Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Coverage, 2013

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 5:20pm. Happy Halloween to all of those who celebrate and endorse it. I personally don't, but I provide this coverage to all of you so that you are up-to-date with what is going on in the community. On this Halloween, my coverage will be a bit different. From now until 5:25, I'll be covering 14, then from 5:25 to 5:30, I'll cover 25. I'm then going to be on my other blog until 7:20, then I'll come back with 17 until 7:30. 14 will be covered from 7:30 to 7:40 then 25 from 7:40 to 7:50. I'll be going back to my other blog at that time until 8:50, then at 8:50, I'll monitor 25 until 9:30. At 9:30, I'll switch over to 14 until 10:10, and then at that point, 17 will be monitored until 11:30. I'll come back with 25 and 14, respectively, from 11:30 to 11:50. At 11:50, I'll be going back to my other blog for a little while. More details about coverage later this evening will be announced shortly before midnight. With that, here's crime for this late afternoon and evening.

5:21pm - Beat car 1412 says that there’s a suspicious guy walking back and forth, in and out of the west alley on the 3000 block of N Allen. Not sure what he's up to, but he looks really suspicious. They're about to check him out.

5:25pm - I'm now monitoring 25.

5:30pm - I'm done monitoring 25. I'll see you all in a little while.

7:40pm - I'm back, with 25. I've been monitoring 17 and 14, respectively, for the last 20 minutes with nothing heard.

7:43pm - Beat car 2524 needs the Wagon at 37XX W Wabansia for an out of control bi-polar female who's causing a scene over there. Beat 2573 is headed over, but is coming from a distance.

7:44pm - Beat car 2525 is also heading over to Wabansia to make sure everything's okay.

7:46pm - A slow down is being given on Wabansia.

7:47pm - Now a disregard is being given on Wabansia.

7:49pm - 2525 is taking the lady to St. Mary's Hospital from 2524's thing.

7:50pm - I'm going to go until 8:50. I'll be back then. See you all in a little while.

8:50pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

9:14pm - Burglar alarm. 37XX W Cortland.

9:24pm - Disturbance. 2900 N Lawndale. Group of boys on the corner.

9:28pm - Criminal damage in progress. Milwaukee and Monticello. Teens tagging a building.

9:30pm - I'm now listening to 14.

9:37pm - Disturbance. Sawyer and Milwaukee Ave. Loud people by the McDonalds.

9:44pm - Traffic accident. Fullerton and Western.

9:46pm - Some call at Western/Elston/Diversey.

10:10pm - I'm switching over to 17 until 11:30.

10:23pm - Theft. 27XX W Melrose. Customer took the pizza at the door without paying for it.

10:41pm - Shots Fired. 35XX W Henderson. Six shots heard in the area.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Parkers On 2523's and 2525's Beats

Good morning, everyone, it's 7am. I'm monitoring 25 from now until 8:13am, then I intend on covering 17 tonight from 10:17pm to midnight. I am feeling better for the most part, but found out yesterday in the ER that I have a gum infection, which I'm taking medicine for now, and I have to have a major dental operation in December. .

8:03am - Parkers on 2523's and 2525's Beats.

8:13am - I'm going to go for the day. I'll be back this evening. Have a great day, everyone!

10:17pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

10:50pm - Unfortunately, I'm really tired, so I'm headed to sleep. I'll see you all in the morning. Have a good night, everyone!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Traffic Accident On North Ave., Gang Disturbance On 2523's Beat

Good morning, everyone, it's 7am. I'm monitoring 14 from now until 8am, then I'll be covering 25 from 2pm to 3:13. I'm not feeling too well today, but I'm sure I'll feel better soon. As you all know, the holiday season is approaching. With Halloween being later this week, and with the clocks being turned back an hour next Sunday, we're almost at the end of this year already. Time flies by so fast. Well, with that, here's crime for this morning and this afternoon.

7:59am - Traffic accident. 1430 W North Ave. Two cars, injures. Airbags have been deployed.

