Monday, November 24, 2008

Crime blotter for November 24, 2008

Good morning to everyone out there. It's 6:09am and currently raining/snowing out here. Let's see if that slows down crime in the area.
Good afternoon everybody, it's 3:57pm right now and I am now monitoring crime until dinner time for my neighborhood. This will be just like yesterday's blotter. Hope you enjoy the details.

4:16pm - Domestic dispute. 2957 N. Lawndale. I guess a female is having a problem with her brother who returned after police left the first time (I wasn't here when that first call came out). Also, i'm going to restart my computer at this moment, so I will be back in a few minutes for more of the crime blotter.

4:43pm - Municipal ordiance violation. 2454 N. Springfield. Something about a car blocking a driveway or something. I didn't catch the last part of what the dispatcher said.

6:10pm - I am off to eat dinner. It's been very quite on the scanner for the neighborhood tonight. Everytime's been happening west of Cicero and south of North Avenue tonight.

6:18pm - Domestic Battery. 2118 N. Hamilin. Caller stated that her baby's daddy beated her up.

6:21pm - Caller saids another motorist hit the back of his black Infinity. 2437 N. Hamilin.

6:32pm - I am leaving until about 8pm. I have something to do. I will be however writing down anything down I hear for the area and will post it up here in the morning, or if I have time, later this evening.

6:34pm - Disturbance. 1820 N. Harding. People are yelling, loitering and fighting (shouldn't that be a Battery in progress then?).

6:35pm - Lights out/disturbance. Fullerton and Hamilin. Beat car 2522 was on the way to the 6:21pm job when the dispatcher advised them that a call had came in for lights being out on the corner and a group of males were loitering there.

6:37pm - Traffic accident. 4100 W. Fullerton. U-Haul truck VS perhaps three vehicles.

7:25pm - Person down. 4420 W. Diversey. Male down on the sidewalk. Possibly intoxicated.

7:51pm - Kedvale and Belden. Two suspicious males jump out of a car. One male was wearing a black hoodie.

7:52pm - Gang disturbance on the 3100 block of N. Monticello. Crowd of gang members representing.

7:53pm - Shots fired. 3125 N. Monticello. About two shots heard. Gang members scattering in all directions.

7:55pm - Gang disturbance. Fullerton and Ridgeway. Gang members on the corner.

7:58pm - A slow down is given at 3125 N. Monticello. Beat car 2523 offers to code the call a 19B (Boy) for 2548.

7:59pm - Officer on scene at 3125 N. Monticello advises a black Nissan Maxima or green van involved in shooting.

8:08pm - I have to go do some stuff before bedtime. Good night. But if I can, i'll write down anything I hear for the area and will post it tomorrow morning before I go to school.

8:16pm - Two arrests made from Fullerton and Ridgeway. 2568A is going in with them.

8:34pm - Battery. 4419 W. Diversey. Caller said that a group of males who he doesn't know jumped on and beat him up. EMS is in route. Note: This could be related to the 7:25pm call in some odd way, since the address on that job was 4420 W. Diversey.

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