Saturday, November 13, 2010

Peace Disturbed Inside McDonalds

Good morning, everyone, it's 8am. Today, I'm monitoring 14 for all of you east of Central Park. Hopefully, it's not too busy, but we all know how busy 14 is. Anyway, I'll be leaving here for an hour or two because I have to run some errands. While I'm gone, I'll try to get archives on what happens, though. Also, I've got a busy week ahead of me. I've got the Avondale Neighborhood Association meeting to go to on Monday (at St. Hyacinth's at 7pm, in Resurrection Hall), then a block club meeting on Ridgeway (not my block) at 7pm on Tuesday, then I have to stay after school for a little bit on Wednesday for a meeting, then finally, on Thursday, I have to go with mom to my school for report card pick-up, and then I have a block club meeting for my block that night. I'm going to be really, really busy, and blogging may become VERY limited on those four days. So, here's crime for today.

8:20am - Disturbance. 2707 N Milwaukee. Male White, 30s, white shoes, black coat, with a large cup of coffee, is disturbing the peace inside the McDonalds.

8:44am - Parker. 3221 W Cortland. Car parked on sidewalk.

8:50am - Beat car 1412 is doing a Sex Offender check at 3049 N Spaulding.

9:00am - Burglar alarm. 2204 N Leavitt.

9:01am - 1412 is now on one at 2951 Gresham. Event number is 04960.

9:32am - EMS run. 2367 W Logan. Male broke his ankle. About 20 seconds, EMS declares that CPD is not needed.

9:33am - Now 1412 is doing a check at 2853 N Christina.

10:06am - Burglar alarm. 2139 W Churchill.

10:11am - Sex Offender check is being done by 1412 at 2611 N Sawyer.

10:12am - Beat 1455 is doing a Sex Offender check at 3021 W Diversey. Event number is 05733.

10:19am - Sex Offender check at 3501 W Diversey.

10:23am - Beat car 1431 is doing a Sex Offender check at 1921 N Milwaukee. Event number is 05915.

10:32am - Sounds like Beat car 1422 may have an emergency at Wabansia and Kimball.

10:35am - Traffic accident. 2830 N Milwaukee. Multiple calls on it. Injuries.

10:40am - Traffic accident. Diversey and Central Park.

10:41am - Traffic on Milwaukee, eastbound, needs to be blocked off at Wolfram.

10:43am - An immediate reload is needed on the Milwaukee accident. There's a car on the sidewalk.

10:56am - Beat car 1412 asks for an RD number from the accident. It's HS613411 with the event number of 06133.

10:58am - Traffic can be opened up on Milwaukee.

10:59am - 1455 is doing a Sex Offender check at 2914 Richmond, and 1431 is doing one at 3119 W Wabansia. Event number for Richmond is 06460, and event number for Wabansia is 06463.

11:03am -
Sex offender check, 3208 W Wabansia. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:07am - Sex offender check, 2525 N Milwaukee.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:08am - Sex offender check, 1945 N Kedzie.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:12am - Assist the citizen. On Gresham. Individual wants to get stuff out of a house on Gresham. Caller does not know the exact address, but knows the house.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:13am - Criminal damage. 3000 W Lyndale. The caller's mother, and a male Black, broke in the door and fled.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:14am - Sex offender check, 2750 W Nelson.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:15am - Sex offender check, 1637 N Washtenaw.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:21am - Holding the offender. 1232 W North. At the Home Depot. Male being held for shoplifting.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:30am - Sex offender check, 3021 W Wellington.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:32am - An RD number has been pulled from 2600 N Elston for a "type A" (auto accident). It's HS613473 with the event number of 06937.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

11:59am - Sex offender check, 2841 N Rockwell.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I was out.

12:00 to 12:12pm - Was out running errands.

12:20pm - Disturbance. Kedzie and Palmer. Car beeping it's horn.

12:47pm - 1) EMS run. 2247 N Milwaukee. Man passed out in front of Blockbuster. 2) Narcotics. 3004 W Wabansia. Teens smoking pot in the hallway.

1:06pm - Battery in progress. 2246 N Milwaukee. Two drunks fighting in the store.

1:10pm - Disturbance. 2249 N Milwaukee. In the Bubbleland, there's a drunk causing problems. Hmmm...seems like there's a real problem with drunks around Milwaukee and Washtenaw/Prindiville this afternoon.

