Friday, February 7, 2014

Burglar Alarm On Springfield, Shots Fired @ Deming/Kilbourn

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 12:24pm. .

12:25pm - Burglar alarm. 26XX N Springfield.

1:02pm - Shots Fired. Deming and Kilbourn. Four to five shots heard.

2:29pm - Beat 2575 is heading over to Kelvyn Park High School for their dismissal.

3:54pm - Some call on 2525's Beat.

4:51pm - Battery in progress. 3934 W Diversey. Behind the Walgreen's. Two males fighting in the alley.

5:35pm - Disturbance. 2001 N Pulaski Rd. Man bothering people at the gas station.

6:08pm - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone!

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