8:00am - Beat 1443 on-viewed the accident. Says there's no injures, so CFD can take a disregard. With that, I'm going to go until 2. I'll see you all then. Have a great morning, everyone!

2:00pm - I'm back. Good afternoon, everyone.

2:44pm - Gang disturbance. On 2523's Beat.

3:13pm - I'm going to go for the day. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a good afternoon and evening, everyone!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

On-View Fight On Kimball, Suspicious Person On Mozart

Good morning, everyone, it's 9:45am. I'm monitoring 14 in a couple of sequences today. The first time period will be from now until 10:45, then again from 12:06pm until 12:56, and then from 8:30 to midnight. I also monitored 14 this morning from 9:15 to 9:27, but heard no calls. .

9:50am - Beat car 1412 has an on-view battery in progress at 29XX N Kimball. Assist car needed. Beat cars 1411 and 1423 are heading over.

9:52am - Suspicious person. 19XX N Mozart. Man lurking around near the corner.

9:53am - A slow down is being given on Kimball per 1411. Enough cars on scene.

9:57am - Some call at 17XX N Campbell.

10:45am - I'm going to go until 12:06. I'll be back then. See you all in a little while.

12:06pm - I'm back. Good afternoon, everyone.

12:56pm - I'm going to go until 8:30. I'll see you all then. Have a great afternoon, everyone!

8:30pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

8:33pm - Disturbance. 30XX W Palmer. Something about a car honking at the caller.

8:40pm - Disturbance. 16XX N Milwaukee Ave. Neighbor locked the caller's emergency exit door.

8:42pm - Missing person. 2224 W Fullerton. 16 year old daughter is at this location, caller needs help retrieving her.

8:43pm - Request for a supervisor on the 8:33pm job.

9:01pm - 1) Loud music disturbance. 23XX W McLean. 2) Municipal ordinance violation. Fullerton and Damen.

9:36pm - 1) Beat car 1432 was just flagged down on at California and North Ave., where they were assisting Beat car 1414 on a domestic battery, and the citizen says they heard a few "loud reports" on Richmond between Wabansia and Cortland. Sound like possible gunshots. 2) Shots Fired. Wabansia and Spaulding. Couple of calls. One call says five shots were fired.

9:44pm - Beat 1420 is at Wabansia/Spaulding and says that a citizen told her that three shots were heard in the alley of 32XX W Wabansia with a blue van fleeing east towards Sawyer on Wabansia.

9:58pm - Fire. 25XX N Francisco. Smoke seen from the neighbor's apartment.

9:59pm - Suspicious vehicle. 22XX W Dickens. Two or more people in a car keep backing up the car and then driving it forward. They're near the school.

10:00pm - Assault in progress. Damen/North Ave./Mliwaukee Ave. Two groups of people arguing.

10:09pm - I'm getting word that there's a 15 year old boy shot in the right leg from the earlier Wabansia/Spaulding "Shots Fired" incident. He says he was shot on the 1600 block of N Sawyer. A green Jeep Cherokee was involved. 1420 wants Beat car 1411Robert to start looking for a crime scene.

10:11pm - Beat car 1421Robert says Cobras are involved in the shooting. Also, the crime scene is in the alley of 3261 on Wabansia.

10:24pm - Beat car 1423Robert says that the victim is 17, not 15, as initially thought. He was shot in the left thigh through-and-through. He's headed to St. Mary's Hospital in stable conditioned. He mentioned that the offenders yelled out "Cobra love!" before he was shot.

10:47pm - 1) Loud music disturbance. 31XX N St. Louis. 2) Burglar alarm. 28XX N Sacramento. 3) Loud music disturbance. 18XX N Fairfield. Loud party, drugs are involved.

10:51pm - Reckless driver. Fullerton and the Kennedy Expressway.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Traffic Stop On Diversey, Conference @ Ames Middle School

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:13am. I'm monitoring 25 from now until 10:10am, then again from 2pm to midnight. Not else much to say, so here's crime for today.

8:52am - Beat car 2524 has a traffic stop at 4431 W Diversey. He's okay.

9:01am - Beat 2576 is headed over to Ames Middle School, 1920 N. Hamlin, for a conference.

