Thursday, June 12, 2014

Puerto Rican Festival Coverage, Day #1

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3pm. Sorry I've been gone for most of this week, but I've gotten busy with school and some other obligations. I'm starting to really get all of these things out of the way, so I'll be able to start doing more coverage in the next week or so. Today, I'm monitoring the Puerto Rican Festival. This is day #1 of the festivities. It runs through Sunday and it is centered in the Humboldt Park area. I'm monitoring the festival through midnight. I know a lot of you have been skeptical about me monitoring the festival in part years and may not approve of it, so that's why this year, I will be going down there on one of the days it is taking place for an hour or two. I will be going tomorrow and will be down there around 5:30pm until 7pm or so, and although I cannot promise I will be touring the entire area of the festival, I will try my very best to do so. I will be focusing my time down there on North and the streets immediately surrounding Humboldt Park. If there is not much violence that I observe, I'll be staying a bit longer, but if it gets really violent, I will be leaving immediately. For the festival, at least today, I will have special boundaries in effect. I'll be monitoring 14 between Armitage to Division, Central Park to Damen. This is Beats 1421, 1422, 1423, and parts of Beats 1424 and 1434. On my other blog, I'll be monitoring Beats 1211 and 1212 (Division to Chicago, Kedzie to Wood). Also, tomorrow, from noon to 5pm, I'll be covering all of the schools in the area for their last day of schools. I have to make up a schedule for what I'll be monitoring when, but there will be definitely be coverage. Coverage of the Puerto Rican Festival tomorrow will largely depend on the calls that come through tonight. Here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

3:00pm - Suspicious vehicle. 32XX W Cortland. Sliver vehicle in front, it's been there for a while.

3:03pm - Parker. 2418 W North Ave. Car parked in the loading zone.

3:06pm - Vice complaint. On 1423's Beat.

3:07pm - All of the gang and tac units in 14 are at the Puerto Rican Festival.

3:16pm - Beat 1400XRay wants Beat 1465Eddie to come back over to the field house.

3:29pm - Vice complaint. 13XX N Campbell. Couple of guys passing around a dollar bill, looks like they're snorting something from it.

3:44pm - Dispatch wants to know who's covering the Command Post.

3:46pm - Suspicious vehicle. Cortland and St. Louis. Unknown male Hispanic in a burgundy car with a plate of V147933 is following the caller, trying to pull up to them and is saying things to them.

5:35pm - Safe passage is over in 14.

5:38pm - 1400X is doing an "L" check at the Western Blue Line station. Event number is 12367.

5:43pm - Disturbance. 26XX W North Ave. Something about a tenant moving out and someone in an apartment.

5:46pm - Beat 1463 needs Beat 1463Adam to come over to Humboldt and Luis Munoz Dr.

6:05pm - Parker. 35XX W Cortland.

6:11pm - Gang disturbance. 16XX N Washtenaw. Ten to 12 of them loitering in front and selling drugs, wearing black and blue clothing.

6:27pm - Burglary report. 18XX N Sawyer.

6:30pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

6:48pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

6:59pm - Attempted suicide. 35XX W Evergreen. 20 year old man had a shirt tied around his neck and has been taking drugs.

8:19pm - Vice complaint. 18XX N Spaulding. People drinking and playing loud music in the alley.

8:29pm - Beat car 1423 has a street stop at miwaukee western.

8:56pm - Beat 1480 needs to call Beat 1490 over at the Command Post.

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Undergrounded said...

I noted about a dozen CPD vehicles headed northbound on California at Logan Blvd @ about 12:30 this morning.
Any idea what happened?