Thursday, September 10, 2009

Burglary on Flecther

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 4:32pm. Anyway, today has been quite an exhausting day for me. Between getting up at 5am, going to class, dealing with kids in my Autism program and the school bus confusions, it's been one heck of a day. So I'm just relaxing. I only had two or three homework questions for basic math but I forgot it at school :(. So, here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

4:49pm - 1) Burglar report. 4141 W Flecther. 2) Traffic accident. Nelson and Pulaski.

5:00pm - An RD number has been pulled from the Flecther job. It's HR529803 with the event number of 12959.

5:03pm - Theft. 2942 N Konster. Two male Hispanic in blue shirt and jean shorts tried to steal a bike. They fled towards George.

5:15pm - We've got a big gang disturbance on our hands. Group of male Hispanics are picking up rocks and are threatening to hit male Black gangbangers with them. Location of this is where the melee broke out last night, at Wrightwood and Lawndale. There was also a call (or calls) at Ridgeway and Wrightwood regarding the same thing. This isn't good at all. This would be the second incident in that area within the last 21 hours.

5:27pm - Battery. 2907 N Springfield.

5:30pm - Gang disturbance. 3900 block of W Diversey. They're throwing bottles at passing cars.

5:40pm - The 5:15pm job is much more serious. Now it's coming in as a Assault and Battery in progress. Group fight with rocks being thrown.

5:42pm - A slow down is being given on the 5:40pm job. Beat 2580Charlie has five on the hood.

6:17pm - Disturbance. Konster and Wellington. Male harassing people on the block.

6:25pm - Assault in progress. 3700 block of W Fullerton. Group of six gangbangers are chasing someone, heading eastbound. Also, Beat car 2525 gets a reckless driver and a burglar report on the Beat.

6:32pm - Something about a male being held for shoplifting at Fullerton and Konster, at the grocery store.

6:38pm - Person w/ a gun. Orignally came as a gang disturbance @ 3754 W Fullerton. Anyway, a male Hispanic with a red t-shirt and black jean shorts is walking up to cars with a gun. The gun 911 call was called in at Fullerton and Hamlin.

6:40pm - A slow down is being given on Fullerton. Nothing's being seen per 2510.

6:42pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon :).

7:00pm - I'm back :).

7:01pm - Traffic accident. Altgeld and Tripp.

7:18pm - Gang disturbance. 2732 N Lawndale.

7:21pm - Disturbance. 2400 block of N Ridgeway. Group loitering.

8:14pm - 1) Disturbance. 4236 W Wrightwood. Complaint and the 14 yr old son are being harassed by someone. 2) Person down. 3626 W Palmer. Drunk dude. He's refusing to leave.

8:17pm - I have to go. Good night, everyone, and I'll be back tomorrow :).

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