Friday, May 14, 2010

On-View @ Belmont and Ridgeway

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:03pm. TGIF! My class went on a field trip today, and let me just say, I'm pooped from it. But it's really nice outside. The weather's perfect for me. Anyway, I'll be monitoring until midnight with the exception of a nap I'm going to take a little later. Then, tomorrow, I'll be on my weekend schedule (after dinner tomorrow, until dinner on Sunday). I have nothing else to say, so here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

3:33pm - Beat car 2523 has an on-view disturbance at Belmont and Ridgeway. They tell Dispatch there was an earlier on-view at the same location.

3:54pm - Domestic disturbance. Belden and Lawndale. 12 yr old sister that was missing was found but refuses to come home.

4:01pm - I'm going to take my nap. I shall return by 5.

5:00pm - I'm back :).

5:11pm - Animal abuse. 2425 N Harding. Someone's beating a dog in the backyard.

5:25pm - Beat car 2524 has a traffic stop at Karlov and Belden.

5:27pm - Gang disturbance. 19X6 N Monticello. Six of them drinking and doing drugs.

5:30pm - Narcotics. 36X9 W Shakespeare.

5:47pm - Backlog in 25 at 17:47 hours.

6:02pm - Narcotics. 3800 W North. Male selling in front of the liquor store.

6:06pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. 4414 W Deming. Youth son is acting up.

6:33pm - Missing person report. 4106 W Dickens. Mom, who's got some kind of mental disorder (can't spell the word), went missing for 30 minutes after the caller left.

7:18pm - Suspicious person. 3045 N Hamlin. Two guys in a car counting cash. Caller suspects it's for drugs.

7:38pm - 1) Narcotics. 19X7 N Monticello. 2) Disturbance. 1728 N Ridgeway. Kids throwing rocks.

8:04pm - Gang disturbance. On 2525's Beat.

8:30pm - Battery. 2137 N Avers. Sister was beaten up by the neighbor.

9:26 to 9:36pm - Fell asleep. Sorry :(.

9:40pm - Person w/ a gun. Diversey and Lawndale. One guy in the back of a white vehicle heading towards Schubert has a gun.

9:41pm - There's possibly gonna be a shooting from this caper. This vehicle keeps circling the area.

9:52pm - Check the well being. 2423 N Hamlin. 9 yr old is wondering around and appears to be scared.

9:56pm - Disturbance. 3959 W Armitage. Group of teens yelling and making noise.

10:04pm - Parker. 4300 block of W Parker. Premits.

10:20pm - Battery in progress. 4300 block of W Parker. Big gang fight. Multiple calls coming in.

10:21pm - Multiple calls for Shots Fired coming in at the gang fight on Parker.

10:24pm - A slow down is being given on the Parker choas.

11:35pm - Missing from 3730 W Shakespeare is a female White, about 13 yrs old, 147 lbs, 5'8, blonde hair, blue jacket, black jeans, hoop earrings and a black wristband. She's a foster child.

11:36pm - Beat car 2525Robert has a traffic stop at 3931 W Fullerton.

11:39pm - Shots Fired. 3919 W Fullerton. At the hotel. Male Black, dark complected, black leather jacket fired some shots outside then went back inside. 2525R was right down the street and heard nothing, but will investigate.

11:51pm - Domestic battery. 3064 N Haussen. Boyfriend's fighting the caller.

11:55pm - Someone's got a street stop at 3505 W Fullerton.

12:00am - I'm going to go. I'll be back tomorrow after dinner. Good night, everyone :).

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