Sunday, April 13, 2014

Premise Check @ California Blue Line Station, Man Harassing People In Front Of Chase Bank

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 2:04pm. I'm monitoring 14 today from now until midnight, then 17 tomorrow all day with a dinner break included. Not sure what I'll be monitoring for Tuesday thru Thursday. I will be on a special schedule for Friday (Good Friday) and Sunday (Easter). With that, here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

2:32pm - Beat 1442 is doing an "L" check at the California Blue Line station.

2:45pm - Disturbance. 2639 N Milwaukee Ave. At the Chase Bank. Male Black in his 30s to 40s with dreads and a brown jacket is harassing people for money in front.

2:57pm - Assault in progress. Armitage and Kedzie. Man being chased south on Kedzie towards Homer by a male Black wearing a black jacket, tan gloves and gray hat.

3:03pm - Alarm. 25XX W Cortland.

3:19pm - 1) Suspicious vehicle. 2952 W Armitage. White Dodge Avenger with a plate of V253074 is in the westbound lane is parked in front of the perfume place with a dent and a lot of blood on the driver's side of the door, as if it's been involved in an accident. 2) Parker. On 1413's Beat.

3:32pm - A tow is being order on the 3:19pm Armitage call.

3:36pm - The Streets and Sans number from the 3:19pm call will be 026603.

3:48pm - Suspicious person. 31XX W George. Two male Hispanics, a male White and a male Black are in the rear of this location, stating that they're from Comcast but that they broke the lock to the gate. There is a white truck that says "Comcast" on it, though.

4:04pm - Disturbance. Kimball and Fullerton. Intoxicated male Hispanic with a baseball cap, red/black checkered shirt and brown pants pushing a blue ice cream cart west on Fullerton towards St. Louis has fallen a couple of times and has gotten back up.

4:13pm - 1) Traffic accident. Belmont and Christina. 2) Disturbance. 2645 N Elston. At MicroCenter. Two males soliciting customers in front for some kind of other business.

4:22pm - Residential burglar alarm. 18XX N Honore.

4:37pm - EMS run. 3141 W Armitage. Man slumped over the wheel of a tan Toyota with a plate of 7274902.

4:52pm - CFD run. Sawyer and Milwaukee Ave. Transformer behind the McDonalds exploded.

5:05pm - Beat 1410 needs another car at the 4:52pm job to assist with traffic. Beat car 1414 is coming over.

5:10pm - Suspicious vehicle. 3140 N California. In the parking lot of the food market. Three male Hispanics in a red Ford van with a plate of K488991 appear to be extremely intoxicated.

6:12pm - 1) Traffic accident. Armitage and Kimball. Two cars. 2) Traffic accident. Hoyne and Homer. Semi VS car.

7:34pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

8:04pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

8:11pm - 1) Residential alarm. 30XX W Fullerton. 2) Information for the CPD. Milwaukee and Sacramento. Windows open to the restaurant, not sure if anyone's in there or not.

8:25pm - Traffic accident. Elston/Western/Diversey. Female pedestrian hit by a car, EMS is en route.

8:38pm - Fire. 25XX W Logan Blvd. Something in the basement is on fire.

8:43pm - Residential burglar alarm. 22XX N Elston.

9:02pm - Beat car 1432 is pulling an RD number from the 8:25pm job. It's HX222552 with the event number of 13848.

9:27pm - Beat 1463Eddie needs a cage car at 33XX W Barry from a street stop. Beat 1471, the wagon, is coming over.

9:29pm - 1463E is now running a name.

9:31pm - 1463E's name is coming back as a warrant for a DUI, and the person also has a revoked license. He lives on Lockwood on Beat 2514.

10:05pm - Suspicious vehicle. 2300 block of N Hamilton. Burgundy 4-door with a University of Kentucky sticker on the back with someone inside of it has been parked for over an hour over here. The car is parked on a lot. Caller is concerned due to the number of robberies that have occurred in the area.

10:06pm - Commercial alarm. 2100 W North Ave. At the Bucktown Fitness Center. General.

10:43pm - Suspicious person. Webster and Ashland. By the construction site of the new Mariano's. A male with a backpack is standing near the side of the site near the white tarp and no one should be there.

10:51pm - Battery. Spaulding and Armitage. Man was just beaten up.

10:55pm - There's one in custody from this Mariano's job.

11:01pm - Assault in progress. 35XX W Belden. Group getting ready to fight.

11:07pm - There's an update coming in on the 10:51pm job. They're saying he's now at Kimball instead of Spaulding.

11:13pm - Disturbance. 18XX N Winchester. Loud noise on the side of the building.

12:00am - This concludes my coverage of 14 for tonight. I should be back with 17 tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone!

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