Friday, November 23, 2012

Parker On Rockwell, Shooting On Troy

Good morning, everyone, and happy Black Friday to all. It's 9:30am. It's a cold, cloudy and windy day with temps just around freezing (32), and today will remain in the mid 30s. As I said in my last post, today is my 4th year anniversary of doing this blog. Hard to believe how quick time can go between four years. I'm just thankful and grateful for all of you as readers and all you've done to help me along the way with bettering the community. It's been a long road, but things are getting better in most of the community day by day, step by step. Anyway, I'm going to blog very miminally today, as it's the holidays. I'll be back on a regular schedule for the weekend, but I'll have to stop blogging for the next upcoming few days after the weekend, as I have to study and prepare for my finals in school. After that, around the 6th of December, expect for me to return with a full schedule of blogging for the next few weeks. I'm monitoring 14 from now until 9:40, then 17 from 9:40 to 9:50, and then 25 from 9:50 to 10. I'll return sometime in the evening with all three Districts. Here's crime for portions of this morning and evening.

9:37am - Parker. 29XX N Rockwell. Car blocking the driveway.

9:40am - And now I'm here with 17.

9:50am - Here with 25 now. The Zones are really quiet this morning.

10:00am - Nothing heard in 25 either, so I'm gone for now. I'll be back later. Have a great holiday, everyone!

6:20pm - I'm back, with 14. Good evening, everyone.

6:29pm - Just FYI to everyone, but there's been a shooting in 14. Teenage boy was shot on the 1700 block of N Troy. It appears he has a criminal record.

6:30pm - Switching over to 17 now....

6:40pm - And switching over to 25 now...

6:50pm - Heard nothing in 25, so I'm gone for the night. I'll see you all tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on 4 years!! It's time to celebrate and PARTY!!!

Anonymous said...

Your mom should be very proud of you. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Happy Holidays!