Monday, February 28, 2011

Window Banger On Palmer

Good morning, everyone, it's 5:04am. I'm feeling better, thanks to my mother taking care of me and getting me a cold remedy yesterday. I still have some of my cold/flu though. I have a small headache and a ticklish throat. But that isn't going to stop me from going to school today, and possibly the Avondale Neighborhood Association meeting tonight at St. Hyacinth's (Resurrection Hall) at 7pm. So, because of me maybe going to that meeting, that's why I'm blogging already. Anyway, it should be in the mid 30s today with snow this morning with the sun coming out sometime this afternoon. So, here's crime before I go to school this morning and maybe this afternoon/evening.

5:26am - Suspicious person. 3605 W Palmer. Caller heard someone banging on their window.

5:40am - The call is being coded out.

6:43am - I have to go. I might be back this afternoon. If not, see you all tomorrow afternoon, and have a great day!

9:17pm - For those of you who are in charge of block clubs on CAPS Beats 1411, 1412, 1732 and 1733 (Diversey to Addison, Central Park to Western), please contact me at I would like to speak with you on behalf of the Avondale Neighborhood Association. Thanks!


Sgt. Benderski said...

Someone banging on the window? Why don't they look and see who it is? So many foks call the police for stupid stuff. My kid is disrespectful, call the police. Or my son, husband, babies daddy don't work, throw him out. Somebody's parked in front of my house, call the police. Don't folks know if you tie up the police on silly stuff real crime won't get stopped.

Anonymous said...

I just got punched in the face by one of a group of teenagers who were hanging out on the median strip of Kedzie at the intersection with Palmer, between the two large tan apartment buildings. One of them came up and hit me as I walked down Kedzie; I knew it was coming, because I saw them messing with cars and bicyclists as they passed. But it was too late to turn around. I wasn't injured.

I called the police and they say they sent a car down there to make sure more people don't get beat up.

Four or five guys, all except one of them African-American, wearing black hoodies.

To those who live on this corner: let's be careful and try to keep this stuff from happening here again.

Anonymous said...

Gee, the city closes down the projects and scatters the crap through out the city. And you wonder why the whole areas going down? Put them back!