Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Phone Struggle On Central Park

Hi everyone. It's 5:21pm. I've had a really bad day. Meeting got canceled, then some other B.S. occurred. Really not in the mood for anyone or anything. Here's crime.

6:15pm - Check the well being. 2236 N Central Park. Someone was struggling over an open line as the 911 call-taker was talking to the caller.

6:25 to 7:10pm - I fell asleep.

7:17pm - Have to go eat. Be back soon.

7:39pm - I'm back.

8:37pm - Traffic accident. Milwaukee and Central Park.

9:04pm - I'm going to bed. See you all tomorrow.


Luke Short said...

Better let folks know to be careful of the police. There have been numerous cases of them raping women and stealing.

americanlt said...

Hello Timmy. Are those cobra snakes still causing trouble in the hood? I just read that 2 uniformed cpd officers are being accused of rape in Edgewater. The city is out of control!!!

Anonymous said...

As soon as Weis got left behind all hell broke lose. Theres been alot of bs about cops every night now.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Luke, as far as I know, that was one incident. Those two cops are sick, but once again, blaming the whole department doesn't do any good.

americanlt, they are, and always will unless the community acts to help rid of them.

Anonymous 11:08, I haven't heard any "B.S." about the cops nightly. The only thing I've heard about was the two cops raping a woman up in Edgewater, which is inexcusable. They should be fired ASAP.