Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Males Flashing Gang Signs @ Altgeld/Monticello, Gangbangers @ Monticello/Fullerton

Good evening, everyone, it's 9:08pm. It's good to finally be able to blog after a couple of weeks of being inactive. I've been extremely busy with school, especially now that I have a part-time job on campus as a Student Ambassador. I do truly apologize. Although I cannot promise July will be much better, I will try my very best to update more regularly. I am looking into ways of getting additional resources to assist me in doing this blog, so that the community is updated on information. I actually do have an additional resource already, which could be a new Twitter page I have created. This Twitter page is solely going to focus on giving the community live updates on what's going on as I listen to the scanner. My handle is @ALSCBCrimeBlog if you want to follow me. This evening, I am monitoring 25 from now until midnight, then I plan on covering 17 all day tomorrow. Here's crime for this evening.

9:09pm - Gang disturbance. Altgeld and Monticello. Group of males on the corner flashing gang signs.

9:22pm - Gang disturbance. Monticello and Fullerton.

9:44pm - 1) Commercial alarm. 4446 W Diversey. At the dental place. Front glass side break. 2) Fireworks. 31XX N Davlin.

10:46pm - Disturbance. Armitage and Central Park. Group of males drinking in front of the liquor store.

11:46pm - Shots Fired. Hamlin and North Ave. Three gunshots heard.

11:47pm - Beat 2506Boy is saying they're fireworks.

11:55pm - Shots Fired. 3610 W North Ave. Two gunshots fired per the shots blotter.

12:00am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone!

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