Friday, November 26, 2010

Commercial Alarm On Harding

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:01am. It's freezing out there! It's only like 19 degrees right now, and it's so cold that I don't want to get out of bed (being under the covers is rather warm). This is the coldest weather I've seen almost all year. Anyway, it's Black Friday, meaning it's time to SHOP for the holidays. I bet at least some of you rushed or are rushing to the mall to buy what you want/need. I've gotten some reports of "stampedes" already occurring at places like the Brickyard Mall (Diversey and Narraganset) and the WalMart on North Ave. Also, I'm going to take a little bit of an extended dinner break this evening (because I didn't take one yesterday) along with a nap right after that, so I can stay up until 5am. I'd like to monitor 25 from 1:57-5am overnight. So, here's crime for today.

8:49am - Commercial alarm. 1749 N Harding.

10:39am - Burglar alarm. 3927 W Belmont.

11:13am - Here's an article about a domestic situation turning violent around 3 this morning in the Avondale neighborhood.

11:26am - Backlog in 25 at 11:26 hours.

11:27am - Landlord/tenant dispute. 3741 W Shakespeare. Landlord's threatening to kick the caller out.

11:58am - Burglar alarm. 2253 N Keeler.

12:00pm - Theft. 3963 W Belmont. Two males broke into a vehicle, then fled east towards Harding in a purple Dodge Durango.

12:02pm - Disturbance. 2048 N Hamlin. Female heard yelling and fighting in background. Thanks to ProdigialOne for getting the narrative on this call.

12:17pm - Theft report. 3940 W Fullerton. At the Jewel-Osco. Call is nearly two hours old.

12:45pm - Landlord/tenant. 2516 N Central Park. Landlord causing problems, and threatening, the caller. Multiple calls coming in on it.

2:34pm - Fire. 3022 N Kenneth. Garage. Fire returned to quarters.

2:35pm - 1) They're calling back on the 11:27am job. 2) Landlord/tenant dispute. 2537 N Lowell.

2:56pm - Parker. 1620 N Central Park. Blue Toyota parked in front of the dealership.

3:19pm - Person wanted. Diversey and Kilbourn. Male named Gilbert is walking towards Kenneth on Diversey in a red coat. He's wanted for Homicide. So, no one try to apprehend him. Leave that up to the boys and girls in blue. This guy has an IR number of 845979.

4:29pm - Person wanted. Armitage and Hamlin.

4:40pm - Parker. On 2523's Beat.

5:08pm - Here's a suggestion. If you're traveling on Fullerton going west, you'll need to reroute at Kedvale or Keeler. There's an auto accident between Tripp and Keeler with injuries.

6:18pm - Backlog is taken out of 25 at 18:18 hours.

7:10pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:23pm - I'm back.

8:21pm - I'm laying down for my nap now. I'll be back a little later.

8:52pm - I'm back.

9:12pm - Narcotics. 24X3 N Hamlin.

9:47pm - A unit has a traffic stop at Wrightwood and Kostner.

10:23pm - Beat 4517Boy needs a female for a search at Monticello and Wrightwood.

11:45pm - Beat 2563David has a street stop at 3615 W Cortland.

11:59pm - Loud music disturbance. 3975 W Barry.

12:00am - Ok, I'm gone. Until 1:57am tomorrow morning. See you all then.


Anonymous said...

What do cops do? Jobs that are hours old? Perhaps their supervisors should start checking on these cops to see why they're hiding or sitting on jobs? This lazyness of the police should be investigated.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I don't feel it's laziness, and I'll tell you why I think that. As we all know, 25 is one of the largest districts in the City of Chicago, and with their not being much cops as it is (especially on a freezing day like today), the jobs start piling up. And calls like that theft report have to be assigned an hour or two later because they've got to go to the priorities first.

Anonymous said...

Why pull cops out of the districts which pay the most taxes to work in 25? Ever notice the areas which pay the most taxes get the least service? They're talking about reducing the 16th district down to 9 beats. All because residents in 25 can't behave.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

How I understand it, anonymous 7:40, is that where they put the cops at is not based on who pays more taxes. It's based on what areas get calls more, and what areas have more issues. While I don't agree with them trying to reduce 16 down to 9 Beats (except for the 10 sector), I will say 25 needs more cops. Most of 16 doesn't have the issues 25 has. Also, I think they're trying to reduce 16 down to 9 Beats because good portions of it are forest preserves (Beats 1611, 1621 and 1622 come to mind).

Anonymous said...

