Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 (Part 2); Robbery @ Congress Thr. And Shooting In 25

Good morning, everyone, it's 12:30am. It's a clear overnight with temps in the upper 30s, and today will be in the lower 50s with sunshine. I'm continuing my coverage of 14 into overnight tonight from all the Halloween madness last night. So far, everything sounds like it's done for tonight, or at least taken a break. I'm monitoring 14 from now until 12:40am, then I'll be covering some other Zones for a little while before going to bed. I'll be covering 25 throughout the day today starting sometime this morning. With that, here's crime for portions of today.

12:36am - Robbery. 2135 N Milwaukee Ave. At the Congress Theater. Caller was beaten up and robbed of some items inside the theater.

12:42am - 1) I'm done with 14. But I'm switching to 25 now. There's a situation going on in 25.... 2) Shots Fired. Diversey and Monticello. Several shots fired between Lawndale and Monticello on Diversey.

12:43am - My sister was just an eyewitness to this shots fired. It definitely happened. A male Hispanic gangbanger wearing a black jacket and hat was shooting, six to seven shots were heard. She was returning home from a quick trip to the store and was directly in the line of fire. She's not shot or anything, just shaken up.

12:44am - Multiple, multiple calls coming on this incident. Lawndale and Diversey, 3700 W. Diversey, numerous addresses on the 3600 block of W Diversey, 27XX N Lawndale, etc. Most calls are confirming that at least six shots were fired. One call says that a group took off south on Monticello from Diversey.

12:45am - Just FYI, but "Shots Fired" calls are also being called in on the 14th District side, as far east as Kedzie. Fullerton and Sawyer appears to be Ground Zero at the moment.

12:46am - Calls are still being placed to 911 regarding the incident on Diversey. Numerous shots heard.

12:47am - Someone's been possibly shot from all of this. One anonymous caller saw a female running down Diversey from Lawndale. The female possibly ran into the bar down the street.

12:50am - Beat 2510Robert has the victim. She's in the bar. Appears to be a graze wound at the time.

12:52am - Shots Fired. 21XX N Lawndale. Three shots heard.

12:55am - Ok, it's bona fide. Beat car 2524Robert is the paper car. 26 year old female shot with a graze wound to the throat. She'll be ok. EMS is taking her to OLR. RD number is HV543725 with the event number of 00446. UCR code of "041Adam" pulled on this (aggravated battery with a handgun).

12:56am - Wanted from this is a gray 4-door small car that fled east on Diversey then south on Monticello towards Schubert.

12:57am - Shots Fired. Hamlin and Dickens. Up to five shots fired, two females were seen giving a male Hispanic with a long white hoodie some extra clothes to change into.

1:00am - Beat car 2515 has a traffic stop at 3742 W Armitage.

1:09am - They've got a crime scene at 27XX N Lawndale, per 2510R. He needs another car to come sit on it. Beat 2593R will do so.

1:10am - Beat car 2535R is being flagged down at McLean and Central Park. Multiple witnesses are reporting to officers that numerous shots have been fired by a male Hispanic in a dark hoodie and another one in a blue jacket. This activity is mostly going on within the 3600 block of W. McLean, but shots were also fired near Funston on Central Park and on Armitage.

1:12am - Beat car 2522R, as well as 2535R, are touring the area from this McLean/Central Park incident. Apparently, according to a few witnesses, these guys have been shooting up and down Central Park since North Ave.

1:20am - Beat 2565Boy has a street stop at 20XX N Lawndale, needs a female for a search. Beat car 2512R will come, but they're coming from a long way.

2:04am - I'm gone for the night. I'll see you all in the morning. Good night, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Just heard shots fired, about 4:51 a.m., from Armitage & California area...

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I made a post about it. How many shots did you hear, and did you see anything?