Friday, December 4, 2009

14th District 911 Calls For December 4, 2009

Good morning, everyone, it's 12:00am. Today is going to be cold with a high of only 32. Anyway, I am monitoring 14 for most of the day with the exception for two hours since I have to go up to Sullivan to get my report card. Nothing else to say, so here's crime in 14 for today.

12:05am - Disturbance. 1648 W North. Two males shouting and arguing with each other.

12:06am - Beat 1453 codes out the 12:05am job. He just drove by and it's a small dispute. With that, good night, everyone. I'll be back in the morning.

9:01am - I'm back. Good morning.

9:11am - Beat 1402 asks for an RD number from a traffic accident at 1731 W Armitage. It's HR673304 with the event number of 04365.

9:17am - Beat 1481 is flagged down at 3018 W Palmer regarding a stolen bike. They'll tour the area. The bike fled north on Kedzie.

9:22am - 1481 has a stop at 3317 W. Fullerton, maybe a possible from the 9:17am handwaver.

9:25am - 1481 is relocating back to the 9:17am scene.

9:27am - Parker. 2609 N Kimball. In front of the school. Black GMC truck in the 15 minute zone.

9:38pm - Job somewhere on Walcott.

9:56am - Burglar alarm. Somewhere on Spaulding.

10:06am - Traffic accident. Elston and Damen. Just north of Damen, a semi crashed into a car.

10:09am - The 9:17am vitcim got their bike and they just called again to thank 1481 for his service.

10:13am - Panic alarm. 1731 N Winchester.

10:19am - Panic alarm. 1710 N Maplewood.

10:32am - Burglar alarm. 1840 W Cortland.

10:55am - They're calling back on the 10:19am job.

10:58am - Traffic accident. 2419 N Kedzie. Female hit by car. She's refusing EMS.

11:08am - Burglar alarm. 3106 W Lyndale.

11:33am - I'm heading up to the school now. Will be back later.

3:43pm - I'm back. That took a long time, lol.

4:04pm - Traffic accident. 1675 N Milwaukee.

4:18pm - Beat 1405 asks for an event number for a park check at Haas.

4:19pm - Parker. On 1495's PDT.

5:02pm - Burglar alarm. 2458 N Linden.

5:05pm - Beat car 1412 is doing parks check at Unity and Firemen.

5:12pm - Fire. 2400 N Albany. Sounds like a bush is on fire.

5:15pm - Beat car 1412 is at 2874 N Milwaukee on a prior violation.

5:16pm - Beat 1441 codes the 5:12pm job because it's at 2400 S. Albany, in the 10th District, not north.

5:18pm - Burglar alarm. 1925 N Damen. At Damen Corp Condos Association.

5:27pm - Beat car 1414 is doing special attention at St. Louis and McLean. That event number is 12240.

5:36pm - Person w/ a gun. 2924 N Talman. Male Black in a black shirt and blue pants just went under the porch with a gun.

5:37pm - A slow down is given on the 5:36pm job.

5:41pm - The 5:36pm job is coded. Nobody in the area with that description.

5:47pm - Beat car 1413 has a traffic stop at 3500 W Armitage.

5:49pm - Assault. 1734 N Kedzie. Group of guys just yelled at and flashed gang signs at the caller and their cousin.

6:01pm - Reckless driver. Armitage and Califorina. Heading east is a car that struck several others and is speeding.

6:18pm - Parker. On 1495's PDT.

6:19pm - Disturbance. 1638 N Sawyer. Problem with the landlord.

6:49pm - Beat 1405 is on a stop at Fullerton and Kedzie.

6:50pm - Suspicious vehicle. 1624 N Kimball. There's a car that has been parked in the rear all day.

7:04pm - Burglar alarm. 1714 N Damen.

7:37pm - Battery. 1733 N Kedzie. Caller was just beaten up.

7:42pm - Parker. 2145 N Humboldt. There are cars at a church function blocking the complainant in.

7:43pm - Supsicious person. 2420 N Kimball. Male Hispanic, 25 yrs old, grey-greenish coat with fur on the collar, is looking into a car.

7:59pm - Beat car 1413 has a traffic stop at Medill and Drake.

8:01pm - Traffic accident. 2509 N Milwaukee.

8:06pm - Check the well being. 2600 N Western. At AMC Theater. A 16 yr old girl, a former student of the caller's, is with two guys who she claims that are her uncles.

8:09pm - Disturbance. Armitage and Milwaukee. Male Hispanic in front of Walgreens, begging for money.

8:19pm - Theft. Albany and Belmont. From Yellow Cab #815, a male took $15 without paying. He's walking towards Whipple on Belmont.

8:22pm - Parker. On 1414's Beat.

8:28pm - The 8:19pm job is coded 19P. The guy payed the fare.

8:46pm - Check the well being. Belmont and Kedzie. Under the viaduct, there's a group of people gathered, staring at something or somebody on the ground. Caller thinks something's going on.

9:12pm - Assault in progress. 3415 W Diversey. Four Vice Lord gangbangers are in front, threatening the caller.

9:13pm - Disturbance. 3417 W Diversey. Irate female in the business. She needs to be removed.

9:14pm - Domestic disturbance. 3057 W Dickens. Problem with the brother and sister. They need to be involved. Drugs are involved.

9:17pm - Domestic disturbance. 2847 N Milwaukee. Boyfriend took the caller's keys.

9:20pm - Criminal damage. Fullerton and Kimball. A cab had it's windows broken out.

9:22pm - Suspicious person. St. Paul and Damen. Male White, 45 yrs old, on a bike keeps slowly riding up on.