If you pull police protection out of 016 don't you think crime will rise there? Also folks in 016 are civilized and don't call the police for every little nonsense problem in their area. Perhaps self-control should be forced down the throats of the wayward morons who live in 025.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

You know, to be honest, I doubt it for the most part. Like I said, Beats like 1621 and 1622 are mostly forest (and the eastern half of 1611). And then you've got neighborhoods like Edison Park and Norwood Park, which have almost no crime, because of all of the, yes, White people living there. And the fact there are so many coppers and firefighters who live up there. Not to mention the very expensive homes up that way. You've got the same situation in the Jefferson Park, Forest Glen, O'Hare, Portage Park (well, the north end of this community) and Dunning communities. The only places I worry about crime in 16 going up is around the area of Foster and River Rd., and Beat 1634. 1634 is about the only Beat in 16 with real crime going on anyway.

We "morons" in 25 deserve protection, too. If anything, more than some of you airheads in 16. In case you haven't noticed, crime in 25 is far worse than 16 will ever be. Here in 25, we have shootings on a regular basis, gang fights, battery, robbery, etc. I don't remember 16 having all of that (except for Beat 1634). And you think WE call in nonsense. Haha!! You should hear some of the calls in 16. Especially the ones with "kids fighting" in the parks on 1611's Beat. The police go to those "fights" and there's rarely ever a fight going on. It's just some resident calling in a fight because they don't like kids being in the park. Thus the reason I call some of you airheads. Hell, you know what? It gets so quiet sometimes in 16 that someone calls in something just because they're bored. That hardly ever happens in 25, my friend. Our officers are kept on their toes at all times.

Anonymous said...

In 025 they call for disrespectful kids. Gramma can't control her crackhead bred 10 yr. old so she calls the police. I've heard some of the stupid reasons those who live in 025 call the cops for. Learn to control your own family members.
Don't forget the working on cars, or the standing around, lurking about on the corner calls. Typical ghetto nonsense. Please put down your crack pipes fools.

Anonymous said...

As they say, In 16 they pay the most taxes so they should get the most service. Who causes the problems in 25? The folks who dwell there of course. They should let you fools in 25 beats yourselves silly.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

The calls about a parent being unable to control their kid I agree with you on. Those calls should not even make it to the dispatcher. But those calls about loitering and lurking on the corner, that's a real reason to call. Your uptight ass in 16 doesn't have to deal with loitering or suspicious people, now do you? Do you have gangbangers always hanging out on your corner? Do you have suspicious people coming through your neighborhood, looking to rob, shoot, kill or whatever else to someone? Do you have 50 people fighting on your block at 1:30 in the morning? No, so shut your mouth, and crawl back up the hole you call 16. You're just upset because they're actually making smart decisions for once by putting more officers where they are more needed. You guys have more officers than 25 does right now, and that's not right in my opinion. I looked at the CLEARMap for 16 just last night, and most of your Beats only have four or five crimes on it. Look at a Beat in 25. You'll see why we need more cops. Or, no, better yet, move to 25 for a few days. But if you did, you'd be running back to 16 for your life. It only takes us determined residents in 25 to keep living here and to improve our communities.

And then you call us ghetto for actually making calls about loitering and people standing on corners ... please. No, we are down-to-earth people, unlike most of you snobs living in 16. In this neighborhood, we actually care about each other and talk to each other, not isolate ourselves and call the police because we don't like our neighbor (yes, I've heard calls like that in 16). I've been through 16, and I can honestly say most people living up there are either snobs or drama queens, especially where you scared cats call in to say "kids are fighting in Olympia Park!!!" when you know for a fact the kids aren't doing shit. They're just interrupting your 9pm show and you don't like it. Or when someone like me comes through their area (to visit a couple of friends I have living in 16, or on my way somewhere further north, by the way), I get all of these looks like I need to get out of the area.

About who causes the most problems in 25, that wouldn't be us law-abiding citizens. That's the drug dealers, gangbangers, prostitutes, teen boppers who think it's so cool to be ghetto, robbers, drunks, etc. Just because we've got a lot of problems doesn't mean you should pin it on all of us. There are some people in 25, like me, who are trying to take back our communities, and make it peaceful and quiet (not as quiet as it is in 16, that's just too dull).

You know what should happen in 16? Since you want to be a smart ass, maybe they should reduce you douche bags to nine Beats. Yeah, how about it. Make a cop in 16 actually do some work for once, since your cops always want to push incidents on your side of Belmont to our side of Belmont. Then, we can have our wagon load up the drunks we have on Milwaukee Ave., and drop them off at somewhere like, say, Austin and Foster. And then we could send all of the ghetto kids from Kelvyn Park High to Foreman, where there's already a lot of problems with ghetto kids, and make it even worse. Or, the best solution, let's advertise a party and load all of 25's gangbangers onto a helicopter, and then drop them off on a Beat like 1612 or 1613. Then you'll know our struggle that we deal with.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but 16 is already undermanned. Their tact and gang teams are never in 16, but down in 25 or 15 where all the trash is. Perhaps they could just bring in that Mobile strike force and let them do door to door raids in 25.
And about Foreman, that school has been over run with ghetto trash for years. Our only hope is to take back Taft from the ghetto riff raff from south of Belmont.