Friday, November 8, 2013

Student Gets Hit By Another Student @ McAuffle School, Battery @ Ames Middle School

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:30am. I'm monitoring 25 this morning from now until 10:10am, then I have to go out of town until tomorrow afternoon, on a Student Government-related assignment. I apologize once again for not monitoring much in the last three or so months, but my time management skills suck. This is not an excuse, just the truth. I did monitor yesterday from 7am until this time and did some monitoring Tuesday evening (I haven't gotten around to listening to that archive yet, but will try my best to by the end of this weekend). With that, here's crime for this morning.

8:43am - Battery. 1841 N Springfield. At the McAuffle School. In the main office, parent says their child was hit by another student.

9:41am - Battery report. 1920 N Hamlin. At the Ames Middle School. Student was hit.

9:44am - Burglar alarm. 4234 W Drummond. At the warehouse.

9:50am - I have to go for today. I'll be back tomorrow evening. I'll see you all then. Have a good day, everyone.

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Lester Gillis said...

A child hit at school? What kind of pansies are being raised today? We used to have fist fights in the school yard everyday. Nobody punked out or involved the police. Not even the school, they'd just suspend the combatants.