Saturday, May 24, 2014

Loud Music Disturbances In 25, Traffic Accident @ Wabansia/Central Park

Good morning, everyone, it's 1:10am. Monitoring 25 from now until 5:29am, then again from 11:18 until 1:20pm. Cooler day today with temps in the mid 60s. Not sure what my monitoring schedule will be for tomorrow, but I will be on a special schedule for Monday, as it is Memorial Day, which also unofficially is the start of summer here in Chicago. And it's going to be a warm Memorial Day, too, so the crime report should be interesting. Here's crime for this overnight, early morning into this early afternoon.

1:33am - 1) Loud music disturbance. 28XX N Ridgeway. Loud music coming from the basement. 2) Loud music disturbance. 24XX N Kildare. Drum practice.

1:40am - Traffic accident. Wabansia and Central Park. Hit-and-run, no injures.

1:55am - Loud music disturbance. 28XX N Ridgeway. Loud party in the backyard.

2:19am - An RD number is being pulled from the accident per Beat 2593Robert. It's HX274201 with the event number of 01337.

2:49am - Support unit request. 22XX N Lawndale. Someone's son is in custody at the juvy detention center.

3:35am - Assault. 3035 N Milwaukee Ave. Two males just chased the caller.

4:28am - Disturbance. Lawndale and Armitage. At the Las Vegas nightclub. People loitering.

5:29am - I'm going to go. I'll be back later this morning. Have a great start to your morning, everyone!

11:18am - I'm back. Good morning, everyone.

11:39am - Landlord/tenant dispute. 29XX N Lawndale.

12:14pm - Reckless driver. Wellington and Kostner. Headed east on Wellington from Kostner is a blue Chevy Malibu with a plate of H792560 that's driving at a high rate of speed.

1:20pm - I'm going to go for the day. I'll be back tomorrow or Monday. Have a great day, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Shots were fired AT the police in District 10 at around 8pm. It looks like it's going to be a long dangerous summer.