Friday, February 12, 2010

Ald. Suarez Votes Against Stealth Payroll For Relatives Law

Good morning, everyone. I usually don't cover politics and this isn't really a crime story, but hey, it's my blog and I thought the public should know about this. I'm not sure when this happened, but almost all of the aldermen voted to bar themselves from putting relatives on their payroll. I think this is very good news, and this was very honest of them to do this.

But there's another side to this story. And this effects our neighborhood, politically. Alderman Suarez (31st) voted against this. He didn't give a reason for doing this. But I suspect he voted against this because he's guilty of putting family on his payroll. And then he didn't think I'd (or any of you) care?. Yeah, right, Suarez. You can't just act like we the public are not paying attention because we are.

I don't even live in the 31st Ward and I'm still mad about this. Why, you ask? Because he can do this, but then tell us at the CAPS Beat 2523 meeting that there's not a thing he can do about the day laborer situation -- let's pause right there. Now, mind you, Alderman Reboyras also said there wasn't much he can do, but at least 1) he made an effort by removing the CTA bus shelter at Milwaukee and Hamlin and 2) he didn't get all defensive when the business owners expressed anger about the day laborers and the drunks on their property. Also, Alderman Reboyras shouldn't have to do a THING about THAT situation. It's not in his ward! This is Suarez's responsibility, and he needs to step up to the plate and take care of the problem.

Ald. Suarez literally got irate when the business owners confronted him about the issue. He kept saying "there's nothing I can do" in a defensive tone, and then he turns around and does this? What a joke. As I said in the meeting article, he also got defensive when a resident suggested we open up a hiring hall. Why? Are these guys his friends? Is he afraid that they may get kicked out of this neighborhood? I think he is. To me, Suarez also had general sarcasm in his voice the entire time and didn't seem happy to be there. Oh well. He should except us to be unhappy with the situation if he's not going to help do anything.

As you can see, I'm quite frankly disgusted with Alderman Suarez and his whole attitude on things. I have a message for him, too: Suarez, clean up your act, stop worrying about nonsense bills like this, and help your residents of the ward take care of the issue plaguing Belmont from Hamlin to Milwaukee, or they'll just let you know that your days as 31st Ward aldermen are numbered, and you'll be voted out. Simple as that. From what I can see, they're getting angry about this issue. And if it's just allowed to continue, I think that it'll blow up into fury and outrage. It could spread just like a wildfire and become the primary reason Suarez is removed from office by voters.

What do you think? Is this just standard Chicago politics for you? Does this piss you off? Or you just don't know what to say? Comments or questions can be sent here.

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