Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shots Fired On Spaulding

Good morning, everyone, it's 6am. Another chilly morning we have here. And it's still pretty dark out. That's early September for ya. It'll be near 80 today, though, and sunny, so that should be good. Anyway, I'm monitoring 14 today until 10pm, with a dinner break included. Once 10 rolls around, I have to go to bed. I have to be up at 5am tomorrow. This is to get back on schedule for school, unfortunately. So, here's crime for today.

5:50am - Shots Fired. 2837 N Spaulding. Several heard. Note: This call was dispatched at 6:04am.

6:05am - 1) Battery. 1640 W North Ave. Security guard grabbed the caller and tried to choke them. 2) Disturbance. North and Ashland. Group loitering in the parking lot.

6:06am - Domestic disturbance. 3065 W Palmer. Couple arguing in front.

6:09am - The 6:06am caller calls back to say that the couple settled their disagreement and left.

6:13am - Domestic battery. 2956 N Sawyer. Boyfriend beat up the caller.

6:58am - Disturbance. 2019 W Armitage. Loud "tenants".

7:04am - There was a really bad accident at Milwaukee and Fullerton at 2am this morning, according to this Chicago Breaking News article. 9 people involved in the accident, and only two suffered minor injuries. The other seven had serious injuries. Sad.

7:17 to 7:30am - There was a job or two, but my stupid computer's internet went out, and I lost the window.

7:48am - Parkers. 3000 block of W Logan Blvd. Both sides of the street. Permits.

8:07am - Reckless driver. Fullerton and Sacramento. Black Pathfinder speeding towards California, past other cars. It has a plate of 7011893.

8:45am - Fire. 2535 W Lyndale. There was a bonfire set last night, and it's believed that it was not extinguished.

8:53am - 1) Burglar alarm. 1748 N Honore. 2) Arson report. 2224 N Kimball. The caller's car was burned overnight. Baby daddy may have done it.

9:08am - The 8:53am job is bona fide. Car was burned. Bomb and Arson is being notified. Notifications are also being made.

9:11am - Loud music disturbance. 2800 block of N Woodard. Coming from speakers.

9:28am - Parker. 2805 N Spaulding. Car blocking the caller in.

9:44am - The 9:11/9:28am jobs are coded. They all are related to a block party happening today in that area.

10:15am - Beat 1410 is doing an outdoor roll call in the 3000 block of W Wabansia. It starts at 10:30.

10:18am - Parker. 2600 block of N Mozart. Permits.

10:37am - Domestic disturbance. Washtenaw and Medill.

11:02am - Reckless driver. 3400 W Fullerton. Speeding west towards St. Louis is a black Ford Focus with the driver who's drinking. This call will be sent over to Zone 12, 25th District.

11:07am - Alarm. 2950 W Fullerton.

11:08am - Municipal ordinance violation. 3052 W Logan. Illegal vendors selling items without a permit.

11:10am - Beat car 1412 is at Unity Park, dispersing the homeless who are sleeping in the park. 1414 is going over to "watch 1412 get a date". LOL. 1414's a male officer and 1412 is a female, FYI.

11:19am - Suspicious person. Walsh Playground (Ashland and Wabansia). Caller states that a male Black, 30-40 yrs old, blue shirt, light colored pants, sitting by a bike with a red basket covered by a black bag is hiding by a tree, staring at a wall on the south end of the playground. Caller overheard someone say that this man is a known thief, maybe waiting to steal something from someone.

11:24am - Beat car 1421 is in the east alley of Marshfield in the 1700 block. He must have the guy

11:34am - Information coming over from Zone 2, 19th District, that a theft happened at about 11:20 at 1730 W Fullerton. Male Black, grey hoodie stole an I-Pod. He fled north on Clybourn. The employee of the store of where this incident occurred at lost him at Terra Cotta. This is for informational purposes only, once again.

12:14pm - Holding the offender. 1232 W North. At Home Depot. Male being held for shoplifting.

