Monday, February 25, 2013

Parker On 1732's Beat, Irate Man @ CVS On Addison

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:47am. It's a sunny morning with temps in the lower 30s, and today will be near 40 with sunshine. Average weather for late February. Anyway, I'm covering 17 today from now until 9:30pm, and then tomorrow night from 9:30 to midnight, I plan on concluding my coverage of 17. I also plan on monitoring 25 tomorrow afternoon after I get home from class, but we'll see. This is the last week that I'm going to be able to monitor regularly for a few weeks, because I have mid-terms coming up in school in about two weeks so I need to be ready for those. So with that said, if anyone out there has a scanner and would like to do monitoring for me once or twice a week (preferably twice, early in the week too) for the next few weeks, please just let me know. Lastly, I know I keep talking about this, but I ask that all of you please, please, PLEASE vote on the poll to your right. I've extended it until the 1st, which is Friday. I have this poll going because I want to get an idea of where my readership comes from so I can determine which areas I need to cover more and where I need to put the word out more. Okay, I'll stop talking now, LOL. Here's crime for today.

9:34am - Parker. On 1732's Beat.

1:44pm - Disturbance. 3411 W Addison. At the CVS. Irate male customer refuses to leave and the cashier is by herself, and fears for her safety

2:07pm - Beat car 1732 has a traffic stop at School and Milwaukee Ave. He's getting a municipal on the Beat after that.

2:20pm - FBI Tip. 5129 W Belmont. Coming over from Zone 12. There's supposed to be three males who are running towards LeClaire on Belmont with guns and they're chasing another guy. They just ran into the Subway there then came out and ran through Planet Fitness. They're calling this an FBI Tip since this is down the street from Foreman, and I'm writing it down because of the fact it's near Foreman.

2:21pm - Couple of more calls are coming in over on Belmont. This sounds kind of serious.

2:23pm - A slow down is being given on Belmont. Beat 1661Boy is on scene and doesn't see anyone or anything yet.

2:24pm - Okay, I'm assuming everything on Belmont is fine. But just so you all know, there's been quite a few calls for gang disturbances near Foreman today and Beat 1620 is actually anticipating some violence after school. I'll be listening for further. Until then, back to our community.

2:37pm - Traffic accident. 3929 W Addison.

4:02pm - I think there was a call in the area, but I forgot to write it down. Sorry guys.

5:45pm - Beat car 1732 has a traffic stop at Elston and Roscoe.

7:18pm - I'm going to go eat. I'll be back in a little bit.

7:48pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

10:14pm - FYI to everyone, but there was a gang disturbance at about 4:30pm this afternoon on the 2800 block of N Ridgeway. Three male Hispanics in their late teens to early 20s were observed shouting gang slogans, throwing up gang signs, playing a real loud rap video on a cell phone and at one point, they picked up something off the ground and threw it across the street. I live on the block and I saw this occur, so I promptly called 911. I think they might've heard me through an open window so they instantly left. Police arrived in a minute of the call, saw no one and drove down the block, then coded it. I'm hoping this was just an isolated thing and that this isn't the start of something new on my block like it was in the last few months of 2011 into most of last year. In any event, to those who live around Diversey and Central Park, keep your eyes peeled for any activity.

10:15pm - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back tomorrow night. See you all then, and have a good night, everyone!


Anonymous said...

im At Pulaski & Diversey...Love This Blog

You Have To Explain Something To Me...Last Night A Family Member & 2 Guys Witnessed A Guy Beating The Crap Out Of This Girl...When They Started Yelling & Going To Her, The Asshole Layed Into Her One Last Time So Hard,She Fell

Now Tell Me Why The Cops Would Refuse To Come Because The Asshole Ran Away? Is That The Sad State Of Cpd?

Lester Gillis said...

No, they'll still come for those calls. But not for old burglaries to homes where there's no offenders on scene and hours old garage break ins. And gee your family member and a couple guys just stood by and watched a woman get beat up?

koz park resident said...

Did I Say They Just Stood By & Watched Her Get Beat Up? No I Didn't, I Said DID start Yelling & Going Over There. Before You Make A Assanine Comment LiKe That, You Should Make Sure Your Reading/Interpreting The Comment Correctly...

Gee Guess Everyone Is Suppose To Know When They Go Outside They Are Going To Walk Up On A Battery In Progress...I'll Try To Remember As A Woman If I'm Getting Beaten To Make Sure The Perp Sticks Around For A Chat With The Police. Guess Your Not Suppose To Try & Get Away Anymore ....

Anonymous said...

I have a question... recently while driving the areas of cragin park and also belmont Central , I have noticed a stenciled black cat and the words FISH painted in red also stenciled. Now I know about the "CLUB GIBBONS" which is also stenciled but does anyone know perhaps if there is any relation between the two? and if so what does it mean? I have seen several in my neighborhood as well as THE CLUB GIBBONS, which makes me feel unsafe and in fear for my loved ones that travel by public transportation and have come across these markings.

Anonymous said...

I live very close to you (3600 block of Diversey) and am so happy that you do the things you do. Thanks!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 10:57, no problem! I do it for the community and I enjoy my work.

Anonymous 2:09, first, I apologize for my real late response. Just now going through the comments on the blog. Thank you for patience, and for your readership. To answer your question, I'm thinking that's probably why they didn't come, or maybe the call-taker screwed up the call. Or maybe Dispatch just coded it or something. We never know. But I've been hearing that some cops don't go to those type of calls, since the offender is already gone. I guess they figure the person can call 311 or to the station to file a report. They should've came anyway, though.

Anonymous 8:01, unfortunately, I don't know anything about the FISH taggings, but maybe another reader can que us in. I saw one near my house a couple of days ago and was wondering myself.