Saturday, May 8, 2010

Domestic On Fletcher

Good morning, everyone, it's 8am. It's a chilly and cloudy Saturday morning. It almost feels like it's late February or early March again. The weather today should get into the lower 50s with the sun coming out at some point. Then, it's going to get cooooold tonight (mid to lower 30s). We'll see what this colder weather does with crime. Anyway, I'll be here with 14 all day. Here is crime for today.

8:10am - Domestic disturbance. 2924 W Fletcher. Problem with the stepmother.

8:19am - Parker. 2328 W McLean.

8:22am - Beat 1410 says that the 8:10am job will just be a report. Complainant doesn't want to press charges.

8:44am - Burglar alarm. 1914 N Wolcott.

8:55am - Parker. 2130 W North Ave. A car with a plate of 419AVL is blocking something at the Midwest Bank.

8:56am - Disturbance. 1828 N California. Males loitering.

8:57am - The 8:56am job is about to be coded. It's the regular homeless guys and they're walking off.

9:03am - Parker. 2749 N Sawyer. Car parked in handicap space.

9:17am - Beat car 1432 asks for a DOC mission event number. It's 04962.

9:20am - Beat 1484 has an on-view disturbance at 2040 N Milwaukee. He's not answering the radio when Dispatch asks if he's ok. 1424 is en route to assist.

9:22am - A disregard is given at 2040 Milwaukee, per 1484. They've got enough cars on scene.

9:29am - Beat 1452 needs a unit with a car opening device at 1620 N Richmond for an elderly man who left his dog in his running car. 1412 will go by.

9:34am - Beat 1410 is holding an outdoor roll call at Kedzie and Wellington, in the Logandale school parking lot.

9:39am - 1452 gives 1412 a disregard on the 9:29am thing. A trucker was gracious enough to come by and help the citizen.

10:09am - Beat 1452 is at 3139 N Christina with a child who was bitten by a dog.

10:22am - EMS run. 2162 N Claremont. Two men down in the alley.

10:49am - Disturbance. 2921 N Elston. Caller brought a refrigerator from the store and they refuse to give it to the caller.

10:51am - Fire. 2741 N Sawyer. The fire alarm is sounding in a 1st floor vacant apartment and smoke can be smelled. The building is being cleared out and CFD is en route.

11:12am - Person w/ a gun. 2839 N Central Park. The roommate is threatening the caller with a gun.

11:13am - Units responding to the 11:12am call are advised not to get hurt going over because the parties are always drinking and calling on each other.

11:17am - A slow down is being given per Beat 6750 at 2839 Central Park. It's nonsense. A report will be done, however.

11:19am - Alarm. 2620 N Spaulding.

11:21am - Assist the citizen. 1900 W Webster (an approximate address). A truck is stuck under the METRA overpass.

11:23am - Disturbance. 1740 N St. Louis. Tenants refuse to let the landlord do repairs.

11:24am - 6750 codes out the 11:12am job. It's drunken stupidity.

11:27am - The 10:49am caller is calling for a supervisor. 1410 is going over.

11:30am - Battery in progress. 2931 N Milwaukee. Two males fighting over a bike.

11:45am - Another call for a supervisor just came in on the 10:49am job.

11:48am - They're calling back on the 11:12am job.

12:09pm - Criminal damage. Claremont and Wabansia. Car window was broken out.

12:11pm - Parker. 2123 N Damen. Car in the loading zone.

12:14pm - Parker. 2327 N Milwaukee. Blue Chevy Tahoe blocking the loading zone.

12:36pm - Traffic accident. 2400 N Elston. Possible injuries.

1:21pm - Suspicious vehicle. 1927 N St. Louis. A black car with a plate of 8819190 has been parked out there for two weeks now. The vehicle comes back clear to someone who lives near Clark and Cullom.

1:22pm - Traffic accident. Belmont and Kimball. Three cars, no injuries. A green Ford with a ladder on top was involved but it fled towards St. Louis on Belmont.

1:26pm - Parker. Somewhere on Kimball on 1412's Beat.

1:55pm - Disturbance. 2457 N Milwaukee.

2:00pm - Child left alone. 3038 N Spaulding. Two year old in a yellow sweater was found by himself.

2:06pm - Criminal damage in progress. Point and Armitage. Two male Hispanics tagging garages.

2:10pm - Wanted for battery from across the street from Chase school (2021 N. Point) are five male Hispanics who fled in a beige van with a red stripe on it. They jumped a 16 yr old male. This is per Beat car 1431, who was responding to the call at Point and Armitage.

2:18 to 2:24pm - I was in the kitchen, eating a quick lunch. I'm sure there was a call or two.