9:23pm - The 9:20pm job is coded. Also, Beat car 1431 asks for a Community Concern event number loitering check at 2547 W Fullerton. It's 16408.

9:24pm - Beat 4513Charlie has a traffic stop at 2555 W Fullerton.

9:25pm - Beat car 1411 asks for a Gang and Narcotics loitering mission event number on their's and 1412's Beat. It's 16452.

9:26pm - Beat car 1413 is doing a mission on their Beat. Event number is 16464.

9:27pm - Beat 1443 has a handwaver at Kimball/Milwaukee/Diversey regarding a CTA bus disturbance. Someone's getting removed from a bus.

9:28pm - Beat car 1421 asks for a Violence Reduction event number on their Beat. It's 16506.

9:30pm - 1) The 9:14pm job is coded. 2) Beat car 1412 codes out the 9:12/9:13pm jobs. They're related. Now, 1412 is at 3462 W Diversey, attempting to disperse some homeless people.

9:31pm - Burglar alarm. 2555 W Moffat.

9:32pm - The 9:17pm job is coded.

9:33pm - Suspicious person. 2325 W Fullerton. Male in white pajama bottoms looks like the person who set the garbage cans on fire earlier. He's acting weird.

9:38pm - Beat car 1434 gets a parker on the Beat.

9:42pm - Beat 4513Boy wants an event number for a stop on Kimball. It's 16704.

9:43pm - Beat 1410 is doing a park check at some park. Whichever one it is, the event number is 16732.

9:46pm - Beat 4513C is on a traffic stop at 1753 N Spaulding. Event number is 16781.

9:55pm - Beat car 1413 has a stop at Central Park and Wrightwood.

9:57pm - Beat 4514David needs a female officer to search a subject at 1607 N Talman. 4513C is en route.

10:01pm - Job somewhere in the coverage area.

10:02pm - Battery in progress. 3578 W Wabansia. Large group of people fighting. My landlord lives right on this block.

10:05pm - A slow down is given on the 10:02pm job.

10:07pm - A unit asks if there's any vitcims from the 10:02pm job. That's a negative.

10:12pm - The 10:02pm job is coded. Nothing happened. Event number on the job is 17016.

10:13pm - An RD number for an "1811" is pulled from somewhere on Franscisco. It's HR674437 with the event number of 17163.

10:18pm - Beat 4513C asks for an event number for a traffic stop at 1629 N Califorina. It's 17315.

10:20pm - Gang disturbance. 2018 N Richmond. About 30 of them having a meeting in the alley, smoking and drinking too.

10:22pm - Beat car 1422 is doing a Community Concern at 1941 N Drake.

10:26pm - Beat 1461Eddie is asking for an assist unit on the 10:20pm job.

10:28pm - A slow down is being given on the 10:26pm assist call.

10:30pm - Disturbance. 2724 N Artesian. Group of people being loud in front.

10:31pm - Parker. 3554 W Lyndale. Car parked in the handicap space.

10:39pm - Disturbance. 2901 W Armitage. 10 to 15 teens loitering in the store. Also, the 10:20pm job is coded.

10:41pm - Battery in progress. Richmond and Schubert. Two females fighting.

10:52pm - Check the well being. Campbell and Milwaukee. Homeless woman sleeping on the bench. Caller is concerned, probably because of the cold weather.

11:03pm - Beat 6751 asks if there was a call for a Person Down at Milwaukee/Kimball/Diversey. There's a call pending on the board. EMS will be needed since the guy is drunk and has alcohol poisoning.

11:09pm - Person w/ a gun. Kimball and Dickens. Male Hispanic, black skull cap, black leather sweater and blue jeans was talking to a female. He's got a gun.

11:11pm - A slow down is given on the 11:09pm job.

11:12pm - The event number on the 11:09pm job is 18141.

11:14pm - Assault. Fullerton and Kimball. Male Hispanic, blue hat, black jacket and green pants threatened the complainant. He fled towards St. Louis.

11:26pm - Traffic accident. Armitage and Western. Bunch of calls. Injuries. Motorcycle involved.

11:27pm - Narcotics. On 1434's Beat.

11:32pm - Disturbance. 3055 W Logan. Man screaming in the alley.

11:33pm - Found property. 2412 W Belden. Wallet was found by the caller. Also, additional information is coming in on the 11:27pm job.

11:40pm - Some kind of mission is going on in the 2800 block of W Lyndale.

11:45pm - Gang disturbance. On 1414's Beat.

11:51pm - Apparently, a 29 yr old man was shot in Logan Square tonight. Here's the details I got. A man is at Norweign, stating that he was shot at Kedzie and Fullerton. He was an unintended target as he says people in a car were shooting at another car. Beat car 1413Robert is going to look for the crime scene. Beat car 1312Robert has the paper. 1499 doesn't want to send a 14th District unit over to Norweign so a 13th District unit, which is 1312R, will handle it. There were no calls for Shots Fired tonight on Zone 3 whatsoever.

12:00am - I'm finished monitoring 14 until 11:33am tomorrow morning. Good night, everyone.


Missy Eastlake said...

Hi Timmy,

I just read your two articles in the Sentinel--good job! I especially liked the quote at the beginning of the crime story. It really got my attention.

Keep up the good work. Your writing becomes sharper and more focused as time goes on. That's high praise coming from a former college newspaper editor like me.

Regards, Missy Eastlake

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Hello, Missy Eastlake :). Thanks for the comment. I'm glad that I caught your attention in the beginning of that article. Hopefully I can do something like that again for my next articles in the paper. Once again, thank you. I appreicate that comment.