Friday, November 2, 2012

Shots Fired @ Armitage/California This Morning

Good morning, everyone. I received information that there were shots fired in the area of Armitage and California this morning shortly before 5am.

Per the commenter...
"Just heard shots fired, about 4:51 a.m., from Armitage & California area..."

Anyone see or hear anything? Did anyone in the area happen to hear how many shots were heard or what happened? If you have any information, please leave it in the comments section, on the Facebook page or in my inbox.



Anonymous said...

The other night up and down Fullerton seemed like the Wild West. I lost count of the number of shots heard.

Anonymous said...

I live close to that corner. They are doing construction on Armitage and a couple of days ago they put some large metal plates on the road. They have done this before and when a truck goes over it it sounds like gunshot echos. It is very strange because it tricks me from time to time when I forget it is there. Heard it a couple of times tonight. I would not be shocked if it was really gun shots, but nothing woke me up.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Armitage & California incident. I heard it was just gangbangers shooting an assault rifle in the air.

Anonymous said...

no way, it would have been reported. Come on Tim. Bad post.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 12:04, I actually heard some of the calls from that night. It was pure madness on Fullerton.

Anonymous 9:55, thank you for that information. The loud echo must happen more often with the amount of traffic on Armitage so I'm surprised more people don't make it for gunshots.

Anonymous 2:38, "just" gangbangers? But thank you for the information.

Anonymous 1:51, your comment made me laugh. It really did. Reported to who? 911? The news? If you're talking about 911, I'm positive at least a couple of people called it in. But if you're talking about the news, look what neighborhood we live in again. This is Logan Square, we don't get mentioned on the news regarding violence expect for once in a rare while. So I'm curious to know how it's bad reporting, especially when I took a quote from someone who lives over there. Please let me know. Have a great day! :)

Undergrounded said...

I made that original post, and it was NOT plates on the road. I live right at this intersection, and know the sounds of traffic by now.
I simply had nothing to add, since I obviously didn't see anything.

Anonymous said...

Timmy, do you really think these CAPS parties or meetings are really helping? Not even out "blue light crime" cameras really do anything to reduce the violence. Most of the violence is over the sale of drugs. I think it's about time we go after the dope users & not just the dealers.

Anonymous said...

underground, have you heard those plates? Have you ever shot a gun?

Undergrounded said...

Um, yes to both, Anonymous.

I've heard the plates, with the repetitive maddening noise all day/night. I totally understand how the sound could be mistaken.

As for having "shot a gun" - that's pretty funny in a way.

In case you were unaware (and I tend not to advertise as its not usually pertinent), I am a former "career criminal". I doubt there is much I haven't seen, and I've fired guns, trust me. Those days are long gone, and a lot of views I once held have changed, which is why I read & support this blog & others related to community improvement.

Hope things are going well, Timmy.