Sunday, June 1, 2014

Stolen Vehicle Recovery On Kilbourn, Hit-And-Run Accident @ Schubert/Ridgeway

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:20am. .

6:26am - Recover the stolen vehicle. 28XX N Kilbourn.

7:38am - Traffic accident. Schubert and Ridgeway. Hit-and-run.

8:20am - They're calling back on the accident.

8:31am - Burglar alarm. 36XX W Palmer.

8:56am - Parkers. On 2523's Beat.

9:22am - Traffic accident. 24XX N Hamlin.

9:28am - Family of geese headed west on Fullerton from Pulaski per an anonymous caller.

9:41am - Beat 2544 is asking for a call back on the 9:22am job.

10:07am - Criminal damage in progress. 37XX W Wabansia. Two offenders spray painting graffiti in the alley.

10:08am - 2544 has a TVB from that accident, he's headed into 25.

11:34am - Parker. 4400 block of W Parker. Four to five residential permit parkers.

11:50am - Disturbance. Pulaski and Armitage. 20 bicyclists blocking the road.

12:22pm - Beat car 2525 has a street stop at Palmer and Keystone. They're okay.

12:28pm - Beat car 2535 is getting some parkers on their Beat.

12:35pm - Disturbance. Koz Park. At the playground. Seven males drinking and causing problems.

12:59pm - Beat car 2523 is doing a name check from a street stop at 3107 N Milwaukee Ave.

1:02pm - Traffic accident. 1700 N Central Park. Three cars with injuries, EMS is en route.

1:39pm - Traffic accident. 31XX N Central Park. Hit-and-run, car ran into a parked car on the street.

2:16pm - Person calling for help. 29XX N Ridgeway. Child heard screaming.

2:32pm - Gang disturbance. On the 20 sector of 25.

2:40pm - 1) Disturbance. Milwaukee and Monticello. Homeless people camping out on the corner. 2) Disturbance. 36XX W Oakdale. Intoxicated man passed out behind the garage.

3:35pm - Beat car 2523 is getting something on the PDT.

4:18pm - Person down. 37XX W Palmer. Man down by the gate, EMS is en route.

4:42pm - Traffic accident. 41XX W Nelson. Hit-and-run, no injures.

4:52pm - Alarm. 29XX N Kenosha.

5:42pm - Disturbance. 36XX W Oakdale. Guys drinking in a green 4-door Pontiac in front.

5:53pm - 2523 needs EMS at 36XX W Oakdale for a highly intoxicated male, just off the alley near Central Park over there.

5:54pm - Battery. Pulaski and Fullerton. Two males were just attacked on the street, offenders fled towards Belden on Pulaski in a car.

5:56pm - 2523 is giving EMS a disregard from on Oakdale. The guys just walked off.

6:06pm - Person w/ a knife. 20XX N Pulaski Rd. Guy tried to attack the caller with a knife.

6:23pm - They're calling back on the 3600 Oakdale guys.

7:18pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:40pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

7:54pm - Speed chase. Speed chase. Quincy and Central. Red van with temp plates just sped off from the scene of "loud reports" per Beat 1562Adam over at Lotus and Van Buren, which is likely a shots fired incident. Headed north on Central to Jackson. Beat 1565Adam is also involved, as well as a second vehicle, which is green car. One car has a plate of 424R911.

7:55pm - Approaching Lockwood on Jackson.

7:56pm - South on Laramie, at Gladys. Probably headed towards the Eisenhower Expressway. Beat 1565 is now involved as well.

7:57pm - On the Eisenhower now, approaching Independence Boulevard. Headed east. Also, it's being confirmed that the occupant of this red vehicle did shoot two people at the corner of Lotus/Van Buren. They're arriving at Loretto now with a couple of gunshot wounds.

7:58pm - Passing Sacramento on the Eisenhower. Also, Dispatch has multiple calls of "Shots Fired" at Lotus/Van Buren. 11th and 12th Districts as well as a Police Helicopter need to be notified.

