Sunday, October 2, 2011

Possible Car Theft @ Palmer And Keeler

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. It's finally really starting to clear up outside after a week of clouds and rain. But, it's cold. It's only in the 40s right now. It'll warm up into the lower to mid 60s today with plenty of sun. That's good. Well, not much to say on my end today, except that I'll be monitoring 25 until my dinner today. Here's crime for this morning and afternoon.

12:02am - Theft in progress. Palmer and Keeler. Male right by a car, doing something. He's possibly trying to steal it.

12:03am - I'm gone for the night. I'll be back in the morning. Good night, everyone.

9:10am - I'm back. Good morning, everyone.

9:20am - Parker. On 2524's Beat.

9:59am - Parker. On 2523's Beat.

11:11am - Battery in progress. Fullerton and Hamlin. Six people fighting on the corner.

11:13am - A slow down is being given on the 11:11am job.

11:57am - 10-1. 4016 W Crystal. Beat cars 2533 and 2535 had a taser and mace deployment but the situation is out of control. More help needed. All available units in 15 and 25 are advised to head over. 2533 and 2535 responded to a domestic battery at this address.

11:58am - Units are pulling up on Crystal.

11:59am - A slow down is being given on Crystal.

12:01pm - A disregard is being given on the 10-1. But the wagon, 2511, is still being asked to head over.

12:11pm - An RD number has been pulled from the 10-1. It's HT524105 with the event number of 07303.

12:55pm - Backlog in 25 at 12:55 hours.

2:41pm - Traffic accident. 29XX N Ridgeway.

2:44pm - Some call in the area. I forgot where it was and what it was.

3:00 to 4:40pm - Didn't pay attention. Sorry. I'll try to get an archive on this time period.

4:44pm - Suspicious vehicle. 28XX N Hamlin. Gold van keeps circling the area with occupants looking into the parked vehicles.

4:51pm - Fire. 41XX W Dickens. Car.

5:11pm - Criminal trespass. 28XX N Lawndale. Something about a male going into an apartment.

5:20pm - Assault. 4047 W Fullerton. At the church.

6:34pm - Beat 2530 wants 2535 to do a post-shooting mission on the 1700 block of N Springfield. Event number for this is 13741.

6:43pm - A police report and other stuff has been done on the 5:11pm job.

7:02pm - Battery in progress. 30XX N Avers. Six males fighting in the alley.

7:04pm - Speed chase. Speed chase. Washington and LeClaire. Beat car 1522 just had a car take off on them. It has a plate of L3444XX.

7:05pm - Turning onto Lamon from Washington. Heading towards Madison.

7:06pm - 1522 lost that car. The plate comes back to a 2001 Oldsmoblie. With that, I'm going to have my dinner now, and I'm gone for the night. I'll be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone.


Chaz McGibbons said...

It seems America has become the dumping ground of all the world's despots. We need a real polce force to handle this country's problems. What we have just don't cut it.

Chaz McGibbons(the real one) said...

Beware of the fake Chaz McGibbons,Its not me

Anonymous said...

I agree the CPD needs to follow the NewYorkCity police. They are better trained & have a lot less scandals for a big city.

Americanlt said...

It's true, Chicago's police force is subpar compared to New York. They really should have a higher standard on who they hire. So many are out of shape and lazy.