12:18pm - Suspicious vehicle. 1702 N Milwaukee Ave.

12:19pm - Beat car 1412 is doing an "L" check at the Logan Square Blue Line station.

12:29pm - Traffic accident. Belden and Kimball. Dog hit by a car.

12:47pm - Suspicious vehicle. Western/Diversey/Elston. In the gas station.

12:51pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. Fransisco and Wabansia. Mental brother hit the caller in the head with some object. EMS refused.

1:01pm - Beat car 1413 is sent to look for a crime scene around Dawson Liquors at about Diversey/Kimball/Milwaukee. There was a stabbing there at about 11am. There were no calls, though. Beat car 1224 has the paper on it. Victim is at Stroger Hospital.

1:41 to 1:59pm - Fell asleep. Sorry. Will get this time period tomorrow.

2:02pm - Domestic disturbance. Belmont and Sawyer. Mother and daughter arguing.

2:11pm - Burglary. 3145 N Central Park. Male broke in.

2:30pm - 1412's 2:02pm victim is being taken to Montrose and Kimball by Beat 1741. The job was on their side.

2:33pm - Now 1412 has a vagrant at 3326 W. Belmont, on 17's side, again.

2:34pm - Battery report. 1640 N Richmond.

2:38pm - Person wanted. 3000 block of W Fletcher.

2:39pm - Disturbance. 2918 N Central Park. By the bar. People loitering and drinking. It's on 25's side, last I checked.

3:05pm - Parker. Milwaukee and Washtenaw.

3:17pm - Traffic accident. Armitage and Kimball.

3:58pm - Domestic disturbance. 2714 W Armitage.

4:12pm - 1) Assist the citizen. 2909 N Central Park. 2) Disturbance. 3427 W Diversey. Two males. 3) Loud music disturbance. 2965 N Allen.

4:13pm - Disturbance. 2714 W North Ave. Vagrant laying in the back of the address, refusing to move.

4:21pm - Check the well being. 2755 N Mozart. Girlfriend is threatening to kill herself. She sent the caller a text and pictures of pills she took.

4:22pm - EMS run. Palmer and Western. Body laying in the bushes, not moving.

4:27pm - Battery/robbery. 1918 N Leavitt. First 911 call said that people were fighting in a gray van, now the second call says a male who caught someone breaking into his car got hit over the head by the offender. EMS is on the way. The offender is a female White with "pedal-pusher" pants. This all may be related to an auto accident.

4:38pm - EMS is needed on the 4:22pm job. The woman did take the pills, and she's passed out.

4:40pm - The 4:27pm job is indeed related to an auto accident. Wanted is two female Whites, one 5'2 and another with three kids who fled west on Cortland, towards Oakley. One female has on a light colored top. Also, a 10 yr old was at the scene, and fled in an unknown direction. He was wearing a dark colored top, and dark colored pants.

4:35pm - Narcotics. 2873 N Drake. People smoking marijuana, loitering and drinking.

4:50pm - Traffic accident. Damen and Armitage. Three cars, no injuries.

4:51pm - Domestic disturbance. 2420 N Kedzie.

4:52pm - Battery in progress. Milwaukee and California. Male beating a female in a Dodge Caravan heading towards Fullerton on California.

4:56pm - Beat car 1414 gets a municipal at 26XX somewhere.

5:09pm - Wanted for Homicide from 6128 S. Kildare, Beat 813, is someone in a 2006 Honda Civic with a plate of 926660. This incident occurred at 20:30 (8:30pm) hours on September 2. If spotted, do me a favor and call 911 immediately. This flash was given out over the radio as a nationwide alert.

5:10pm - Assist the citizen. Logan Square Blue Line station. 62 yr old is stranded and needs help getting back to her nursing home.

5:11pm -
Assist the citizen. 1616 N Milwaukee. CPD is needed to help pick up belongings.

