Sunday, March 27, 2011

Person Shot In House Party On Hamlin

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. It's the last week of March now. April starts on Friday. It's cold out for this time of year, currently in the upper 20s. It'll get up to around 35 today I believe. And it's going to remain cold much of this week. Anyway, I'll be here until 3:17pm today. And, also, like I said a few days ago, the only things I have this week is a Student Government meeting on Wednesday and an appointment at St. Joesph's on Thursday. With that, here's crime for this morning and the first few hours of the afternoon.

12:05am - Person shot. 2420 N Hamlin. Someone is shot inside of a house with a party in it. EMS is going. Details to follow...

12:06am - The man is shot in the chest. The party is on the 2nd floor.

12:07am - There's some confusion going on. One officers thinks this is a 10-1. But it did NOT come over as one. Dispatch called 2524Robert for it, then announced the call over the Citywide. Also, officers are giving a slow down. 2420 is a vacant lot. One of the Sergeants thinks this is at 2124, where there was an unruly house party earlier. 2524R is going over there.

12:08am - A slow down is being given at 2124 on Hamlin. No gunshot victim found. But there is a party, and officers are breaking it up.

12:10am - The 911 ticket from this states that a male teenager, 14-16 yrs old, was shot once in the chest when one gunshot went off at the party as a result of a fight that broke out.

12:11am - A unit has a street stop at 2349 N Springfield.

12:21am - I'm off to bed now. Have a goodnight, everyone, and be safe.

9:00am - I'm back. Good morning.

9:17am - Traffic accident. 3156 N Central Park. Hit and run.

11:23am - Parker. 2828 N Central Park. Car blocking the alley.

11:51am - 1) Information for the police. 3019 N Hamlin. The Evidence Tech never came out to take photos of the crime scene of a burglary. Dispatch says one was never requested. 2) Some call in the area.

12:24pm - Disturbance. Milwaukee and Hamlin. Two male Blacks, 12 yrs old, throwing rocks at a woman.

2:09pm - Assault in progress. Hamlin and Milwaukee. Commotion on the CTA bus. CPD need as soon as possible.

2:12pm - The 2:09pm job is now coming in as a "battery in progress". Two females fighting on CTA bus #6715.

2:30pm - 1) Theft. 3156 N Central Park. Caller's car was stolen. 2) Loud music disturbance. 1821 N Pulaski.

3:17pm - I'm going to go. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon. Enjoy your day, everyone.


bobbo said...

Ah, the days of teen fun. I remember years back you went to parties to score with some ladies, not play gun freak. It's like Freud says, "Men who play with guns have small penis"

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Aren't parties still like that? Minus the liquor, drugs and weapons, of course. This is exactly why I don't go to parties with people from my school (not that anybody invites me anyway) or from the neighborhood (don't really know other people my age around here), they always get out of control and then stuff like this happens.

Anonymous said...

That is not the best "hood" to go to a house party in. What ever happen to a regular fist fight? Freakin sissy's! I have a FOID card and can NOT buy a hand gun to protect my family / property.... but the bangers can get there hands on them!? @ all the war vet's & people who fought 4 our have small dicks? Come on brother... its not the gun.... its the stupid ass uneducated ass behind the trigger.

bobbo said...

As usual, most don't know of Sigmund Freuds writings. Men who feel small about themselves usually revert to weapons to prove their manhood.