Friday, June 6, 2014

Traffic Accident @ Belden/Kedzie, Car Parked In Tow Zone @ Fairfield/Logan Blvd

Good morning, everyone, it's 7:37am. I'm monitoring 14 parts of today. I'll be monitoring from now until 9:20am, then again after :pm. Sorry I haven't been monitoring as consistently as I promised. I started my summer class yesterday and have had some other things to do in the last few days, but once I get my homework done over the weekend, I should be able to catch up on everything from the last few days. I realize I've broken my habit of monitoring everyday all day so far, and promise to try my absolute best to try and really start doing it over the next few days. Beautiful morning we have, it'll be in the 70s today. Here's crime.

8:17am - Traffic accident. Belden and Kedzie. Possible hit-and-run, EMS refused.

8:20am - Parker. Fairfield and Logan Blvd. White Nissan parked overnight in the tow zone, it has a plate of K500631.

8:23am - They're calling again from the parker.

8:43am - Beat car 1422 has a street stop at 16XX N Spaulding and will be issuing some ANOVs.

8:44am - Parker. On 1412's Beat.

8:45am - 1422 needs a car with a working PDT to come over. Beat 1452 will.

8:53am - Recover the stolen vehicle. 17XX N Washtenaw.

8:57am - Reckless driver. Milwaukee and Western. Maroon Dodge Chrysler minivan with kids in it is driving out of control. Last seen heading west on Armitage towards Rockwell.

9:06am - Traffic accident. 3505 W Belmont. Bicyclist ran into an open door, he's on the ground complaining of chest pains.

9:08am - Suspicious object. 20XX N Campbell. On the west side of the building. Package wrapped in a newspaper left alone, it's about three or four inches thick.

9:15am - Beat car 1431 needs a supervisor over at the 9:08am job. Beat 1410 is being sent over. This object is actually behind the CVS on Milwaukee Ave.

9:30am - I'm going to go. I'll be back at 12:20. See you all then. Have a great morning, everyone!

12:20pm - I'm back. Good afternoon, everyone.

12:21pm - Beat 1495 is getting a parker on his PDT.

12:26pm - Traffic accident. California and Milwaukee Ave. Two cars, injuries.

12:42pm - Beat car 1412 is being sent over to 35XX W Medill to speak with someone. Not sure about what.

12:45pm - 1) Traffic accident. 2231 N Milwaukee Ave. 2) EMS run. 1850 W Cortland. At the Drummond school. 12 year old student fell and injured her head.

1:08pm - Traffic accident. 3200 W Wellington. Kids in a car are injured.

1:12pm - Traffic accident. Belmont and St. Louis. Two cars, non-derivable.

1:13pm - Disturbance. 34XX W Diversey. Four homeless guys hanging out behind the building.

1:24pm - Suspicious person. 28XX N Spaulding. Female neighbor says that a guy came into the building from George St., stating that two males were casing and looking around the house. One was possibly in a white Cadillac and the other in a white van.

1:29pm - 1412 is asking for a call back on the 1:24pm job. Coded 11Boy since there is no call back per Dispatch.

1:34pm - Residential alarm. 20XX N Richmond.

1:35pm - Residential alarm. 19XX W Armitage.

1:42pm - Disturbance. 2824 N California. Male White with a white t-shirt and shorts is standing in the middle of the street harassing people.

1:52pm - Beat 1495 is pulling an RD number from the 12:45pm accident. It's HX292409 with the event number of 07433. Beat 1463Adam is assisting 1495.

2:05pm - 1442 has a street stop at Kimball/Milwaukee Ave./Diversey.

2:09pm - 1422 has a traffic stop at 27XX N Kedzie.

2:17pm - 1) Vice complaint. On 1422's Beat. 2) 1422 is going into 14 with one from the 2:09pm stop.

2:25pm - Disturbance. 1909 N Western. At the Western Blue Line station. Male Black, 6 feet tall, 190 lbs, early 50s and has no teeth wearing all black clothing is harassing passengers in the station.

2:43pm - 1) Municipal ordinance violation. 29XX N Richmond. Debris being dumped in the caller's garbage can. 2) Traffic accident. Diversey and California. Hit-and-run. White Sedan 4-door was involved. Went towards George on California.

2:46pm - Person down. Milwaukee Ave./Kimball/Diversey. Male in a gray winter jacket is down on one of the corners.

4:16pm - Narcotics. Diversey/Milwaukee Ave./Kimball. Female Hispanic with a blue bandanna hanging out of her pocket with a dog and three guys selling drugs.

4:35pm - Parker. On 1431's Beat. 

4:48pm - Person w/ a gun. Milwaukee and Sawyer. Male who is 5'7, 20 years old, 140 lbs and has on a white shirt, black shorts and a blue hat. 

4:55pm - Traffic accident. 2130 N Milwaukee Ave.

5:07pm - Disturbance. 2010 N Damen. At the Subway. Problem with the tow driver.

5:15pm - Beat car 1411 has a street stop at Diversey and Kedzie.

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Two officers were shot at 94th and Wallace. One in the knee & one in the vest. A total of close to 100 shots were fired in this incident. One TACT officer said it resembled a "war zone". It looks to be a long summer.