Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crime Blotter For October 9, 2011

Good evening, everyone, it's 7:39pm. It's a pretty mild Sunday night, with temps in the 60s. It's a clear night, though, so that's good. Anyway, I'm monitoring 25 from now until the first call after midnight, then I'll come back in the morning with more 25 until I eat dinner in the evening. That's all I have to say, so here's crime for this evening.

8:00pm to 9:20pm - Fell asleep. I'll try to get an archive of this time period.

9:50pm - 1) Parker. 4008 W Armitage. Car blocking the handicap spot. 2) Curfew violators. 24XX N Lowell. Group of underage kids outside after curfew, playing.

9:51pm - Some call on the 3100 block of N Lawndale. I think it may have been a criminal damage.

10:10pm to 12:00am - Fell asleep, again. Really sorry about this, guys. I'll try to get an archive on this time period.


Mary LaNett said...

I was eating in the Golden Nugget and there were some police officers at the next table. I could hear their radio and I couldn't believe all the calls on it. These guys just laughed about the calls. After about 5 or 10 minutes the dispatcher on the radio wanted to know if they were clear? from their job yet? They just told her they were on their way to lunch. (after sitting there eating for a while) I've heard change is coming, I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Agreed!! Witnessed many lazy officers at golden nugget too. I'm not against the police, but against the lazy and dishonorable police. I have seen over 8 cop cars at time mainly during " wee hours " during the night at golden nuggets , while crime is happening in the neighborhood. Does the police have fear in our neighborhood? What is it? I would like to see more police too. I've been seeing alot of gang activity around Koz park. Grateful for the good police! But not for the crime being handled in the neighborhood.

terl said...

mary,you should have bought the officers dinner, instead of eavsdropping, how dare you.

Mary LaNett said...

As you've seen on the news more shootings, yet the police can't solve these crimes. Don't they see its the avialablity of guns on the street thats the problem? I'm sorry, nowadays guns just have to be banned. (Future alderwoman someday)

Anonymous said...

We had a gun ban and it did nothing and actually made it worse.