Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Congradulations Timmy!


From all of us working behind the scenes here, we want to say what a wonder it has been to be here working alongside you as you have grown each step of the way. This world of radio and internet have been used by you in such a great way that it has truly been an inspiration to many more than you can even know.

Today, DNA INFO posted an article about the work done at this blog, and THAT is something to celebrate because of the HUGE amount of progress it represents for Timmy, for all of us working behind the scenes, and for the community. Timmy, we can all tell you that the day you first sit behind the zone and citywide consoles at OEMC will make city history, possibly national history. That is being said here because to our knowledge so far, we don't yet know about any autistic emergency dispatchers. All of us know that ANY dispatcher would be lucky to have you as a partner passing traffic over the air, and every police officer who has you on their watch as their future lifeline has no idea what a treat they are in for!

Here's a quote from Timmy that all of us hope he NEVER has to make again, and whoever made it a necessity for Timmy to ever even THINK about having to say this should feel shame! "Some people think I do it because of my autism, like it’s a habit and I need something to do".  

A note to those who want to make Timmy's service and growth nothing more than a symptom of his Autism: You are a bunch of foolish, uneducated, self-important, arrogant, narrow-minded, jerks and bigots! We here at the Avondale Logan Square Crime Blog smell more than just a little hint of jealousy in the air on part of those who felt like they needed to degrade Timmy in such a way. Timmy will not be giving up his dream, and none of us here will allow him to even consider that.

Today is a day of celebration for Timmy, for all of us who work at his side, and for the communities this blog represents. Here's to many more years of serving the community with teamwork!  


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Timmy! Love your blog and appreciate your hard work and service to our community. This world needs more people like you!

Take care!

Craig Gernhardt said...

I'm so proud to have had Timmy write for me. He's growing up to be a fine young man.