Saturday, October 27, 2012

Traffic Stop On Central Park, Loud Music On 2523's Bt.

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. It's a clear night with temps in the upper 30s, and today will be sunny with temps in the upper 40s. I'm monitoring 25 today from now until the first call or two comes out after midnight, then I will head to bed and get up around 8am or 9am to monitor and will monitor until my dinner. With that, here's crime for today.

12:39am - Beat car 2535Robert has a traffic stop at 18XX N Central Park.

12:42am - Loud music disturbance. On 2523Robert's Beat.

1:19am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back in the morning. Good night, everyone.

11:15am - I'm back. Good morning, everyone.

12:18pm - Reckless driver. Belmont and Milwaukee Ave.

12:55pm - Traffic accident. Ridgeway and Belmont. Two cars.

1:39pm - Beat 2582 is doing foot patrol on Fullerton this afternoon from Kilbourn to Pulaski. Event number is 08773.

2:27pm - Beat 2583 is doing foot patrol on the 4400 block of W Diversey this afternoon. Event number is 09292.

3:48pm - Burglary report. 40XX W Nelson.

4:04pm - 1) Assault. 3167 N Milwaukee Ave. At the Burger King. Caller was threatened by an unknown male. 2) Suspicious vehicle. On 2524's Beat.

4:49pm - Vice complaint. On 2524's Beat.

Around 5:30pm - Some call in the area.

6:07pm - Parker. On 2523's Beat.

6:34pm - Check the well being. Cortland and Pulaski. Two little kids standing on the corner by themselves.

7:05pm - Disturbance. Kelvyn Park. Group of males drinking and being loud.

7:12pm - I have to go eat, and with that, I'm gone for the night. I'll be back in the morning. Good night, everyone.

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