9:21am - Criminal damage. Fullerton and Tripp. Two males on the corner throwing bricks at cars, one is wearing a red/black jacket and has long hair. He's standing on a newspaper bend. The other has on a white hat with a black/white jacket.

9:39am - Unfortunately, I have to leave a little early. Have to be somewhere. My microphone equipment is once again not working either. I'll be back at 2. Sorry, guys. Hope everyone has a fantastic day.

3:13pm - I'm back, finally. Sorry I'm late, guys. I'll be covering my missed time periods by Wednesday. Good afternoon to all.

3:47pm - Landlord/tenant dispute. 30XX N Davlin. Problem with the tenant.

3:48pm - Disturbance. 3607 W Fullerton. At the Tony's.

5:05pm - 1) Beat car 2533 has a traffic stop at 3941 W Armitage. 2) Threatening suicide. 24XX N Monticello. Female cut her wrist.

7:26pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:48pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

8:11pm - Disturbance. On 2523's Beat.

8:44pm - Battery in progress. Kildare and Wrightwood. Group of people fighting.

8:47pm - A slow down is being given at the 8:44pm job. No one's fighting.

9:28pm - Some call in the area.

10:23pm - Parker. 30XX N Davlin.

12:00am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back tomorrow morning. Have a good night, everyone!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Traffic Accident @ Addison/Kedzie, Car Blocking Garage On Hamlin

Good evening, everyone, it's 9:15pm. I'm sorry for being gone almost all week, but I've been really busy with school, especially since I had a major research paper due earlier this week. But all the hard work I've done is worth it. Anyway, I'll be covering 17 this evening from now until midnight, then I plan on covering 25 tomorrow from 7am to 10:10, then again from 2pm to midnight. I'll be covering 14 on and off on Saturday, then from 7am to 8am on Sunday. With that, here's crime for this evening.

10:13pm - Traffic accident. Addison and Kedzie. Two cars, no injures.

10:16pm - Parker. 32XX N Hamlin. White car blocking the caller's garage.

10:17pm - Zone 1 will be switching over to Citywide 6 (460.250), but unfortunately, my radio hasn't been picking up this frequency lately. I'm working on this issue, but won't be able to get it up tonight. I'm sorry, guys. I definitely will make up for this in the next few days. I hope everyone has a good night and I will see all of you in the morning.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Mega Mall Burglary On Milwaukee Ave., Parker On Logan Boulevard

Good morning, everyone, it's 9:27am. Sorry I've been gone for a while, guys, but I've been extremely busy with school and what not. My time management skills aren't the best and my classes have been pretty overwhelming. I won't go into details, but I've had some very hard assignments as of late. Anyway, I am monitoring 14 from now until 12:56pm. With that, here's crime for this mid-morning and early afternoon.

9:30am - Burglary in progress. 2500 N Milwaukee Ave. Two males breaking into an entrance of the Mega Mall.

9:32am - Beat car 1431 is giving a slow down over at the Mega Mall. Nothing seen or heard at this moment.

9:41am - Parker. 28XX W Logan Blvd.

9:45am - I have to go, unfortunately, for a little bit. I hope to be back really soon.

10:45am - I'm back. Good morning, everyone.

11:12am - Beat 1495 needs an i-Bond from an earlier accident at Armitage and Damen. Beat 1471 will go in 14 and get on for him.

11:18am - Municipal ordinance violation. 1632 N Milwaukee Ave. Something about a worker not opening a door.

12:06pm - Unfortunately, I have to go, again. I'm really sorry, guys. I'll be making up for all of my missed monitoring beginning in the next week or so, but I have so many things that require my attention at this time. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I hope to be back before next weekend. Have a great day, everyone!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Males Lurking Around A Van On Armitage, Male Stealing Bike On Spaulding

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. I'm monitoring 25 from now until the first call comes out, then I'm headed to bed until 8am, at which time I'll cover 14 until 3:52pm. After 3:52, until midnight, I will cover 17. Tomorrow, I will monitor 17 from 8am to 3:52, and finally, on Sunday, I'll cover 14 from 8:30 to midnight. With that, here's crime for today.

