Sunday, March 6, 2011

East Garfield Park Crime Blotter

Good morning, everyone, it's 8am. Yep, I'm monitoring the East Garfield Park neighborhood today for anyone who lives there. This should be interesting, as East Garfield Park isn't too safe of a neighborhood. But I imagine it's got to be better than a few other areas in Chicago. Today, I will be monitoring this part of community until 9:55pm, then I'll be monitoring the 14th District for our community and Beat 1331 for this community until midnight. I will come back with the Zone 10 portion of East Garfield Park community from 9:55-12:00am sometime in April. So, with that, here's crime in the East Garfield Park neighborhood for today.

9:33am - Recover the stolen vehicle. 3609 W Harrison.

10:41am - Narcotics. 35X9 W Flournoy. Drug selling out of a Chevy Monte Carlo.

10:43am - A female officer is doing some foot patrol on Lexington from Homan to Lawndale.

10:44am - Check the well being. 2855 W Flournoy. Woman heard screaming on an open line for a man to get out of her house. The line dropped.

11:35am - Beat 6574 just had a gray Crossfire with temp plates to take off on them. South on Pulaski, from Chicago Ave. Thought it was going to be a speed chase, so that's why it went up here.

12:05pm - Battery. 803 S California. Man named Marcus dressed in all black punched the caller in the face.

12:23pm - Traffic accident. Central Park and Flournoy. Hit and run.

1:13pm - Narcotics. 7X5 S California.

1:57pm - Narcotics. Lexington and Lawndale. 7 guys on the corner doing what they do.

2:05pm - Battery in progress. Congress and Central Park. Five guys jumping on one.

2:06pm - Beat 1143 is on-viewing the 2:05pm fight. It's two guys. They're both running towards St. Louis on Congress. One's wearing a white t-shirt and black pants, and the other one has on a black shirt and blue jeans. He needs an assist. 1120 will head that way.

2:07pm - It's a mental running loose on 1143's thing. The one with the black shirt and blue jeans is the mental. The wagon, 1172, is needed.

2:10pm - Backlog in 11 at 14:10 hours.

2:14pm - Battery in progress. Polk and California. Two guys fighting.

2:15pm - Now there's supposed to be in upwards of 30 people fighting at California and Polk. Couple of units are on the way.

2:16pm - Battery in progress. Congress and California. Large group fighting.

2:19pm - A disregard is being given on the 2:14/2:15pm jobs. It's all related to the 12:05pm call at 803 on California. The caller over there keeps calling, and they already had a report made. Not sure what the problem is.

2:22pm - A disregard is being given on the 2:16pm job. No one is out there.

4:06pm - Backlog taken out of 11 at 16:06 hours.

4:18pm - Narcotics. On 1133's Beat.

4:19pm - Burglar report. On 1133's Beat.

4:35pm - Beat car 1134 has a bona fide burglary at 3026 W Flournoy. 1120 is notified. Funny, I never heard this call go through.

4:37pm - Reckless driver. Kedzie and Madison. Car with a plate of X116748 is speeding. Not sure in which direction though.

6:34pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

6:50pm - I'm back.

7:30pm - Disturbance. 130 S Sacramento. Six males throwing rocks.

7:34pm - Check the well being. 2832 W Lexington. Caller said they need CPD, but hung up and now isn't answering the phone.

8:06pm - Fire. Somewhere in the area.

8:29pm - Reckless driver. Fifth and Central Park. Car speeding south towards the Eisenhower Expressway.

8:48pm - Person wanted. 3300 W Maypole.

9:55pm - I'm now monitoring Beat 1331. 14 will be coming up in another post.

11:14pm - Disturbance. Kedzie and Washington. Group of five kids loitering on the corner.

12:00am - Ok, so I'm gone with this neighborhood with the Zone 10 portion until a weekend night in April. As for the Zone 3 portion, well ... goodnight, everyone.


americanlt said...

Looking forward to this one. I expect a lot of crime today in Garfield Park. Maybe do the Uptown hood next week I think it's 19/23 districts. Thanks for your commitment to this blog.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

So far, americanlt, it's been pretty quiet. Except with the two fights I recorded at Polk and California, and Congress and California, nothing's really happening. There's more going on west of this area and in 10 today.

Next weekend, I'll be monitoring the North Lawndale area, which takes up a good portion of 10 and the far southern portion of 11. As for Uptown, there's already a blog that covers that area, but I guess I can do it sometime in mid or late August or in early September.

Anonymous said...

Most of those cops in 11 are on the take.

Anonymous said...

Most of those cops in 11 are on the take.

Sunday, March 6, 2011 7:59:00 PM CST

so, how much is it costing you?

Anonymous said...

americanlt said...

Looking forward to this one. I expect a lot of crime today in Garfield Park. Maybe do the Uptown hood next week I think it's 19/23 districts. Thanks for your commitment to this blog.

Sunday, March 6, 2011 9:31:00 AM CST

move to the area, if you're so fucking entertained by crime.

Luke Short said...

Why not just cover the area around here? Forget Garfield pk. or 19. We care only of our neighborhood.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Luke, because I've got readers in these other neighborhoods too. I have people reading this blog from all over the city. For those who don't live in the area, I want to them to see what crime is truly like in their area for a day. And unlike so many other people, I am concerned about the way things are in other neighborhoods too, particularly ones I have to pass through on trips (especially to/from school). But my reason for monitoring Garfield Park is because of some readers living down there, and me wanting to show everyone here Logan Square and Avondale isn't as bad as they think it is here.

I do cover the area around here. On a daily basis...

Luke Short said...

Garfield park is a sh*t hole. Over run with crap.