Monday, September 28, 2009

Unknown Male At Door on Keeler

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:33am. It's kind of a cold day (highs in the low 60s but it's only in the low 50s right now) and it's windy on top of it. Very windy. Those gusts are really strong. I was awoken a couple of times in the night by them. So, anyway, here's crime for this morning before I leave and for this afternoon and evening.

6:07am - Disturbance. 2233 N Keeler. Unknown male White at the complainant's door.

6:40am - I have to go. Have a great day, everyone, and I'll be back later.

3:17pm - I'm back. I'm not feeling well. I had to get some shots in order to participate in Special Olympics in May, and now I'm getting a reaction to them. I always get reactions. Updates may be limited today.

3:23pm - 1) Gang disturbance. 3701 W Diversey. Four of them by the store, doing their thing. 2) Domestic disturbance. 2236 N Monticello.

3:34pm - There were a job in the coverage area.

3:35pm - 1) Domestic disturbance. 2342 N Avers. 2) Information for the police. 2050 N Karlov.

3:43pm - Beat 2546 tells dispatch that if they get any calls at 2436 N. Avers, it needs to be coded. The complainant there has mental issues and is falsely claiming that their brother stole the car.

4:58pm - Battery in progress. Central Park and Armitage. Four kids fighting. They appear to be 3rd or 4th graders.

5:19pm - Beat 2523 is getting some stuff after their stop they have.

6:02pm - Traffic accident. Pulaski and Nelson.

6:28pm - Beat car 2524 is getting a Burglar report on the Beat.

6:41pm - Gang disturbance. 2100 block of N Avers.

6:46pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:05pm - I'm back from eating.

7:16pm - Gang disturbance. 2700 N Lawndale.

7:22pm - EMS run. Belmont and Lawndale. Male knocked out and bleeding. Also, a 2562 car is taking one in from a stop at 3050 N Monticello.

7:48pm - Disturbance. 1927 N Hamlin. Loiters in the alley.

8:02pm - I have to go. Have a good night, everyone. Be warm and safe!

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