Thursday, September 30, 2010

Traffic Accidents In The Area This Morning

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:05am. I just awoke. I have to start getting ready for school. I don't start until 11 today, but it does take me at least 40 minutes to get cleaned up, then it takes me a little over an hour to get to and from school on CTA. But it's cool not being in school right now :). Anyway, tonight is the meeting for 2856 N. Ridgeway, at 6pm. If you were interested, sorry, but it's too late. I needed a head count by Tuesday, and have that head count already. So, on that note, here's crime for this morning before I leave, and for some of this afternoon and evening.

8:15am - Traffic accident. Diversey and Kildare.

8:16am - Traffic accident. 3700 W North. City truck involved.

8:25am - Parker. 2800 block of N Ridgeway. Permits.

8:49am - Domestic battery. 3022 N Avers. Caller was attacked by the boyfriend.

9:01am - Assist the PO. 3054 N Milwaukee. Cook County Sheriff is trying to do an eviction, but there's a domestic on the scene.

9:16am - EMS run. 2039 N Avers. Possible OD.

9:23am - I have to make a trip to the store, then I need to spend 10 or 15 minutes more to get ready for school, and leave. I'll be back around 3:30pm. Have a great day, and see you all then!

3:33pm - I'm back. Good afternoon.

3:59pm - Battery in progress. 3908 W North Ave. Male beating a female.

4:00pm - Battery in progress. Wrightwood and Kostner. Large group of gangbangers fighting.

4:11pm - Disturbance. 4114 W Barry. Two neighbors arguing.

4:24pm - Traffic accident. 1827 N Pulaski. Three women, two elderly, injured in an accident.

4:28pm - Traffic control needed at the 4:24pm job.

4:39pm - I'm going to get cleaned up real quick. I'll be back.

4:44pm - I'm back.

5:15pm - I have to go eat, then I have to get ready for the meeting. I may be back, but if not, good night.

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