12:13am - Suspicious person. 37XX W Armitage. Three male Hispanics are lurking around a van.

12:14am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back in the morning. Have a good night, everyone!

8:00am - I'm back with 14. Good morning, everyone.

8:13am - Theft in progress. 21XX N Spaulding. Male stealing a bike in front.

8:32am - Beat 1484 is doing a premise check at the Logan Square Monument and the Prairie Garden. Event number for Monument is 03817 and Prairie is 03818.

9:15am - Unfortunately, something's come up that I need to attend to. I will be back by 1pm. I will be making up this time period missed on next Friday. I'm really sorry about this, guys. Hope all of you have a wonderful morning.

12:56pm - I'm finally back. Good afternoon, everyone.

12:59pm - Beat 1474 is hearing gunshots at Wabansia and Kimball. They don't see anyone shooting but they do hear gunfire. More cars needed.

1:02pm - A slow down is being given on 1474's on-view. A few witnesses are saying there were some shots fired on the street.

1:03pm - 1) Shots Fired. 17XX N Spaulding. Speeding car seen with two occupants in it, fleeing south towards Wabansia, one of which who fired some gunshots. 2) Disturbance. Somewhere in the area.

2:27pm - Some call in the area.

2:42pm - Burglary report. 20XX N Kimball.

2:44pm - Gang disturbance. 1711 N California. At the ASPIRA Ramirez school. In front of the school are two male Hispanics throwing up gang signs and harassing people.

3:17pm - 1) Burglar alarm. 28XX N Mozart. 2) Disturbance. Rockwell and North Ave. At the restaurant  Male Black on a bike with a black shirt and blue jeans .

3:52pm - Switching over to 17, please standby.....

6:21pm - Battery. Eddy and Pulaski. A fight broke out in the bar, some of the parties left but the others are still there.

7:12pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back in a little bit.

7:42pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

7:56pm - 10-1. 10-1. Rockwell and Addison. 19th District officer is calling a 10-1, according to an officer listening to the Citywide. All available units in 17 as well as 16 are to go.

7:57pm - Beat car 1723, as well as Beats 1751 and 1763Charlie, are en route to the 10-1.

7:58pm - Listening to Zone 2 really quick and apparently, this is stemming from a "battery in progress". Beat cars 1921 and 1923 are pulling up to the scene now.

7:59pm - A slow down is being given on the 10-1. Quite a few units are on scene, they're still flying in hot.

8:00pm - A disregard is being given on the 10-1. Enough units are on scene.

8:02pm - Disturbance. 30XX W Cornelia.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gang Disturbance On Lawndale, Barking Dog On Harding

Good evening, everyone, it's 7:58pm. I'm monitoring 25 this evening from now until midnight, then tomorrow, I will be covering 14 from 8am to 3:52pm. After 3:52, I'm switching over to 17 until midnight. On Saturday, I'll be covering 17 from 8am to 3:52. Anyway, I do want to once again apologize for not monitoring much in the last few weeks, or attending meetings in the community. I've had a very busy schedule, particularly with school. I'm trying my best to keep up with everything, though. I want to give a big thank you to my co-author ANON ORG for taking over while I've been gone, and in particular, for making a post on the violent attack that happened the other day at Kelvyn Park High School. Personally, even though I live several blocks outside of the Hermosa neighborhood (which is where KPHS is), I'm still angered and concerned about what is going on over there, and I plan on talking to the 25th District CAPS office this weekend or next week to see what we can do together to get things settled down at KPHS. With that, here's crime for this evening.

8:08pm - Gang disturbance. 2700 block of N Lawndale.

9:08pm - Barking dog. 18XX N Harding.

9:18pm - Commercial alarm. 3711-15 W Fullerton.

9:43pm - 1) Vice complaint. On 2525's Beat. 2) Narcotics. On 2535's Beat.

10:02pm - Check the well being. 38XX W North Ave. Male holding an intoxicated female, who's barely conscious.

