Saturday, September 18, 2010

Suicide Threat On George

Good evening, everyone, it's 7:17pm. I had a pretty good day today, enjoying other things I do. But I'm here and ready to blog. Anyway, it's kind of chilly out. We'll see what happens with that in regards to crime. Also, I'll be monitoring until dinner tomorrow. Here's crime for tonight.

8:10pm - Check the well being. 3810 W George. The boyfriend is threatening to kill himself, sounds intoxicated.

8:35pm - A call for a "suspicious person" on Monticello in the 'hood involving a group of people. Didn't get an address. Sorry.

- Domestic disturbance. 2032 N Karlov. Boyfriend's threatening to hit the caller.

8:53pm - Assault in progress. Fullerton and Central Park. Group of males were chasing someone.

9:04pm - Domestic disturbance. 4012 W Oakdale. The friend's boyfriend won't let them out of the house.

9:05pm - Reckless driver. North and Lawndale. White SUV with a plate of H798048 speeding towards Wabansia. 2) Loud music disturbances at 3738 W Lyndale and 4317 W Schubert.

9:06pm - Beat 2573 is on a traffic stop at Diversey and Kostner.

9:34pm - Speed chase. Austin and Schubert. Beat 45Sam15 has a maroon Ford van speeding north, towards Diversey. The car's failing to stop for the unit. Wanted for possibly a weapon in the vehicle.

9:35pm - North on Austin from Diversey. Heading towards George.

9:36pm - A 5 second foot chase ensued at 6114 W Wellington from this. The offender is in custody. Great job, guys!

9:38pm - 1) Criminal damage in progress. Diversey and Kostner. Four males damaging parking meters in front of the Cozy Corner. 2) Loud music disturbance. 2337 N Keeler. Loud party.

10:04pm - Loud music disturbance. 2618 N Ridgeway. Party.

10:46pm - For those of you with block clubs, would you mind sending me the links of your block club website(s)? That is, if you have one. I would like to link them to my blog, so other neighbors can join the clubs if they live on the blocks. Thanks.

11:04pm - Loud music disturbances at 2935 N Harding and 3734 W Lyndale.

11:55pm - Loud music disturbances at 2947 N Harding and 2922 N Avers.

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