Friday, October 21, 2011

Gang Disturbance On Hamlin

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:59pm. It's a sunny but chily afternoon. It's in the 50s right now. Nice October day, though. Anyway, I'm monitoring 25 from now until 10pm, then I'm going to monitor 14 until midnight. I'm monitoring 25 all this weekend, from after my dinner to a little after midnight on Saturday, then from whenever I wake up on Sunday until my dinner. Also, I'll have a post up on that murder that occured tomorrow. Here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

4:41pm - Gang disturbance. 2800 block of N Hamlin. They're by the corner, loitering and throwing up signs.

4:50 to 7:22pm - Fell asleep. This time period will be monitored over the weekend.

7:31pm - Beat car 2535 has on-view "Shots Fired" at Wabansia and Harding. More cars needed.

7:32pm - Male running down the east alley of Harding off of Wabansia.

7:33pm - Up to four men are running, and Dispatch is getting calls of "Shots Fired" at Harding and Wabansia on her board.

7:35pm - One man is in custody. The three others took off running down the east alley of Harding into the 1600 block. More cars are still needed.

7:36pm - Three males now in custody. A slow down is being given but Dispatch is advising the units to keep rolling that way. Also, a gun's been recovered.

7:37pm - Shots Fired. Wabansia and Pulaski. Five to six gunshots heard with a white car involved.

7:38pm - Everything's ok at the scene. An official slow down is being given. Multiple units on scene with more pulling up.

7:39pm - There's a crime scene. Shell casings found.

7:40 through 7:45pm - Police/Dispatch chatter about the shooting.

7:45pm - Beat car 1112 just had someone end up at Norwegian Hospital who was shot, possibly at this shooting. Man shot in the abdomen.

7:47pm - Shots Fired. Armitage and Pulaski. Five to six heard in quick succession.

8:48pm - Shots Fired. 2400 block of N Lawndale. Three shots heard, possibly from the west.

8:50pm - Another call on the "Shots Fired". Now it's coming in at Fullerton and Lawndale.

9:20pm - Gang disturbance. Avers and Schubert.

9:41pm - Gang disturbance. Palmer and Keystone. They're on the corner, throwing up signs.

10:07pm - I'm here with 14, despite being a few minutes late. I'll get from 10pm to now tomorrow evening.

10:14pm - 1) Parker. Somewhere in 14. 2) Loud music disturbance. 30XX W Palmer. Loud music and too many people hanging front

10:20pm - 1) Disturbance. 35XX W McLean. 2) Disturbance. 16XX N Humboldt. Man making too much noise in front.

10:56pm - 1) Parker. 21XX W Cortland. 2) Parker. 2300 block of W Dickens. Permits.

11:40pm - Request for a supervisor. 22XX N Leavitt. Caller is being harassed by CPD.

11:52pm to 12:00am - There might have been a call or two in the area, but I doubt it.

12:00am - I'm gone for the night. I'll be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone.


Americanlt said...

I heard that job on Wabansia too. These scanners are great. Yet they say they found the gun on the ground? And have four offenders? Four guys with one gun? Sounds like police nonsense to me.

Bobbo(the real one) said...

Scanners are cool and I even hear the cops yelling at suspects at times.

Anonymous said...

Four guys with one gun? Sounds like police nonsense to me.

Saturday, October 22, 2011 12:03:00 AM CDT

go back to eating dirt and stay off of mom's pc.

Anonymous said...

To: everyone who gripes about the Police, slow police response times...

Call your alderman. Inundate him with requests as to why police service is so slow. Then pick up any newspaper in the city and see that they are reducing the number of police on the street, and doing so by attrition. (50 hired yet 150 retired etc).

Everyone who has the time to gripe here has the time to shoot off an email or make a phone call demanding more police be hired.

If nothing changes, then vote out the incumbent and start over. Folks, city changes start at the grass roots level and move up. You have a say, as a voter. You have a voice. Utilize it.