Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lady Gets Hit With Car In Fight, Burglar Alarm On Harding

Good evening, everyone, it's 6:45pm. Monitoring 25 this evening, until 8:56. Here's crime for this evening.

6:47pm - Battery in progress. Armitage and Pulaski. There was a fight of some sort and a lady got hit by a 4-door white car.

7:08pm - Burglar alarm. 31XX N Harding.

7:14pm - Beat car 2534 has a handwaver at 20XX N Pulaski for some sort of report that needs to be taken.

7:19pm - Wanted for battery from 2534's handwaver at 20XX N Pulaski are two female Hispanic girls, 5'2, 190 lbs, 20 to 22 years old, black shirts and blue jeans. They fled towards Armitage on Pulaski. This is under RD number HV279208.

7:25pm - Parker. On 2523's Beat.

7:56pm - Parker. 44XX W Parker.

8:30pm - Suspicious person. 23XX N Monticello. Male Hispanic, 50s, black/red flannel shirt, is sitting on the porch.

9:05pm - Shots Fired. Kostner and Wrightwood. Three heard and popped off from a dirty dark-colored Bonaville that had three male Hispanics in it. Went north towards Diversey on Kostner. It's a regular vehicle seen around in the neighborhood.

9:10pm - A slow down is being given on the 9:05pm job. According to the volleyball players at Kelvyn Park, they heard about four shots, but saw nothing.

9:11pm - Wanted from the 9:05pm job is a 4-door green Ford Explorer that went west on Parker, then south on Kilbourn towards Schubert. About five minutes ago.

9:12pm - Suspicious vehicle. 4030 W Wrightwood. In the Aidi parking lot.

9:26pm - Parker. On 2523's Beat.

9:45pm - Shots Fired. Dickens and Lawndale. 10 shots heard.

9:47pm - I'm going to go. I'll be back later in the week. Good night, everyone.

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