Friday, November 28, 2008

Crime blotter for November 28, 2008

Good morning everyone. I should be here nearly all day, so i'm going to begin the crime blotter:

10:06am - Landlord/Tenant dispute. 2437 N Avers. Caller states that her neighbors turned off her electricity. She thinks they were told to do it by the landlord.

10:46am - Robbery/Holding the offender. North and Lawndale. First ticket states that a male hit a female and took her purse. Second ticket stated they were holding the male at the gas station.

10:48am - Beat car 2520/2534 state the offender took off in a black Volkswagen going the wrong way on Lawndale from North Avenue.

10:53am - Beat car 2520 saids the vitcim told her that the offender is her estranged husband.

11:55am - Ride w/ fire. 2529 N Kildare. Possible forced entry. Basement.

12:46pm - 2562D has an EMERGENCY at 1244 N Mason. Two males took off on him. A large fight is also ensuing. Back up is called.

12:47pm - All hell's breaking loose on Mason. Car on scene still asking for more cars.

12:48pm - A 10-1 is given at 1244 N Mason. All units that are available are advised to head to the 10-1.

12:51pm - A slow down is given at 1244 N Mason.

12:56pm - 2513 is taking one in from 1244 N Mason. 2562D is also taking one in. I'm guessing the fight is over on Mason.

1:06pm - Ride w/ fire. George and Avers. Large fire at the 2nd house down on George.

1:11pm - Parker. 1824 N Pulaski. White truck blocking the alley between Pulaski and Harding.

1:14pm - George and Avers coded out 16Adam. It's just a BBQ.

1:32pm - Burgular alarm. 3854 W Wrightwood. Burgular alarm sounding.

1:49pm - Disturbance. 3630 W Armitage. Caller states that a drunk male on the stairs is refusing to leave.

1:51pm - Shift change.

1:54pm - Found property. 2354 N Keystone. Female states she found some property.

2:46pm - Disturbance. 4434 W Parker. Males openly drinking at Kelyvn Park.

3:05pm - CTA bus disturbance. Pulaski and Diversey. Drunk male on bus #1021 talking crazy, scaring the other passengers.

3:23pm - Reckless driver. Pulaski and Wrightwood. White Chevy suburban speeding and not stopping. Going north on Pulaski.

3:40pm - Traffic accident. Fullerton and Lawndale. Property damage only. One car not drivable.

4:00pm - Assault in progress. Dickens and Central Park. Crowd of people have gathered on both corners. They are yelling, screaming and hurling objects at each other.

4:34pm - Disturbance. 3653 W Shakespeare. Caller states that his brother's friends are refusing to leave even though the brother has been passed out for a couple of hours now for some very odd reason. He can't make them leave himself because he is disabled.

5:02pm - Suspicious vehicle. No occupants. Kedvale and Shakespeare. Car has been sitting there for a while.

5:04pm - The 4:34pm job is calling back.

5:06pm - Beat car 2523 has something on the box.

5:34pm - Domestic disturbance. 2959 N Hamilin. Some kind of domestic.

5:36pm - Traffic accident. North and Pulaski. An accident happened in the intersection.

6:04pm - Person calling for help. 1610 N Harding. Couple of calls coming in. Person screaming on the 2nd floor.

6:06pm - Ride w/ EMS. 3753 W Dickens. One 16 and one 18 yr old acting odd. They are high. EMS in route.

6:10pm - Domestic disturbance. 3648 W George. Female states an intoxicated friend's stepson took her phone and causing a scene. Female is calling from a neighbor's house.

6:16pm - Beat car 2523 is asking for a Polish speaker at 3648 W George.

7:07pm - Parker. 2219 N Keystone. No further information.

7:24pm - Burgular alarm. 3027 N Pulaski. At the American General. Front motion.

7:47pm - Traffic accident. 4127 W Wellington. No further information.

7:55pm - Beat car 2555 is dispering three for narcotics loitering at 3936 W Armitage. Event number is 14453.

8:18pm - One of the 2568 cars needs a female to search someone at Diversey and Hamilin. 2566David said they'd do it.

9:02pm - Disturbance. 3141 N Hamilin. Female states a drunk male is trying to come into her house.

9:06pm - A slow down is given at 3141 N Hamiln per beat car 2555.

9:36pm - Traffic accident. Pulaski and Wrightwood. Ms Lopez states that she was involved in a traffic accident. No injuries.

9:42pm - Missing person. 2317 N Keeler. Franscisco states that his daughter has gone missing. She was wearing no coat and a black jogging outfit. She has been missing since 4pm today.

9:49pm - Domestic disturbance. 3800 W Fullerton. Female states she is arguing with her boyfriend in the bakery.

9:55pm - Shift change.

10:21pm - Child abuse. 3625 W Belmont. No further information.

10:36pm - Missing person. 3033 N Avers. Female states an elderly female is missing from that location.

10:48pm - The parties of Friday have started. Battery in progress. 2430 N Lawndale. 30 people fighting from a party. Couple of calls coming in. One ticket also states that this is a "Criminal Tresspass in progress".

10:51pm - A slow down is given at 2430 N. Lawndale, but beat car 4410 asks if he could have a couple of his cars come by.

10:54pm - Not sure what's going on at 2430 N. Lawndale, but a large group of people is out there. A few people took off running from the police.

10:56pm - Officer on scene at 2430 N Lawndale is requesting more cars. A crowd is coming out, from a house i'm guessing.

11:02pm - Person with a gun. Same location from the previous 4 or 5 jobs. Male Hispanic with a black or red jacket has a gun.

11:05pm - BREAKING NEWS. Large fight breaks out at Lorel and Augusta. The crowd is going NUTS. They are screaming over the officers on scene. 45David on viewed this call as it was coming out.

11:13pm - A flash has been given out from the 10:36pm job. Missing is a male Black in his 70s. He suffers from Alzheimer's diease. The caller(s) can't remember what he was wearing, but his known to frequent the area of Cicero and Van Buren because a home of the family was there many years ago.

11:24pm - Person with a gun. North and Central Park. Male caller states four male Hispanics pulled out a gun on him.

11:26pm - Beat car 2561Boy is about to pull over a white Nissan Maxima over at North and Central Park.

11:28pm - A slow down has been given at North and Central Park.

11:37pm - Domestic disturbance. 3625 W Wabansia. Female caller is having a problem with someone. Also, this is the last call i'm doing for tonight. I'm too tired to stay up. Good night everyone and be safe.

11:47pm - Cars are STILL on scene at the 10:48pm job.


Craig Gernhardt said...

This is some quality reporting, Timmy! Once your neighbors figure out where you are, this site will be rocking and rolling'.

Make some flyers about your site, and put them around the neighborhood. Put them in the churches , el stops, anywhere.

I'm going to recommend you to the Chicago Tribune best neighborhood blogs.

SullivanHighSchoolKid said...

In reply to Craig: first of all, thanks for the comment. I tried as hard as I could to get these calls in and accurate. It was a little hard, but somebody has to do it, right?

Second, I made flyers a little earlier today at my godmother's house and I will be trying to put them up tomorrow or Monday.

Thrid, thanks so much for recommending me to the Chicago Tribune best neighborhood blogs. I feel really honored. That's nice of you. And it will get me hits (so people could see my website; it's not for praising me lol).