5:14pm - Reckless driver. Diversey/Kimball/Milwaukee. Sliver Dodge speeding towards St. Louis.

5:18pm - Drag racing. Fullerton and Kedzie. Heading towards Logan Blvd. is a red Mustang and a white car.

5:20pm - Assault in progress. 1814 N Drake. Four homeless guys threatening the harassing and threatening kids, who are playing, on the scene.

5:23pm - Beat 1432Henry is doing a premise check at 3551 W Cortland.

5:24pm - Loud music disturbance. 2800 block of N Elston. Coming from "the house".

5:26pm - Disturbance. 1826 N Marshfield. Intoxicated male walking in the backyard.

5:29pm - Suspicious person. 2459 W Moffat. Male Black, white t-shirt and blue scrubs, opening.

5:30pm - Disturbance. 2045 W Concord. Vagrants loitering.

5:39pm - There was a call in the coverage area, but you know me. I forgot the details. Sorry.

5:50pm - Assault. Logan and California. Couple of male teens, and a female teen, threatened three people on the street with baseball bats. They're in a black car with a plate of K484540, which is registered to 2416 N California.

6:30pm - Parker. 3319 W George.

6:35pm - 1) Gang disturbance. Sacramento and Belmont. 2) Person down. Oakley and North. Male laying on the north side of the street.

6:36pm - Battery in progress. 3406 W Dickens. People fighting in the basement.

6:44pm - Battery. 2444 N Spaulding. Female hit the caller and shoved her out. Out of, I'm not sure what.

6:51pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:19pm - I'm back.

7:35pm - Burglar alarm. 2915 N Allen.

8:26pm - Battery in progress. 3229 W Dickens. 9 yr old is hitting everyone on the 2nd floor.

8:41pm - Beat car 1413 and Beat 1472 are transporting a couple of people to a hospital from the 8:26pm job.

8:56pm - Sex offense. Diversey/Kimball/Milwaukee. NE corner. Male urinating by the newsstand.

9:09pm - Criminal damage in progress. Cortland and Marshfield. Three males in the east alley tagging.

9:38pm - Disturbance. 2839 N Central Park.

9:43pm - A unit has a traffic stop at Palmer and Kedzie.

9:44pm - Beat car 1433 has a traffic stop at 1721 N Damen.

9:55pm - Battery in progress. 3100 block of N Central Park. People fighting.

10:00pm - I have to go. I'll be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone.


JCON said...

Hi Timmy,

So there is a website that allows you to see 911 calls in real time? Can you tell me how to access it? I always thought you were listening to a scanner..

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

JCON, No such site exists, at least to my knowledge. If there was, I would have found it and linked it up here and stopped blogging a long time ago. I am still listening to my scanner as we speak.

Anonymous said...

hey. where do you monitor 14th from. I can hear 25th from but never hear any of the 14th.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I monitor 14 off my legally, store-brought police scanner. I also monitor 17 and 25 off of it, too.

JCON said...

Radioreference is what I was looking for, listening now.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Oh ok, JCON. That site allows you to listen into the scanner. But I use my scanner to listen because the site cuts out on me frequently.

Anonymous said...

Do you know why people are blowing up fireworks? Just moved to Hermosa from the southside Canaryville. Like the site

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Welcome to the northwest side, anonymous 9:48. Anyway, I don't know, but maybe because they still have fireworks left over from the fourth of July. Or something like that. But you do have to listen closely to the fireworks sometimes, because I can say living in this area for 17 years, not all of it is fireworks. Gunshots are sometimes mixed in.

Anonymous said...

Its fireworks. The Mexican independence days are coming. A two week period of parading about honking your car horn and waving Mexican flags. Viva Mexico!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Oh yeah, anonymous 1:53, that's right. I forgot all about that! Thanks for letting me know that's coming up, though. I'll really have to watch the neighborhood, then, because that parade always turns bad. Always.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for monitoring 14!!!