10:07pm - Theft. Cortland and Hamlin. Four male Hispanic gangbangers, one in his 20s with a black hoodie and jeans, just took the cones that People's Gas had out there for work.

10:15pm - Parker. 3100 block of N Monticello. Permit violators.

10:56pm - Disturbance. 37XX W Dickens.

11:20pm - Auto alarm. 31XX N Lowell. Alarm has been going off for 20 minutes.

11:36pm - Beat car 2522Robert has a traffic stop at Kostner and Belmont.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Violent Attack At Kelvyn Park High School

Today, October 08, 2013, just at or around 3PM, a 17 year old student was attacked on Kostner Avenue just outside of Kelvyn Park High School after he left the school for the day. The police investigation shows that the victim was possibly attacked in the middle of traffic, picked up and carried from the middle of traffic, to safety by a group of Kelvyn Park Students acting as good samaritans.

So far, it appears as if the student/victim who was attacked, was jumped on by the brothers of a female Kelvyn Park High School student. The offenders knocked the victim unconscious before fleeing the scene. The victim was transported by Chicago Fire Department ambulance 44 to a local hospital with minor injuries.

Chicago Police beat 2575 (school unit) responded to the incident. Offenders in this incident are not in custody as of this time. Moments before this violence occurred, 31st ward Alderman, Ray Suarez, had just left the school grounds for an important meeting. Alderman Suarez had been at the school to plan an event.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Unfamiliar Vehicle On Wrightwood, Criminal Trespass On Lawndale

Good morning, everyone, it's 5:45am. I'm monitoring 25 this morning until about 7:15am or so, then I'm going to go until after my dinner. I have several things to do this morning, so that's why I'm up this early on a Sunday morning. Here's crime for this early morning and evening.

6:42am - Suspicious vehicle. 42XX W Wrightwood. Unfamiliar vehicle on the block.

7:05am - Criminal trespass in progress. 19XX N Lawndale.

7:07am - Traffic accident. Belmont and Harding. Two cars, no injuries.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

CAPS Beat Meetings For October 2013

1422 - October 10th, 7:00pm @ Hispanic Housing (1402 N. Kedzie)
1432/1433 - October 17th, 7:00pm @ St. Mary of the Angels Church (1850 N. Hermitage)
1434 - October 16th, 6:30pm @ Bucktown-Wicker Park Library (1701 N. Milwaukee Ave.)

**1732 - October 9th, 7:00pm @ Avondale Park Fieldhouse (3516 W. School)
1733 - October 10th, 7:00pm @ Brands Park Fieldhouse (3259 N. Elston)

2524 - October 17th, 7:00pm @ Our Lady of Grace Church (2446 N. Ridgeway)

* In addition to attending the CAPS Beat 2523 meetings, I plan on attending the following CAPS meetings before 2013 is over: 1421 and 1732.
** I plan on attending this meeting this month.
^ I attended this meeting.

Commercial Alarm On Milwaukee Ave., 19th District Needs Contact With Person On Diversey

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:40am. I'm monitoring 25 from now until my dinner, then I'll cover 25 from after my dinner until midnight tomorrow evening. Not quite sure how my monitoring schedule will be for the week. With that, here's crime for today.

10:42am - Commercial alarm. 3030 N Milwaukee Ave. At the restaurant/deli.

11:34am - Support unit request. 37XX W Diversey. 19th District Desk needs to make contact with someone living here, person needs to contact their mother living in Michigan.

1:09pm - Disturbance. 24XX N Monticello. Man sleeping in the alley.

2:00pm - Parker. 36XX W Palmer.

2:07pm - Assault in progress. Dickens and Lawndale. Something about a heavy set male arguing with someone.

2:10pm - Parker. Avers and Palmer.

2:15pm - Beat 2583 is doing foot patrol on the 4400 block of W Diversey this afternoon. Event number is 09889.

2:42pm - Some call in the area.

4:45pm - Fire. George and Lowell. Wires, from the storm.

6:32pm - Some call in the area.

