Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Message From Tim Re: ALSCB Return

Hi everyone, this is Tim Granzow, the founder and author of the ALSCB. As many of you know, this was a crime blog that monitored crime in the Avondale/Logan Square communities from November 2008 until around July 2014 from live recordings from a police scanner. I covered the 25th, 14th, and 17th Districts. I also reported on CAPS meetings, and other items pertaining to the community. For many reasons, with disappointments of community engagement/involvement being honestly one of them, I had stopped the blog back in 2014.

Which leads me to this announcement. As of yesterday evening, May 6, 2016, I have decided to return to one of my first loves, and do this blog once again. Over the last couple of months/weeks, I have been seriously thinking about it, and with some maturing I've done over the last year or so, I see things differently now (for the most part). BUT, things will be different this time around, in the aspect of coverage. Since I work and also go to school, my coverage will mostly be limited to the weekends and most weeknights, along with special events. Although this coverage is nowhere compared to what I used to do, I would like to keep the neighborhood informed/educated on crime in the community. I want to arm you to be able to make changes once again in your community, and hold your elected officials as well as the police, accountable.

Speaking of CAPS and the community, this will also be different this time around. I do not have the time and resources to go to various CAPS meetings as I did before. I will try to get at least somewhat involved again, particularly on my own Beat, 2523, but I cannot make any promises. This also goes for the Avondale Neighborhood Association that I was once apart of.

I also want to say, being upfront with everyone, that I'm not sure how long I will be doing this effort again. It may be for a few weeks, a few months, maybe a few more years. I really don't know, honestly, and only time will tell. But again, neighborhood involvement is important to me. Even if I do not continue this effort on a long-term basis, I want this to be an on-going effort, as well as a record of how the neighborhood has progressed over the years.

With that said, I am delighted to be returning. Please feel free to leave any comments, questions, etc. as means for me to improve on my second time around, or anything you see fit.


Tim Granzow
Avondale/Logan Square Crime Blotter Founder/Author


brewer a said...

Welcome back Tim!

Kris Gee said...

Hi Tim,

I am considering moving to the Avondale area- I live in Roscoe now but cannot afford it. I was wondering if you have any insight/first hand experience with N Avers & Wellington area- it seemed residential, but like I said I have no clue how safe it is there. I am a single white female and would be living alone. (I work in Austin, so I know what a crime-ridden neighborhood is like) but what is the real Avondale?

Enjoy your blog. Glad I found it.

Garfield Goose said...

You check out Belmont Gardens on the other side of Pulaski. Get a nice bungalow for cheap.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Tim!
enjoyed reading this blog way back when. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we really appreciate all the hard work that you do! keep it up! see you soon at some CAPS meetings.

Anonymous said...

Hi tim i am new to this blog. I found you because i was looking into who i could talk to about a ongoing problem on my street. I live on fullerton and keeler. There is a building right on the corner it was a insurance company but its for sale now..well these mechanics have taken over the building working on cars everyday they actually climb in and out of the shed part of the building. My problem with it is they do drugs, there are alot of fights when they mess up peoples cars, pee in the alley, and the whole psrking lot is full of csr parts and trash. Ive called 311 and the police. The police never even show up. I dont k ow what else to do its become such a proble.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back here! I appreciate and find this quite helpful

Carpet cleaning in Sutton said...

This is great. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Avers and wellington is not a good area. It is a known gang area (cobras&OAz). Those two gangs are involved in a lot of wars this summer with various other gangs. I wouldnt advise coming to that area.

Luis Quiroz said...

Welcome back Tim! I realized that I usually read your blogs but never even left a comment. As a resident of Logan Square I really find your blogs quite interesting. I've been reading up every few weeks in the past until your hiatus. But I'm glad to see that you are back even if it is just to cover small parts of the the day. You are an inspiration to the neighborhood and do make a difference.

Amy Gonzalez said...

Hi! Tim welcome back. I hope you are doing well. You were missed! I have always come to this site as I liked how informative it has been.

Anonymous said...

hey, this is a great resource,... keep up the good work!!