1:12pm - Beat 1455 is doing a Sex Offender check at 2718 N Campbell. Event number is 08502.

1:19pm - Traffic accident. 2601 W Diversey. Black Jeep SUV, last seen heading towards the Kennedy, crashed into the caller's car and took off. No injuries.

1:24pm - Parker. 2100 N Humboldt.

1:27pm - Found property. 2657 N Kedzie. Something about a bike.

1:30pm - 1) Beat car 1421 asks for a gang and narcotics mission on the Beat. Event number is 08832. 2) Panic alarm. 2045 N Honore.

1:38pm - Traffic accident. Fullerton and Oakley.

1:40pm - DUI driver. Elbridge and Drake. Red Jeep with a drunk driver hit the caller's car, and fled down Drake towards Barry. The Jeep registers back to 3057 on Drake.

2:13pm - Traffic accident. 1600 W Armitage. Bicyclist hit by a car. The car fled south, either on Ashland or Elston, towards Homer.

2:25pm - Check the well being. 3530 W Armitage. There were gunshots fired from the 3rd floor apartment at 9am. The caller didn't call police because they didn't know it was gunshots until someone told them. So, then, the caller, who owns the building in question, went to check on the tenants of the apartment where the gunshots were fired, who say nothing happened. Obviously, the caller doesn't believe that, and is requesting police.

2:27pm -A unit is pulling an RD number from 3600 W Diversey. It's
HS613740 with the event number of 08952.

2:32pm - Traffic accident. Kimball and North.

2:33pm - Traffic accident. 2000 W Armitage. Two cars, no injuries.

2:38pm - Beat 1446 is doing a park check at Skate, and is doing a burglary mission from Wrightwood to North Ave., Central Park to Kedzie. Skate's event number is 10014, and the burglary mission is 10016.

3:05pm - Narcotics. 1772 N Ashland. At the Walsh Playground.
5 males smoking drugs in playground area. Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I napped.

3:09pm - A Community Concern is being done on the 2900 block of Dawson. Event number is 10519.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for getting this while I napped.

4:19pm - EMS run. Fullerton and Elston. Male appears to be passed out by the Staples.

4:34pm - Disturbance. 1740 N Sawyer. Teens drinking in the hallway. This is the same building where a domestic Homicide occurred (which Chicago Breaking News incorrectly reported that it happened in Logan Square, when it happened in Humboldt Park) on Tuesday, 11/9/10. 1422 says they're called here at least two times a day.

4:35pm - Suspicious person. 2515 W Fullerton. Caller reports that two male Blacks are following him after they saw him get a large amount of money.

4:44pm - Assault. 3517 W Dickens.

4:49pm - Check the well being. Elston and Fullerton. Male White, black jacket, brown mint hat is walking in the middle of the street. When the caller asked him where he was going, the man said he didn't know.

4:50pm - Theft. 2033 N Milwaukee. In the Value Discount store, the caller's wife got pick-pocketed by a female White.

4:53pm - Parkers on Drake. One at 1636, and the other at 3042.

4:55pm - Disturbance. 2312 N Kedzie. Neighbor banging on the wall.

5:04pm - Beat 1405 needs an ambulance at Kimball and North. A passenger on CTA bus #1994 is suffering from chest pains.

5:08pm - Barking dog. 1650 N Campbell. Three dogs barking, and it's an on-going problem.

5:55pm - An RD number has been pulled from the 4:44pm job. It's HS614025 with the event number of 11844.

6:15pm - Disturbance. 2640 N Milwaukee. Problem with the employees in the jewelry store.

6:20pm - Gang disturbance. Francis and Bingham. They're loitering.

6:35pm - Narcotics. 35X1 W Fullerton. Female White, known as "Wille", 5'2, 170 lbs, black coat and brown pants is selling cocaine. Now she's on a '20 inch bike, heading towards Central Park.

6:42pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:02pm - I'm back.

7:25pm - Shots Fired. Cortland and Drake. Several gunshots.

7:26pm - Beat car 1413 is at Armitage and Central Park, with several citizens, who say they heard those shots from Drake and Cortland.

7:32pm - Getting another call for "Shots Fired" at Drake and Cortland. Male Hispanic, black hoodie and blue jeans involved, running towards Bloomingdale on Drake. He fired three gunshots. Also, there's Shots Fired at 18X1 on Drake. Male in a baby blue hoodie and black jogging pants is hiding in the alley.

