Saturday, November 29, 2008

A great day for this site

Hi folks. Today has been a great day for this new crime blotter site and myself. Today, Craig Gernhardt from "The Broken Heart of Rogers Park" mentioned this website on his blog. He saids "Timmy, AKA 'Sullivan High School Kid', has started a neighborhood blog modeled after yours truly. It's called Avondale/Logan Square Crime Blotter. Tim has gotten himself a scanner and monitors his neighborhoods 911 calls,".

Also, I have been offered to do a weekly column regarding Sullivan high school for his website. This offer is an honor to me and I have accepted this honor, so every Tuesday, on that site, you will see an "article" from me regarding my high school. I will link it up here.

Craig told me today that I did some quality reporting for yesterday's blog. That was very nice to hear. I didn't think anyone would appreciate my work on this site or would even care, but it has been proved to me that people do care and want to monitor crime. Eventually, there could be ways to stop all this crime in the neighborhood.

Craig also informed me that he was going to "recommend you to the Chicago Tribune best neighborhood blogs,". I feel that this is also an honor because I have never been recommended to anything or anybody, and neither have my websites, so this is a big honor. I really hope people read this crime blotter from there. They have a right to be informed.

So, this is Timmy, doing a blog here. Peace out everyone. I will try my very best not to fail anybody on this crime blotter.

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