Saturday, November 19, 2011

Parker On 2535's Beat, Stove Fire On Springfield

Good morning, everyone, it's 9:37am. It's pretty unusual for me to be monitoring 25 on a Saturday morning, huh? It feels sort of weird to me. But it's no problem. Today, I'll be monitoring 25 until my dinner, then I will resume blogging on Monday. I won't be blogging tomorrow because I have some things I really need to do. Anyway, I have a couple of events I need to be at this coming week. Monday is the Avondale Neighborhood Association meeting (St. Hyacinth's at 7:00pm), and then I need to stay after school on Wednesday for a Student Government meeting. I don't like that all too much, since it's the day before Thanksgiving and everyone, including me, just wants to go home. But oh well. Well, I'll stop talking and give you all the crime report for today.

9:44am - Parker. On 2535's Beat.

10:07am - Fire. 25XX N Springfield. Stove.

10:31am - Check the well being. 31XX N Kostner. OEMC Operator is requesting CPD to check on a couple of small children, who may be playing on the phone.

10:33am - Beat car 2523 is requesting a phone number on that Kostner call. Dispatch gives it to them. Dispatch is saying a small child called, and when the call-taker asked for an adult, no adult came to the phone.

11:31am - Burglar report. 43XX W Wrightwood.

12:06pm - Suspicious person. Somewhere in the area. The caller is calling from a location on Pulaski, which I won't reveal, but there is a male Hispanic in a white Toyota with a plate of K227715 who keeps following the caller. The car is parked around the corner from where the caller is.

12:19pm - Beat car 2523 is helping 2524 look for the 12:06pm car.

12:34pm - EMS run. 31XX N Monticello. Male drank too much alcohol.

12:44pm - Battery. Altgeld and Central Park. Two male Hispanics, one with a green turtleneck and the other with a blue jacket, just threw rocks at the caller.

12:56pm - Check the well being. 30XX N Davlin. Man who suffers from a mental problem is threatening to take his own life. Originially, he was calling because he wanted an order of protection from a girl who kept texting him.

12:57pm - There's a second call on the 12:44pm job. Someone else is calling to say the neighbor chased him with a knife. The person calling now might be the offender on the original call.

1:05pm - Residential alarm. 43XX W Drummond.

1:12pm - The 1:05pm job is coded out.

1:54pm - Traffic accident. Karlov and Belmont.

2:26pm - Person wanted. 3963 W Belmont. Male wanted for burglary.

2:35pm - Person wanted. 25XX N Central Park.

2:42pm - Traffic accident. North and Central Park. Car VS semi, no injures.

2:59pm - Parker. 2941 N Avers. Car blocking the alley.

3:20pm - Beat 2505 is doing a park check at Koz. Event number is 107XX.

3:46pm - 2505 is now at Kelvyn Park. Event number is 11392.

4:19pm - Traffic accident. 23XX N Lawndale.

6:51pm - I have to go eat, and with that, I'm gone for the night. I'll be back on Monday. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend, folks :).

7:44pm - Just so everyone knows, but there is a 10-1 situation at 4136 W North Ave. about a half hour ago involving the 25th District officers. Officers responded to a bank robbery with two men holding up the bank and taking people hostage and tying them up. Employees were also tied up. Officer Puntey, one of our wonderful officers on Afternoons who works Beat 2523, chased one of the offenders down the alley and detained him. 2520 called a 10-1 on this incident, and almost all officers from 25 and 15 went to the scene. Two offenders are in custody with none at large. No one is hurt, amazingly, although a number of ambulances and CFD personnel were called to the scene as a precaution. All officers are accounted for and are fine. Just be prepared, though. A LOT of officers are over there and there's a backlog right now in 25, so you may have to wait a while if you call 911 for the next hour or two. A great, great job to all of the officers involved in this! Your work tonight is to be awarded. Be safe out there, guys. Have a good night, everyone. I'll be back Monday.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a job well done by our CPD :)

Americanlt said...

Typical cops, just like dogs, throw a ball and they run. A robbery occurs on North ave. and all the cops run there to chase the gunnmen. And what of the rest of the district while these guys are dogginng it on this job? Did they really need all those cars there after a slow down was given?

Anonymous said...

Uh, Timmy. 2523 was way off their beat leaving it unprotected to chase nonsense.

