Monday, February 10, 2014

Municipal Ordinance Violation @ Logan Square Blue Line Station

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:21am. .

8:38am - 1) Municipal ordinance violation. Logan Square Blue Line Station. Something about a man on the platform breaking some kind of city ordinance. 2) Burglar alarm. Somewhere in the area.

8:59am - Traffic accident. Armitage and Winchester. Two cars, property damage only. One driver's not providing their insurance coverage.

9:14am - Beat 1406Adam is doing a post-shooting mission near Kedzie and Fullerton today. Event number is 03781.

9:29am - Commercial alarm. 22XX N Kimball.

10:03am - I have to go to class. I'll be back either later, tomorrow or this weekend. Have a great day, everyone!

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