7:35pm - Suspicious vehicle/people. 3525 W Belmont. Four people in a car in the alley, scoping out the house under construction.

7:37pm - Beat 1495 is on a traffic stop at 2840 W Armitage.

7:38pm - Beat car 1422 has one male at 1800 N St. Louis, who is possibly involved in the shooting.

7:39pm - Nevermind. 1422 says it's nothing. 19Paul.

7:48pm - Suspicious person. 1819 N St. Louis. Caller overheard the police talking about a man in a black hoodie who was shooting in the area, and the caller saw this man go over by the vacant lot.

7:55pm - Parker. 2600 N Francisco.

8:18pm - Assault in progress. Armitage and California. Caller's getting threatened. No further info...

8:22pm - A slow down is being given on the 8:18pm job.

8:23pm - Beat car 1413 has a street stop at 2822 N Richmond.

8:38pm - Parker. 1630 N Winchester.

8:56pm - Traffic accident. Cortland and Ashland. Bicyclist hit.

9:17pm - Some call in the area. I missed it.

9:47pm - Shots Fired. Wabansia and Drake. Five shots heard. Male Hispanic in a black hoodie and blue jeans with a chrome handgun was seen running towards North Ave.

9:48pm - Beat car 1412 asks for a robbery mission on the Beat. Event number is 16593.

9:50pm - A couple of more calls are coming in for Drake and Wabansia.

9:53pm - Citizens around the area of Wabansia and Drake are saying they haven't heard anything. Coded 19Paul.

9:54pm - Loud music disturbance. 2318 N Oakley. Party.

9:57pm - Narcotics. 24X8 N Drake. Male Hispanic, 20-22 yrs old, 5'8, dark complected, is selling in front.

9:58pm - Person w/ a knife. Milwaukee and California. Male Hispanic, black jacket, blue pants threatened the caller with a knife and fled northwest on Milwaukee.

9:59pm - Traffic accident. 2216 W Palmer.

10:22pm - Burglar alarm. 2934 N Farifield.

10:28pm - Some call in the area.

10:30 to 10:47pm - I believe that there were one or two calls in the area, and if there were, I forgot the details. Sorry.

10:49pm - Reckless driver. Armitage and Drake.

10:56pm - Theft. 3427 W Diversey. Jewelry was stolen from someone at Dunkin Donuts.

11:04pm - Suspicious package. 1710 N Ashland. Someone left a bookbag on the scene.

11:06pm - Person calling for help. 1805 N Washtenaw.

11:11pm - Traffic accident. 3521 W Diversey.

11:17pm - Check the well being. Fullerton and Sacramento. Male in a stocking cap layed out on the sidewalk between Milwaukee and Sacramento on Fullerton.

11:20pm - Traffic accident. 2319 W Diversey. Car hit a bicyclist.

11:23pm - Now the 11:20pm job is coming in as a battery. Seems like the bicyclist was hit intentionally.

11:26pm - Wanted from the 11:20/11:23pm job are two male Blacks, unknown clothing or vehicle, who pulled up, jumped out of the vehicle, struck the victim with fsts, took a wallet, then fled in an unknown direction in the vehicle. The victim has a cut over his left eye, but has no life-threatening injuries.

11:32pm - Battery in progress. 3147 N Kimball. People fighting in an apartment.

11:36pm - Loud music disturbance. 2054 N Albany.

11:47pm - Beat car 1434 asks for a burglary mission on the Beat. Event number is 18438.

11:54pm - Burglar alarm. 3134 W Bloomingdale.

12:00am - I'm going to go. I'll be back tomorrow morning. Good night, everyone.


Anonymous said...

to many sex offenders

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I agree. Way too many of them.

j said...

Hi Timmy,

10:23am - Beat car 1431 is doing a Sex Offender check at 1921 N Milwaukee. Event number is 05915.

This means that there is a sex offender registered at this address and CPD is making sure they are there right? 1921 Mil Ave is some sort of halfway house/rehab place I believe. Lots of scumbags around that corner.

Anonymous said...

Here's a "funny" story about sex offenders in our neighborhood. Last year when I walked into the LS Blue Line station, I noticed a man sitting on a bench with his hands down his pants, leering at women and girls walking past. I asked the ticket person to call the cops. The offender must have known he had been busted, because he came up to the ticket area and confronted me, saying "you got a problem with me?" I got a really good look at him. He ran out of the station, and the ticket guy followed him, but lost him on Shubert. I waited for the police, but after 20 minutes decided they were never going to show up, and I'd just file a report later.

