Friday, February 8, 2013

Girl Being Threatened @ Diversey/Western/Elston, Gangbangers Tag Garage On Richmond

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 4:15pm. It's a cloudy afternoon with temps in the 30s, and tonight will remain cloudy. I'm monitoring 14 this afternoon into this evening, to make up for what I didn't do on Wednesday. I'm feeling somewhat better today, but I'm still tired. I'm just really burned out from everything and over-thinking things, but I'll be okay sooner or later. I'm not going to let any of this stuff stop me from blogging today. By the way, to the residents of Beats 1411 and 1412, I apologize for not making it out to your CAPS meeting last night like I said I would. I'm sorry, but as I have been the last two weeks or so, I've had no energy to do anything. I will make it up to you guys though, later on this year (in April or June, I haven't decided yet) and will show up for sure. Well, enough for me, here's crime.

5:01pm - Assault in progress. Diversey/Western/Elston. Man tried to beat up the caller's daughter.

5:04pm - Gang disturbance. 31XX N Richmond. Two male Hispanics both with blue sweatshirts and a black backpack were just seen tagging the neighbor's garage.

5:20pm - Traffic accident. Ashland and Wabansia. Under the viaduct.

5:26pm - Parker. 28XX N Kedzie.

5:43pm - Disturbance. 29XX N Allen. Problem with the male neighbor.

6:44pm - Parker. 18XX N Spaulding.

6:50pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:06pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

7:08pm - I missed this, but there's been a shooting on the 3100 block of N Sawyer within the last 10 to 15 minutes. A man was shot in the right arm, from what I'm hearing. Wanted from the shooting are two cars, one a red Chevy Trailblazer and the other a dark blue car. The shooter from the red Chevy is a male Hispanic with long black hair. The victim is okay, but is being taken to Illinois Masonic by ambulance 20. The victim is a gang member, an MLD to be exact from Barry and Spaulding, and the offenders are OAs, so this is gang-related. The red Chevy Trailblazer fled in the west alley of Sawyer towards Belmont. An RD number has been pulled from this and it's HW149370 with the event number of 12910.

7:43pm - Robbery. 3547 W Armitage.

7:48pm - Beat 1461Frank is giving a little more information on the shooting. The male who was driving that car is dark complected and has a shaved head. Also, Beat car 1411 is the paper car and 1421 has the crime scene.

7:49pm - Assault in progress. 32XX W Wabansia. Caller's being threatened.

7:54pm - Battery in progress. 29XX N Dawson. People fighting.

7:56pm - We're getting some information from the 7:43pm job. Beat car 1424 is the paper car, and they're saying that a Dell laptop was stolen by two males who had a black duffel bag.

7:59pm - Beat 1463David is dispersing two for gang loitering at 33XX W Wabansia. Console time is 19:59 and the event number is 13788.

8:00pm - An RD number is being pulled from the 7:43pm job. It's HW149435 with the event number of 13414.

- Beat 1463Boy is taking someone into 14 from the 7:49pm job.

8:03pm - 1) Beat 1400XRay has a "Box" mission being done on 1412's Beat this evening. 2) Some call at California and Fletcher.

8:04pm - Barking dog. 35XX W Belden. In the rear.

8:06pm - 1461F is giving more information on a possible offender from the shooting. A male Hispanic, 5'9, early 20s, slim build with a gray hoodie, medium-length shaggy hair and a hat was involved. He had a sliver handgun. Also, a black vehicle, according to witnesses, rammed the red Chevy Trailblazer.

8:10pm - 1) Commercial alarm. 2840 N Milwaukee Ave. At the Logan Square Neighborhood Association offices. 2) Disturbance. 31XX N Sawyer.

8:22pm - Beats 5396 and 5836 are at the shooting now. 5396 is the detective and 5836 is the ET.

8:45pm - Suspicious vehicle. 27XX W Logan Blvd. Car running in front has been there for a while.

9:00pm - Burglar alarm. 22XX W St. Paul.

9:03pm - Beat 1480 needs Beat 1481Boy to go to 2169 N Milwaukee to check out an 18 year old male Hispanic with a white t-shirt, leather jacket and blue jeans who's possibly involved in underage drinking.

9:04pm - Beat car 1413 has a traffic stop at 28XX N Sacramento.

9:14pm - Battery in progress. Belden and Albany. Group fighting on the corner.

9:28pm - Disturbance. 2230 N California.

9:33pm - Battery in progress. 30XX W Belden. Male and female fighting with a group in front.

9:39pm - Some call on 1411's Beat.

- Some call at 25XX N Sacramento.

9:57pm - Fire. 3355 W Belmont. At the Belmont Blue Line station. Smell of smoke inside the station.

10:00pm - Disturbance. 2135 N Milwaukee Ave. Problem at the party.

10:09pm - Shots Fired. 27XX N Central Park. Three heard.

10:10pm - 1) Parker. 20XX W Charleston. 2) Suspicious vehicle. Campbell and Altgeld.

10:13pm - Beat 1410Robert is giving a slow down on the 10:09pm job. He just talked to a citizen who said they haven't heard anything.

- Gang disturbance. Milwaukee and Kedzie. Group of males loitering, appear to be gangbangers.

10:52pm - Some call in the area.

11:27pm - EMS run. 18XX N Mozart. Man passed out in the snow in front.

11:46pm - Suspicious vehicle. 22XX N St. Louis.

12:00am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back in the morning. See you all, and have a good night, everyone!

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