2:28pm - Wanted from a gun incident at Cortland and Mozart is two male Hispanics in their 20s. One has on a grey sweater. They're both 5'8. They took off towards Bloomingdale on Francisco.

2:30pm - Domestic disturbance. 2556 W Bloomingdale.

2:31pm - 1) Battery. Armitage and Kimball. Caller was attacked by a man in a blue checkered sweatshirt in the grocery store parking lot. 2) Disturbance. On 1421's Beat.

2:33pm - Assault. 2949 W Wabansia. Man in a wheelchair threatened the caller.

2:35pm - Burglar alarm. 2112 W Charleston.

2:39pm - Municipal ordinance violation. Armitage and Kimball. Food vendors.

2:44pm - Battery in progress. Armitage and Kimball. Two males fighting in the parking lot of the Armitage Produce.

2:49pm - Disturbance. 2200 W Wabansia. Two males with spray cans look like they're about to tag.

2:52pm - Beat 1452 has a handwaver regarding a male Hispanic in a brown hoodie that fired six shots in the air at Western and Armitage.

2:53pm - Multiple 911 calls for "Shots Fired" coming in for Western and Armitage. Shots are coming from a car. Someone may be shot.

2:54pm - Person shot. Armitage and Western.

2:55pm - Beat car 1432 has a man shot at McDonalds, 1951 N Western. He's shot in the left arm. EMS is en route.

2:56 to 2:59pm - Police/Dispatch chatter on the shooting. A purple van was involved, the offender may have on blue jeans, etc. There's LOTS of witnesses to the shooting. Allegedly, the shots were fired at the hot dog stand on the corner.

2:59pm - Beat 6750 is about to stop at purple Ford Windstar at Walton and Western. It's got a plate of 237938. Five occupants were in the offending vehicle from the shooting, and 6750 says this vehicle has five people in it.

3:00pm - More Police/Dispatch chatter on this shooting.

3:01pm - A witness is telling 1432 that a burgundy van was involved. It's got a camper top and a partial plate of A41.

3:02pm - Beat 6750David has a purple van at 2349 N Western. It's stopped.

3:03pm - Beat 6750 has the burgundy van at North Ave. and Western. Couple of more cars are needed.

3:04pm - There's three on the ground from 6750's stop, but one guy's still in the van and won't come out. Multiple units en route.

3:05pm - A disregard is being given at North Ave. and Western. All persons are out of the van. No more units needed.

3:07pm - A unit is needed to guard the crime scene. 1411 is chosen to go.

3:08 to 3:10pm - Units are talking to each other about the offenders. A witness is identifying them.

3:11pm - Vitcim from the shooting is going to St. Mary's Hospital.

3:16pm - 1) Criminal damage. 2303 W Charleston. Two male Hispanics in a black Chevy tagged the building. 2) Parkers pending throughout the District.

3:18pm - Parker. 1855 N Whipple. Black Nissan blocking the entrance.

3:21pm - An RD number has been pulled from the shooting. It's HS297641 with the event number of 10137.

3:57pm - 1) Disturbance w/ a mental. 1838 N Washtenaw. 13 yr old cutting himself. He's bi-polar. 2) Disturbance. Fullerton and Kimball. Male swinging an umbrella at passing cars. 2) Disturbance. 1710 N Maplewood and 4) Loud music disturbance. 3022 W Belden.

4:00pm - 1) Assault. 2061 N California. Employee at the cleaners was threatened. 2) Information for the police. 1900 N Damen. Male Black in all black is walking up the street. He may have been involved in earlier's shooting.

4:21pm - Disturbance. 2343 N Sacramento. Male causing a problem in the hallway.

4:40pm - Assault in progress. Logan and Talman. Man yelling at the mailman about where he parked.

5:03pm - A unit has a traffic stop at Cortland and Sawyer.

5:05pm - Loud music disturbance. 1637 N Richmond.

5:08pm - Beat 1471 has a traffic stop at Spaulding and Wellington.

5:15pm - Beat car 1413 has a traffic stop at 3518 W Palmer.

5:25pm - Beat 1452 has a traffic stop at 3052 N Kedzie.

5:26pm - There's a job at the Foot Locker, 3401 West Diversey.

6:02pm - They're calling back on the 5:05pm job.

6:03pm - Disturbance. Logan and Western. Kids on the NE corner throwing beer cans at passing cars.

6:11pm - Beat car 1413 has a traffic stop at 3433 W Diversey.

6:17pm - Beat car 1422 is running a name at 1718 N St. Louis. Event number is 13311.

6:32pm - Assist the PO. 2325 N Western.

6:38pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back :).

7:10pm - I'm back.

7:21pm - Assault. Kedzie and George. Intoxicated female Hispanic was kicking the caller's car and tried to pull them out of it.

7:32pm - Animal abuse. 1921 N Sawyer. A small dog may be getting beaten in the basement.