So, at work I get a hunch...and look at the Illinois sex offenders list. The guy was in there--no mistaking him. (He's young and has a baby face and completely weird stoned-looking eyes.) If I'm interpreting criminal code correctly, he was a registered SO for raping a young child. So the guy lives on Diversey near Troy, which totally explains why he fled up Shubert.

I went to the 14th station to file a complaint, bringing the info I had. They were reluctant to do anything...well, actually they refused. The intake officer said "Good job!" when she looked at the printouts I had, but she also said, "well, we just can't go and pick him up on your hearsay." ?!?!

Maybe I don't understand the law very well, or perhaps I shouldn't believe my lyin' eyes. I asked the CTA security staff if they had tapes of the incident, but (of course) they never followed up.

So, child rapist spotted masturbating in the train station, police do nothing. Good to know.

Anonymous said...

There was a call of the police harassing a driver of a car on the 2900 block of Ridgeway. A female officer was reported as screaming she's the police. (I heard this on my scanner) Are the cops always this rude on the beat?

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, fatties fighting over cheeseburgers at McDonalds.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you just kick the masterbater in the balls, instead of bothering the useless police?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Hi j, yes, that's what it means.

Anonymous 6:16, that is disgusting, and it makes me upset to hear the "wonderful" 14th District cops did nothing about it (as usual). However, I do think that maybe you should've waited at least 40 minutes, unless, of course, you had to go to work or do something important. Calls like that don't always get a police response within 20 minutes, because it's not an in-progress call, and they might have some bigger things to respond to. But, of course, I really don't believe that was in the case, this being 14 and all. I can't trust those cops as far as I can throw, and that's not very far.

Anonymous 11:55, maybe the driver harassed that officer first. As much as I'd like to believe this, I really can't. Some of the citizens around here aren't very truthful when it comes to the police, and if the officer we're talking about was on 2523, that really makes me doubt it. I've met her personally, and she certainly doesn't seem like the type that'll just snap on someone like that. I'm thinking maybe this was an officer on another beat car going through the area, or an officer on the "rapid response" cars. If that's the case, I don't really doubt this happened. Some of 25's females are known to be rude. But if I did learn this was the officer on 2523, I'd be shocked.

With the response of the officers in 14 in regards to 6:16's complaint, I agree, anonymous 3:38.

Anonymous said...

Here's the skinny behind CPD not making any reports on much these days: apparently, CPD has some sort of policy on the books that says they don;t take reports for things they didn't see personally and they don;t respond to criminal incidents that they didn't witness.

Had a run in with a RSO long ago (tried to grab a minor family member), did the search on him, printed the photo, went to make the report and was told that the sex offender registry is not an accurate way ti ID anyone and that you have to be the police to do a "line-up" and that just because someone is a RSO and acts out doesn't mean they broke the law, even if you ID them correctly and the facts stand up upon investigation because it's all considered hear-say unless a police officer sees it.

Anonymous said...

Here's a useful, accurate way to interpret Illinois Sex Laws:

Sexual Assault = Rape

Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault = Aggravated Rape

Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of A Minor = child raped

Agg. Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault Of Minor = child raped and there are aggravated circumstances.

Criminal Sexual Abuse and Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse = any sexual act with threatened or actual force short of penetration with someone under 18, someone who cannot consent for any reason, the list of victim types gets longer from here. Most of the people with these charges are given the charge for a long list of sexual acts included in the law and may or may not be dangerous. The act may or may not have been violent, These people may or may not re-offend. These charges include teens who have consentual sex (Romeo & Juliet cases), kids who play "doctor" at the normal age, childhood sexual exploration, you name's a catch all of sex acts that don't rise to the level of rape. These charges are laws that work at times and don;t work at others, they are easy to be accused of and convicted for because the level of evidence that has to be shown is almost nothing at all. It's simply "John Doe wagged his weiner at me", the victim signs a criminal complaint, shows up in court, the State's Attorney makes a plea deal so they can get rid of the case and now the accused is a registered sex offender. Like I said, these specific charges are very wide in the behavior they cover. Even things done in private with an adult who consents could be construed as one of these sexual abuse classes of law.

Anonymous said...

I'm the person who posted on 11/13. The victim was 4 years old. Looks like the offender has moved out of Cook County: