Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Selling On 2525's Beat, Warehouse Burglary On Cortland

Good morning, everyone, it's 9:57am. It's a sunny morning with temps in the 30s, and today will remain sunny with temps in the mid 40s. I'm monitoring 25 from now until 7pm, and then I'm covering 14 after midnight tonight. That's all I have to say, so here's crime for today.

10:17am - Narcotics. On 2525's Beat. Selling.

12:15pm - Burglary in progress. 3850 W Cortland. Male Hispanic with a black coat is breaking into the warehouse at this location.

12:34pm - Assault in progress. 40XX W Palmer. Four women threatening to beat up the caller.

- Burglar alarm. 18XX N Monticello.

3:04pm - Disturbance. Wrightwood and Kilbourn. Teens loitering on the corner.

- Traffic accident. Hamlin and Wellington. Drunk driver struck five cars.

6:18pm - Burglary report. 31XX N Springfield.

6:25pm - Prostitution. On 2535's Beat.

6:56pm - I have to go eat, so with that, I'm going to go. Have a good night, everyone, and I'll be back in a few hours. See you all then!

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