Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shooting @ Nelson And Rockwell This Afternoon

Good evening, folks. Apparently, this afternoon, there was a shooting at Nelson and Rockwell. There's few details on it. It's reported that a child and an adult were shot at about 4pm this afternoon over there. The kid suffered a graze wound to the head while the adult was shot in the hand. They're both in good condition.

I wondered what happened. There's not a lot of crime in that immediate area, let alone shootings. Something really must've jumped off over there.

Update, 10:45pm - No wonder why I was surprised at the shooting. The police are saying it was an accident, and it can be said it was domestic in nature. I'm glad to know everyone is alright and that this wasn't an actual crime.

Update, 2/13/10: The father of the kid accidently discharged his gun and accidently shot himself and his son. The father was arrested on charges of reckless conduct.

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