Male Hispanic with a black hoodie is walking around the neighborhood. Guess he isn't known in those parts.

9:27pm - Criminal damage. 3725 W Diversey. Male Hispanic tagging the side of the building. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this call while I was napping.

11:10pm - Assault in progress. 2604 N Hamlin. Bunch of people arguing in the street.


americanlt said...

I just discovered the Second City Cop blog. It is written by cops and commented on by cops. It is very interesting getting their jaded perception of Chicago crime. I thought you might be interested if you haven't heard of it. Chicago News Report hasn't been updating so I've been reading you blog daily.

TIFF O'Neil said...

I noticed Chicago News Report wasn't updating! I hope Timothy Fitz is OK.

bobbo said...

So you can't go for a stroll in the park anymore? Someone's got to tell those yuppies the parks for everyone.