Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Update From Timmy Re: Lack Of Posts This Month

Good afternoon, everyone. Timmy here. I would just like to give an update on a little bit of how I'm doing and the reason why I haven't posted most of this month. I am still alive (LOL) and I am doing well. Now to cut to the chase about why I haven't really been posting. You see, I ran into a few minor problems in my academic life over at Wright College, where I am going to school, this month. Thinking my midterms that we're supposed to take were going to be last week, I was putting all of my energy into studying for those the week before. But then I find out my midterms are this week, tomorrow to be exact, so last week I put my energy into studying and am doing so today. On top of it, I ran into a struggle with my Math class and I had to end up dropping that class. I am the most horrible person at Math and I don't understand it to save my life, and being "academically honest", as Wright wants us to be, I decided to drop that class, as I was failing it anyway, and I did not want to get kicked out at midterms. I was failing this class despite all the times I asked for help and went to tutoring, so it's not I didn't try. With that said, I am a part-time student right now with every intention on going full-time again next semester, which starts in January. Lastly, there have been a couple of days here and there where I listened to the radio for a short period of time, and didn't hear anything pertaining to our area, so I decided just not to blog on those days.

So there is the reason(s) why I have not been posting. I am still in the neighborhood and I still want to work with the community to make it better, but I have to put my academic life first in order to get where I want to be, and that is exactly what I have been doing the last three weeks. With that said, I will start blogging regularly again after tomorrow, once I get these midterms out of my way, coming on-board with 14 on Thursday. I plan on blogging everyday for the remainder of this month after tomorrow, and I do plan on blogging most of November, although I will not be monitoring the last week of November because of finals.

I have missed all of you and hope everyone is doing well. I sincerely apologize for any interruptions of service and for any inconveniences this has had on any of you.

Truly yours,
Timmy G.
Avondale and Logan Square Crime Blotter/Community activist


Kirstin Fawcett said...

Good luck, Timmy! I'm sure you'll do great!

Study hard,

Kirstin Fawcett
(Northwestern student who interviewed you two months ago)

Eric Van said...

Don't worry Timmy. I never understood math either. Today, I am John Marshal Law School. Going to be working for Loevey & Loevey next month.

Mary LaNett said...

Nowadays you can just use a calculator to do math. In my day it was all on paper. (there were no such things as calculators) Keep trying you'll make it.