Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reckless Driver @ Belmont/Lawndale, Gangbangers Chase Man On Schubert

Good evening, everyone, it's 7:08pm. It's a pretty warm evening, with temps in the mid 40s, and it's cloudy. It's going to remain like this tonight. I'm monitoring 25 from now until a little after midnight. With that, here's crime for this evening.

7:25pm - Reckless driver. Belmont and Lawndale. Car speeding south on Lawndale towards Barry sped through a stop sign or something.

7:40pm - Assault. 38XX W Schubert. Gangbangers chased the caller home and are now waiting for them in their apartment hallway.

9:01pm - EMS run. Milwaukee and Belmont.

9:42pm - Criminal trespass. 36XX W Wabansia. Gangbangers just went into a vacant building.

10:09pm - Beat car 2523Robert is doing a park check at Ken-Well.

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