7:59pm - They lost the vehicle at Paulina on the Eisenhower. Probably got off at the Damen exit.

8:00pm - Oh, never mind. South on Ashland from the Eisenhower. One victim is confirmed to be at Loretto.

8:01pm - Okay, this incident is a little confusing. Now they're saying we've got two people shot in the vehicle and it's probably headed to Cook County Hospital.

8:02pm - 1) 1562A lost the car at Flournoy and Ashland. 2) Beat 1220 says that he didn't see the car as he was sitting at the intersection of Ashland and Roosevelt. 3) UIC Police and the 11th District have the vehicle approaching 16th on Halsted.

8:03pm - Passing 18th on Halsted.

8:04pm - Beat 1551 says that there is indeed a victim at Loretto, and he's in stable condition. They're working on him now. Also, the vehicle is approaching 26th on Halsted.

8:05pm - South on Emerald from 26th.

8:06pm - Beat car 2525 is getting some stuff on their PDT. Also, 1551 is saying that the vehicle that dropped off the guy at Loretto is a 2000 burgundy Chevy Venture with an Illinois plate of V336457. It has a dent on the front of it, on the driver's side, and there are six people in the van. Four guys and two girls.

8:07pm - The vehicle has been lost at over by 27th and Union. The Chevy is coming back to a McDonald from 302 N Parkside.

8:08pm - The 15th, 11th, 12th and 9th Districts are involved in this incident. 7th District is being notified now.

8:09pm - 1) The vehicle was spotted just now at Emerald and 29th. 2) We now have a third person shot. Man shot in the arm and also has a graze wound to the head. 1551 is going to drive him over to Loretto from Harrison and Central.

8:11pm - The vehicle was just seen again, approaching Wentworth on 26th. Also, Beat car 1522 is looking for a crime scene at Lotus/Van Buren.

8:12pm - The vehicle has most likely made it past the Dan Ryan Expressway on 26th, possibly headed towards State St. Also, wrong van from Wentworth and 26th.

8:14pm - East on 27th from Lowe. The offender is wearing a green shirt. Also, 1522 says that one of the guys who was shot says he was shot in the alley between Van Buren and Gladys on Lotus. A revolver was involved, and the offenders were in that red van.

8:15pm - This is even more confusing. A maroon van is involved in another chase now, headed east on Roosevelt from Halsted. Not sure if this is the same thing or not. Oh, Lord.

8:16pm - An RD number is being pulled on this whole thing. It's HX285750 with the event number of 15565.

8:17pm - All 15th District units are being advised to terminate per Beat 1599. As far as the chase goes, we're getting two locations for where this vehicle was last seen at. We've got either 2200 S Union or 26th and State St.

8:19pm - The 9th District is the only District still involved in this. Since there is no longer an active speed chase on this side of town, regular neighborhood coverage will resume as of now...

8:21pm - Check the well being. 3812 W North Ave. Two people from England are lost and are scared. In front of the laundromat.

8:22pm - Backlog in 25 at 20:22 hours. Everything's backed up now due to this whole chase.

8:24pm - Getting a couple of reports of the vehicle passing 56th on Shields. This is in the 7th District now down in Englewood.

8:26pm - Now we've got reports of the vehicle fleeing a unit at Kedzie and Roosevelt. Really not sure what's going on at all.

8:58pm - Battery in progress. 37XX W George. 20 people fighting in front. Oh jeez....

9:03pm - Police Helicopter #2 says that no one is out there on the 8:58pm job. Coded 19Boy. Event number is 16651.

9:07pm - Parker. 36XX W Diversey. Red van parked in the alley.

9:22pm - Disturbance. 38XX W Diversey. People arguing.

9:35pm - FYI, but one of the vehicles from earlier's incident was found in the alley at 30XX S Union.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you covering the Wild West Side. It makes Logan Square seen safe by comparison.

Anonymous said...

I was on Halsted and Roosevelt when the maroon van came at us at about 90mph! Not exaggerating ! Followed by 6 or 7 cops...luckily no one was killed by this criminal! Love your blog!