Andrew Vlk said...

That officer Putney is the real deal,I'm glad she's patrolling are beat....

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 9:16, it truly was :). Some of the best CPD work I've heard done in a while. They were great last night.

Americanlt, seriously? Yeah, so what if they're there to chase that gunman? Wouldn't you want him to be locked up, too? That was a dangerous incident that could've ended up in someone getting killed if those officers didn't respond the way they did. For God's sake, there were two gunmen holding people hostage in the bank. And when a 10-1 is issued, that's it. Every single officer is going to that call to help their fellow officer who's in danger. If I'm not mistaken, one of these gunmen had a rifle. And what do you mean about the rest of the district? With the exception of the two "conflict zone" Beats, 2531 and 2532, it was really, really quiet. Especally up this way. And one last thing, after about 7:45, a number of cars left the scene, but they definitely needed a few to stick around dude to the seriousness of the incident. I'm just glad to hear all of these officers involved weren't hurt and made it home safely to their families.

Anonymous 11:37, leaving it unprotected to what? There wasn't anything going on up here. Besides, what makes you think the gangbangers and criminals will wait until our Beat officers leave the Beat to do something? They've odne stuff before when officrs were just a couple of blocks away. So yeah...

Andrew, I agree. I am too. She's an excellentt officer.

Anonymous said...

@AmericanIt.......I go to our beat meetings and CPD does a great job especially 2523.Our beat cops are wonderful compared to those lazy ,moron wagon guys that every time I drive by I see them at the Shell wasting are tax money,those are the real crooks in our neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Uh, Timmy it wasn't a bank. Just one of those ghetto phone stores.

Americanlt said...

Put it this way, all the cops are pretty much useless. I do hope the mayor see's this and privatizes the police dept.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 8:15, I agree with you, although I wouldn't call those two wagon officers lazy or morons. They do a pretty good job, too, depending on who's on the wagon.

Anonymous 8:57, if it wasn't a bank, they would've said that. But either way, I don't care if it was a bank or not, there was still a dangerous situation that could've ended deadly if CPD hadn't intervened and called a 10-1.

Americanlt, yeah, you'll be saying that when you need the CPD too...I find it so stupid when people call the police then turn around and say that hate cops. If you hate the CPD, that's fine, but don't call them when you need anything so the people who actually appriecate their efforts can get better service from them.

Anonymous said...

Timmy, whats your reaction to the 2 gangbanger Latin King cops? How scary that these thugs can join the worlds greatest & most respected police force.

Anonymous said...

Those two cops working for the Latin Kings are just a few of the many cops that are on the take or looking for a free buck.

Anonymous said...

I'm a senior citizen. I'm concerned that the next time I call the police on the teenagers smoking dope outside that some gangbanger cops will show up? Can I still depend on the Chicago police?

Anonymous said...

That's old news when you find out cops are working for gangbangers especially for the Kings. I know this from know others. Why do you think all those killings of rivals and innocent people happen every so often? Think about it. Cops are paid by gangs to stay away from their hoods and paid to not incarcerate fellow gangbangers when there's trouble. There is and are crooked police out there. Looking to make extra money in their pocket and respect from gangbangers. It usually the cops who been on the job for years. They know the hood and the gangbanger(s). The streets will never be safe until crooked cops and smart gangbangers are not working together.

Americanlt said...

Most of the folks shot on the street are gangbangers or other street despots. These victims are not the angels the media makes them out to be.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you're losing Putney Timmy. Perhaps they'll give you Kelly Casey. Now she's the real deal. Heard Putney's going to Tact.

Jack Polsiano said...

Have to agree with AmericanLT on his 7:43am post. The media makes all these shooting victims out to be innocent. If you really look at the situation or talk to someone who knew the people involved, 90% of these victims are gangbangers or criminals or frequent associates of the two.

Hugo Gunther said...

They'll probably close down the 25th district next year. You'll have the 14th district taking over your area. The rest of 25 will be split between 15 and 16. Besides, 14 has better officers than the goofs that were dumped into 25 in the first place.

Lou Pagano said...

No, the 25 is going to get stronger, larger and more powerful. The district will get heavy hitters taken in from the section by-pass layer within the department. It will then expand it's coverage within documented range and policy. 25 will be large. Keep your eyes open. You will be protected.