Thursday, January 26, 2012

Man Half In, Half Out Of Car On George

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:23am. It's a cloudy and pretty cold early morning out there. Yep, I'm not in school today. Didn't feel like going after having finals all this week, and we're off tomorrow anyway, so I just decided to give myself a 4-day weekend. Today, I'm going to monitor 25 from now until 8am, then again from 4:45pm to 6pm, and then again from 11pm until midnight. I'm monitoring 14 for the school day between 8am and 4pm. Tomorrow, I'm monitoring 25 from after my dinner until midnight or 1am on Saturday, and then I'm blogging from whenever I wake up on Saturday until my dinner. I'm not blogging on Sunday. Here's crime for portions of today.

7:17am - EMS run. 38XX W George. School bus driver passing by noticed a man half in and half out of a car that has it's door wide open. The man is passed out.

7:20am - CFD is coming down my street now to get to George.

7:30am - Beat car 2523 needs a two-man unit to drive in the vehicle to 25. The man is going to Masonic.

8:00am - I'm switching over to 14. Standby...

8:21am - Parker. 2018 N Leavitt. At Pulaski school.

8:52am - Some call in the area.

9:22am - Some call in the area.

9:37am - Theft in progress. 24XX N Sawyer. White truck being stolen in the alley.

9:51am - Municipal ordinance violation. 2803 N Kimball. Something about construction signs not being proper.

10:25am - Burglar alarm. 23XX N Leavitt.

10:29am - Beat car 1423 has a traffic stop at 3005 W Armitage.

10:33am - 1423 is asking officers to extend curtosey parking for a black and sliver 1992 Cadillac that broke down right at the eastbound CTA bus stop at the 3005 Armitage address.

10:39am - A unit asks for a premise check at the Logan Square Blue Line station. Event number is 05557.

10:50am to 1:00pm - I fell asleep. I'm sorry. I'll try to get an archive of this time period.

1:05pm - 1411 says that he, along with 1423, talked with the staff, the student and the parent, and everything is fine now. The prinicipal is having a conference with the mother and the kid.

1:13pm - Beat 1461Eddie is doing a premise check at the Logan Square Blue Line station. Event number is 06780.

1:16pm - Vice complaint. On 1411's Beat.

1:25pm - Beat 1405 asks for a park check at Holestin.

1:43pm - Gang disturbance. 2327 W Fullerton. At the McDonalds. Don't think there is a McDonalds there, though.

1:53pm - Parker. 35XX W Diversey.

2:11pm - 1461E is doing a premise check at the California Blue Line station.

2:14pm - Some call on the 2100 block of N Leavitt.

2:31pm - Suspicious person. 26XX N Drake. Male Black, 35 years old, is lurking around the area.

2:39pm - There's an open door on the 2:31pm job. A few units are heading over to assist Beat 1461Adam, the unit assigned to handle the call.

3:08pm - Battery in progress. 3444 W Wabansia. At Stowe school. Two parents fighting in the main office.

3:32pm - Beat car 1423 asks for a transport car from the 3:08pm job.

3:33pm - 1) Parker. 35XX W Lyndale. 2) Parker. 23XX N Drake.

4:00pm - I'm done covering 14. I'll be back in 45 minutes with 25.

4:45pm - And I'm back.

5:02pm - Narcotics. On 2525's Beat.

5:35pm - Battery report. 30XX N Avers.

5:52pm - Hold-up alarm. 3700 W Diversey. At Adrain's Food Market. Front counter motion.

5:53pm - A slow down is being given on the 5:52pm job. No hold-up alarm.

5:54pm - The 5:52pm job is coded 19P.

6:00pm - I'm going to go until 11pm. I'll see you all then.


Mary LaNett said...

What is wrong with all these drunks living on 2523's beat? Perhaps we should vote the area dry and close down all the liquor stores and bars here.
Also, is it part of the Polish culture to be a drunk?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should attend CAPS meetings and bring this up. Especially that racist polish comment, i'm sure that'd go over great.

Anonymous said...

As long as that muscular cop is there....

Anonymous said...

2327 W Fullerton is a small building with a garage attached to it. This building is right next door to a business named "Yale" near the corner of Western Ave. and near the Kennedy Expy.

No McDonald's even near there!