7:02pm - I have to go eat, and with that, I'm gone for tonight. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a good night, everyone!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Alltown School Bus Involved In Accident On Albany, Residential Panic Alarm On Hoyne

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:52pm. I'm monitoring 14 from now until 8:30pm, then I'll be covering 25 this weekend. Tomorrow before my dinner and Sunday after my dinner. Not sure how my monitoring schedule looks for this week. Also, I attended the CAPS meeting last night for Beats 1411 and 1412, and it was pretty productive. Should have a report on it by late next week. That's all I have, so here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

4:09pm - Traffic accident. 26XX N Albany. Alltown school bus VS car, possible injures. Kid in a wheelchair is on the bus.

5:17pm - Residential panic alarm. 19XX N Hoyne.

6:01pm - Suspicious person. Milwaukee and Leavitt. Three male Hispanics, one with a white t-shirt and one with a red t-shirt, are lurking under the tracks. No description on the other one.

6:03pm - Battery. Kedzie and Milwaukee Ave. Male White just beat up another guy, fled in a white van.

6:26pm - EMS run. 35XX W McLean. Female White with a black sweater, tan shirt, black pants and red hair, possibly high off of something, was staggering out in front, then fell face down.

6:33pm - Beat car 1412 is on scene at the 6:26pm job and wants to know if EMS made a removal. Dispatch says that Ambulance 52 returned to Headquarters. Coded 19Boy.

6:38pm - Traffic accident. 16XX N Bosworth.

6:43pm - Gang disturbance. On 1422's Beat.

6:57pm - Check the well being. Cortland and Washtenaw. Male and female are trying to drag a kid into a van, unknown if these people are the parents of this kid or what.

7:01pm - Traffic accident. 2656 N Elston. In the Target parking lot. Hit-and-run, black BMV with a plate of 5677583 is the offending vehicle.

7:18pm - Reckless driver. Western and Fullerton. Red truck speeding, possibly headed east towards Oakley.

7:20pm - 1) Commercial alarm. 35XX W Palmer. 2) Traffic accident. Fullerton and Kimball.

7:38pm - Parker. On 1431's Beat, on Stave.

7:42pm - 1) Holding the offender. 2140 N Elston. At the Kohl's. Security is holding a female for shoplifting. 2) Disturbance. 3355 W Belmont. At the Belmont Blue Line station. Male White with a black jacket and gray pants is aggressively panhandling in front of the station.

8:16pm - I believe I missed a call or two in the area, but I'm not sure.

8:30pm - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back in the morning. Have a good night, everyone!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Problem With Neighbor On Ridgeway, Fight Near Monroe School

Good morning, everyone, it's 7am. I'm monitoring 25 from now until about 8:40am or so, then I have to go to class and what not. I plan on coming back later this evening after about 8:30pm or so. Sorry I haven't posted much at all lately, guys, but my time management skills suck. I'm trying my best to get a schedule together to do everything I need and also things that I want to do. But enough about me. Thank you to all of you who checked out my latest interview, offered words of kindness, congratulated me, but most of all, been putting up the good fight for the community. This effort that ANON ORG and I do is not about us, but it is all about the community. As I've said, I don't look to this as just a hobby, but I feel as if it is my duty to keep all of you informed. I am so thankful for all of my readers, whether you have just started reading earlier this week, or have been with me since the beginning almost five years ago. I am grateful. With that, here's crime for portions of today.

7:47am - Disturbance. 23XX N Ridgeway. Problem with the neighbor.

8:28am - Battery in progress. 26XX N Lawndale. Group of females fighting near the Monroe school.

8:33am - Update on the 8:28am call. Two female Blacks arguing and fighting, one is in a royal blue jumpsuit. One's threatening to go get a gun and a crowd's gathering. Greattt.....

8:40am - I have to go. I'll be back later. Have a good day, everyone!

5:30pm - I'm back, early. Good evening, everyone.

5:53pm - Traffic accident. Fullerton and Avers.

6:41pm - As it turns out, the CAPS Beat meeting for Beats 1411 and 1412 is happening this evening, so I'm going to the meeting. I'll see you guys tomorrow or this weekend. Have a good night, everyone!