7:35pm - Parker. 2231 W Lyndale. Car in the handicap space.

7:42pm - Suspicious person. Sacramento and Linden. Three males in a white van for over 30 minutes now. It's under the "L" tracks.

7:45pm - Assault in progress. Sawyer and Milwaukee. Five males looking for trouble and fighting passing people.

7:51 to 8:14pm - Was falling asleep. I'm going to monitor 14 from this time until 9pm on Wednesday.

8:16pm - Loud music disturbance. 2619 W Homer.

8:25 to 8:46pm - I haven't really been paying attention for the last 20 minutes. Been monitoring a traffic pursuit on and off that the 25th District units were involved with, which took them all the way out to the town of Munster in Indiana. But, the air was dead when I kept switching back.

8:47pm - Loud music disturbance. 2707 W Medill.

8:48 to 9:00pm - Again, I was listening on and off to Zone 12 on that chase.

9:01pm - Domestic disturbance. 3462 W North. Problem with a female.

9:18pm - EMS run. 1640 N Damen. Intoxicated female puking, passing out, being drunk. LOL.

9:24pm - Beat car 1412 asks for a gang and narcotics mission on the Beat. Event number is 16520.

9:34pm - Parker. 1629 N Wolcott. Premits.

9:39pm - 1) Traffic accident. Diversey and Campbell. 2) EMS run. 3415 W Diversey. 3) Loud music disturbance. 3425 W Parker. 4) Gang disturbance. 34X7 W McLean. They're in the alley, yelling slogans. 5) Domestic disturbance. 2531 W Lyndale. Intoxicated girlfriend keeps harassing the caller.

9:52pm - Loud music disturbance. Somewhere.

10:06pm - Disturbances galore. 3318 W Palmer and 3039 N Troy.

10:07pm - Narcotics. On 1434's Beat.

10:16pm - Disturbance. 2001 N Milwaukee. At Walgreens. Someone's causing a ruckus.

10:18pm - An RD number has been pulled from Diversey and Campbell. It's HS298204 with the event number is 16813.

10:20pm - Traffic accident. 2950 N Spaulding. Intoxicated driver hit a parked car.

10:21pm - Beat 1410 is doing a park check at Palmer Square.

10:29pm - Beat car 1431Robert says that a carload of gangbangers are chasing people in the area of Campbell and Milwaukee.

10:31pm - EMS run. 2333 W Charleston. Male on the sidewalk, not moving.

10:45pm - Domestic battery. 3046 N California. Boyfriend hit the caller.

10:47pm - Disturbance. 2940 W Cortland. Ten people hanging out and causing problems.

10:56pm - Beat 1465Eddie has a street stop at 1943 N Richmond.

11:12pm - Criminal damage. 3130 W Palmer. A man damaged the caller's car with something.

11:16pm - Loud music disturbance. 3310 W Dickens. Loud party.

11:18pm - Parker. 2736 W Altgeld. Premits.

11:24pm - Domestic disturbance. 2741 N Sawyer. Girlfriend won't allow the caller to take the car.

11:34pm - Violation order of protection. 2517 W Cortland.

11:45pm - Loud music disturbance. 2438 N Kedzie.

11:50pm - Someone had a traffic stop at 2612 W North and will be taking one into 14.

12:00am - My coverage of 14 is over until Wednesday evening. Good night, everyone, and I'll be back with 25 tomorrow :).


Anonymous said...

Finally the police arrested some drug dealers in my block around wabansia and western i alwayscall the cops of loitering cause there always out sometimesthey never come and if they do i see them talk to the bangers and dealers like there friends handshaking and messing around but yesterday some cops i never seen arrested four latino guys selling good job cpd i think they had heroin lets hope they stay in jail for a while but i looked out the wondow today and guess what more dealers and bangers out and its cold ass hell today

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

The cold weather today hasn't stopped the activity in some places. For example, at Armitage and Western, there was a shooting a little over three hours ago. That area's been having lots of problems lately. To make a long story short, this hasn't stopped the guys at Wabansia and Western I guess.

The cops that do this handshaking and messing around business with these guys should be reported. I would take down their vehicle number the next time they're seen doing this. This is just unacceptable. But then again, it's a regular thing with most of the 14th District cops. Most of them don't like doing their job and don't care about the citizens. I'm guessing the cops you saw yesterday must have been an exception to that. I'm glad those cops arrested those guys.

Anonymous said...

Hi Timmy, was the Armitage & Western shooting gang related? And did police get shooters from the van? We just moved a block from there so are curious. Thank you, btw. excellent job!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 9:41, there were people taken from the van and arrested. And, the shooting was most likely gang related. There was a shooting right down the street just last week. There's been a lot of activity in that area lately.